The Twilight Zone (2002)

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In what year did the show premiere Medium msd85• 2002
• 2004
On what network did the show air Medium msd85• CBS
• The WB
How many seasons did The Twilight Zone (2002) run Medium msd85• 1
• 2
• 3
What Arrested Development cast member stars in "Burned" Easy msd85• Portia de Rossi
• Michael Cera
• Jeffrey Tambor
• Jason Bateman
What "Reaper" cast member guest stars in "Sunrise" Medium msd85• Bret Harrison
• Rick Gonzalez
• Tyler Labine
• Missy Peregrym
The singer of what rock band composed the theme for the 2002 Twilight Zone series Medium msd85• Limp Bizkit
• Korn
• System Of A Down
• Linkin Park
What "The Craft" cast member stars in "Developing" Medium msd85• Robin Tunney
• Neve Campbell
• Fairuza Balk
What pop star guest stars in "The Collection" Easy msd85• Christina Aguilera
• Beyonce
• Jessica Simpson
What "Wrong Turn" cast member guest stars in "The Pharaoh's Curse" Medium msd85• Desmond Harrington
• Emmanuelle Chriqui
• Lindy Booth
• Jeremy Sisto
What Deadwood cast member guest stars as Dr. Chandler in "Cold Fusion" Medium msd85• Timothy Olyphant
• Ian McShane
• Brad Dourif
What "The Dead Zone" cast member stars in "Cold Fusion" Medium msd85• Sean Patrick Flannery
• Anthony Michael Hall
• Nicole de Boer
• Chris Bruno
What horror genre veteran stars in "The Placebo Effect" Easy msd85• Lance Henriksen
• Clu Gulager
• Jeffrey Combs
• Robert Englund
What Jurassic Park supporting cast member guest stars in "How Much Do You Love Your Kid" Medium msd85• Bob Peck
• Wayne Knight
• BD Wong
• Miguel Sandoval
What E.R. cast member stars in "Memphis" Medium msd85• Eriq La Salle
• Noah Wylie
• Anthony Edwards
• Mekhi Phifer
What Pretty In Pink cast member stars in "The Monsters Are On Maple Street" Medium msd85• Jon Cryer
• James Spader
• Andrew McCarthy
What member of the American Pie cast guest stars in "Rewind" Medium msd85• Eddie Kaye Thomas
• Thomas Ian Nicholas
• Tara Reid
What rapper stars as fortune teller Kamayo in "The Path" Medium msd85• Method Man
• Red Man
• Ice Cube
• Common
What Freaks and Geeks cast member stars in "The Path" Medium msd85• James Franco
• Seth Rogen
• Jason Segel
• Linda Cardellini
What Titus cast member stars in "Gabe's Story" Easy msd85• Cynthia Watros
• Christopher Titus
• Stacy Keach
What Beverly Hills 90210 cast member stars in "Found and Lost" Easy msd85• Ian Ziering
• Brian Austin Green
• Tori Spelling
• Luke Perry
What phobia does Scott Crane suffer from in "Burned" Medium msd85• Agoraphobia
• Claustrophobia
• Pyrophobia
• Myctophobia
Which of the five friends ends up getting sacrificed to bring back the sun in "Sunrise" Medium msd85• Eve
• Marty
• Wesley
• Amber
In what country did Robert Malone go MIA in "Homecoming" Easy msd85• Afghanistan
• Iraq
• Pakistan
What does the whispering voice say everytime the state tries to execute Grady Finch in "The Executions Of Grady Finch" Easy msd85• Soon
• Not Yet
• Not The Time
• Sorry
What is the name of Edie's dead husband in "Developing" Easy msd85• Alec
• Alex
• Adam
What patient number is Janet Tyler assigned in "Eye Of The Beholder" Medium msd85• 259
• 313
• 307
What is the name of the "doll" that bites Danielle in "The Collection" Easy msd85• Sara
• Susan
• Shelley
• Samantha
What is the name of the top secret project that Dr. Paul Thorson is sent in to save in "Cold Fusion" Easy msd85• Gemini
• Scorpio
• Capricorn
What is the name of the sci-fi novel Harry was reading when his mysterious disease first appeared Medium msd85• Mission To Zebulon
• Mission To Mars
• Mission To Jupiter
• Mission To Darkenon
Who is the kidnapper in "How Much Do You Love Your Kid" Easy msd85• The Co-Host
• The Producer
• The Child's Grandfather
• The Child's Father
Who's life is Ray Ellison desperately trying to save in "Memphis" Easy msd85• Malcolm X
• John F. Kennedy
• Martin Luther King Jr
• Robert F. Kennedy
Who is behind the mysterious events of the remake episode "The Monsters Are On Maple Street" Medium msd85• Aliens
• The US Army
• Middle Eastern Terrorists
What is Anthony Fremont's daughter's name in the sequel episode "It's Still A Good Life" Easy msd85• Audrey
• April
• Annie
• Angela
What disaster does teacher Rachel Stark prevent in "Into The Light" Medium msd85• Student Suicide
• School Bombing
• Auditorium Collapse
• School Shooting
What is the name of the gang Marcus is a member of in "Tagged" Medium msd85• Doubles
• Doomers
• Deuces
• Dollars
How far can Jonah go back in time in "Rewind" Medium msd85• 2 Minutes
• 5 Minutes
• 10 Minutes
• 15 Minutes
What is rapper Marvin Gardens' real first name in "Another Life" Easy msd85• Dwayne
• Doug
• Sean
• Chris
What is the name of the tabloid magazine that Ally works for in "The Path" Medium msd85• The National Watcher
• The National Witness
• The National Blabber
• The National Bystander
What is the name of the person who writes Gabe's life in "Gabe's Story" Easy msd85• Roseanne
• Ross
• Roxanne
• Ronnie
What prized possession did Sean steal from his father in order to start his business in "Found and Lost" Medium msd85• A Car
• A Baseball
• A Ring
• A TV
What Saved By The Bell cast member guest stars in "Sanctuary" Easy msd85• Tiffani Thiessen
• Elizabeth Berkley
• Mario Lopez
• Dustin Diamond
What member of the Happy Gilmore cast guest stars in "Mr. Motivation" Easy msd85• Christopher McDonald
• Julie Bowen
• Bob Barker
What R&B musician guest stars in "To Protect And Serve" Easy msd85• Brandy
• Tyrese
• Eve
• Usher
What member of the Entourage cast guest stars in "The Lineman" Easy msd85• Kevin Connolly
• Adrian Grenier
• Jeremy Piven
• Kevin Dillon
What member of the Rules Of Engagement cast guest stars in "Azoth The Avenger" Easy msd85• David Spade
• Patrick Warburton
• Bianca Kajlich
What member of the Young Guns cast guest stars in "The Pool Guy" Easy msd85• Lou Diamond Phillips
• Emilio Estevez
• Charlie Sheen
• Keifer Sutherland
What member of the American Pie cast guest stars in "Dream Lover" Easy msd85• Jason Biggs
• Seann William Scott
• Mena Suvari
What member of the Joan Of Arcadia cast guest stars in "Evergreen" Easy msd85• Jason Ritter
• Amber Tamblyn
• Chris Marquette
• Michael Welch
What is Rikki's real identity in "Sanctuary" Medium msd85• The Devil
• A Demon
• An Angel
• God
What is the name of the men's magazine Ben works for in "Sensuous Cindy" Medium msd85• Raw
• Brash
• Bold
• Power
What is the name of the killer pimp that comes back as a ghost in "To Protect And Serve" Medium msd85• Rico Valentine
• Roscoe Valentine
• Ricardo Valentine
• Rigo Valentine
Who is the first member of Annie's family to be replaced in "Upgrade" Medium msd85• Her husband
• Her dog
• Her daughter
What Oscar-winning actor hosted The Twilight Zone (2002) Easy msd85• Forest Whitaker
• Jamie Foxx
• F. Murray Abraham
• Ben Kingsley
In what way does Tyler use his newly acquired mental powers to get rich in "The Lineman" Medium msd85• To Rig Sports Betting
• To Blackmail His Boss
• To Cheat At The Stock Market
What is the title of the comic book Craig summons Azoth out of in "Azoth The Avenger Is A Friend Of Mine" Easy msd85• The Adventures Of Azoth
• Azoth The Avenger
• Azoth's Adventures
• Azoth's Journeys
What does the killer keep saying to Richie every time he kills kim in "The Pool Guy" Medium msd85• Go To Sleep
• Wake Up
• Goodbye
• You Deserve This
Who really killed Laurel's husband Nick in "Dead Man's Eyes" Medium msd85• Laurel
• Becca
• Stanley
• Lew
Who is Zack compelled against his will to save in "Time Lapse" Easy msd85• The First Lady
• The Vice President
• The President's Daughter
Where did the ghostly bus want to take Melina in "Night Route" Medium msd85• Into Death
• Heaven
• Back To Life
• Hell
What historical villain does Andrea hope to go back in time and kill as a baby in "Cradle Of Darkness" Easy msd85• Josef Stalin
• Adolf Hitler
• Chairman Mao
• Vladimir Lenin
What is the name of the comic Andrew Lomax draws in "Dream Lover" Medium msd85• Sleepless City
• Restless Night
• Nightmare City
• Sleepless Night
What minority does the white Matt McGreevy transform into after he lets a man die in "Shades Of Guilt" Easy msd85• Hispanic
• Asian
• Arab
• Black
What kills Dr. Jay Ferguson at the end of "One Night At Mercy" Medium msd85• A Heart Attack
• A Stroke
• An Aneurism
• Cancer
What does Arcadia really turn out to be in "Evergreen" Medium msd85• A Military School
• A Fertilizer Company
• A Crematorium
• A Prison
Network: UPN ( USA)
Type: Scripted
Genres: Anthology, Drama, Fantasy, Horror/Supernatural, Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Airs: Wednesdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 18, 2002
Ended: May 21, 2003
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