Wiggity Wack - Recap

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Team UK celebrates Nick's victory. Bisping tells his team "to get used to this feeling". Henderson he hope the loss will wake up Team USA to take the fights more seriously. However, on ride back home the Americans are actually arguing about each other. Damarques Johnson says "we're definitely not a team". Arrogance and ego seem are driving a wedge in the team. Even one American fighter starts hanging out with the UK fighters.

Team UK makes the next fight which is Andre Winner vs. Santino Defranco. As mentioned before, Santino was on the show before but had to go because of a brain aneurysm. Santino talks about the experience hoping this will be his second chance in the UFC.

Round 1 starts with Defranco on the offense. Andre throws a couple of jabs. Santino tries a take down but Andre fights out of it. Andre lands a punch in Santino's stomach. The two then do a lot of circling each other for third and second minute. Near the end of the second the two grapple on the mat. Andre lands on top of Santino and goes to town on him. Winner starts to wail away at Santino without any retaliation by Santino. The onslaught continues until the referee finally stops the fight.

Bisping is amused that the fight wasn't so hard for Andre. He says "it's not supposed to be this easy". Santino and Henderson talk about the fight. They seem convinced that Santino used the wrong strategy to pull guard but it seems obvious that Santino wasn't as tough as Andre once Santino was in a vulnerable position.

Team USA doesn't seem shaken up by the loss. The guys are joking around and drinking. They do their training the next day. Dan decides who should fight next against the UK guys. All the guys are confident they can win their fights minus Jason Pierce. Cameron Dollar calls Pierce a joke. In the car going home, Damarques talks about how this team sucks or more specifically how the attitudes suck. Again internal bickering and arguing between the fighers is ruining the team.Henderson comes in to give the guys a pep talk but in line with their attitudes they don't seem to care.Dollar sums up everyone's attitude by saying that "everyone's out for themselves". We shift to Team UK and the team couldn't be happier. Moving on the next day, the next fight is announced Damarques Johnson vs. Dean Amasinger. Henderson has picked out his best fighter to try and pull out the team's first victory.

As fight draws near, Bisping is nowhere to be found. Dean and other guys seem confused of Michael's absence. Dana says this is the first time on the show a coach hasn't shown up for his fighter's match.

Round 1 stars with Damarques going to work landing a hard right and knee rocking Dean. The two grapple on the mat. Johnson goes for an arm submission. Dean is able to fight his way out of it. Dean eventually picks up Damarques and slams in on the mat. However, there isn't a lot of power being the slam so Damarques uses the opportunity to get Dean in a triangle choke for the win.

The fight as did the last one didn't last one but this time Team USA gets on the board. Johnson says it feels good to get the team of ground zero. Henderson comments on Bisping not showing for the fight. He says maybe Micheal knew Dean would lose and didn't bother coming. Dean is devastated after the fight as his guys try to support by saying he just got caught.

Dean comments on Bisping's absence and says it had nothing to do with him losing the fight.