Developing - Recap

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Photographer Edie Durant and her boyfriend Alec Lehane are driving home at night and talking about the house that they've always dreamed about buying once they're married. Distracted, Alec, drives through a stop sign and manages to stop, but a truck broadside them.

A year later, Edie wakes up on the couch when her priest calls and reminds her it's time to work. She meets with him and Shawn admits that he's worried about her and suggests she needs to go out and take some photographs, of anything. Shawn tells her that a year of mourning is long enough and Alec wouldn't have wanted her to hide away. Robin takes the film he offers her. Later, she goes to the cemetery to see Alec's tombstone. She notices an old woman placing flowers on a tombstone and takes pictures of her. She then takes photos of two lovers kissing. At home in her darkroom, she develops the pictures but one image she took fades away and instead a picture of a house appears: the dream house that Alec described to her before she died. She looks at the negatives, which change to photos of the house as she watches.

Edie goes to see Shawn at a coffee shop and shows him the photos. She tries to explain that they're a miracle but Shawn suggests that they were photos that Alec took before he died. The waiter, Phil, notices the photos and suggests that she display them, but Edie refuses. She goes out to take more photos, and discovers they have turned into more photos of the house. In one of them, Alec is standing on the porch, smiling at her.

Edie gives the photos to Phil and Shawn suggests they make an event out of it with some of their old friends. She shows Shawn the photo of Alec and insists it's real, but Shawn wonders if she's doing it herself. He wonders what she thinks Alec is trying to say and Edie insists that Alec wants her to be with him. She insists that the house is out there somewhere and she'll find it. When Edie wonders why Shawn can't be happy for them, he insists there is no "them." Edie threatens to kill herself to be with Shawn, and Shawn reminds her that she promised not to try again after she failed the last time. Edie walks away, insisting that Alec will show her where the house is. As she goes out, a breeze blows aside some papers on a bulletin board, revealing a for sale photo of the house.

Edie goes to the address and start taking photos of the empty house. When she takes them home to develop them, the photos reveal a furnished home just the way they imagined it. Shawn comes to collect her for the photo show but Edie tells her that she's not going. She's going back to the house and reveals that one room is a nursery. Shawn warns her that where Alec has gone, she can't follow, and insists he's trying to protect her. He insists that she's becoming obsessed and he wants her to come with him to see her friends and spend an hour among the living. She agrees and her friends greet her. However, as they look at her photos, Edie pulls out the photo of Alec on the porch and discovers that she's now in the photo with him. She tells Shawn that she has to go and shows him the photo. Despite his insistence that she's doing it, Edie hugs him and leaves.

At the house, Edie calls out to Alec but gets no response. She goes to a nearby cliff and looks out at the ocean below, and realizes how she has to go to him. She starts to fall over… and a man grabs her and stops her. He introduces himself as Matthew and says he owns the house. His real estate agent told him Edie had come by, so he went out to check on the house. He's decided to hold onto the house for a bit and fix it up. He wonders what she's doing and she looks at the photo. Alec disappears from it and she admits she was looking for someone, but she thinks he's gone now. Edie realizes that Alec wanted to say goodbye. She starts to go but Matthew asks if there's anything he can do for her. When he suggest he'll do up the house the same way as Edie and Alec's dream house, she has second thoughts. Matthew invites her in for a cup of tea and she accepts.