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$100 a Tooth - Recap

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Dean talks about his fight and Bisping's absence. Bisping eventually makes it to the house the next day to announce the next
fight: Cameron Dollar vs. Martin Stapleton. Frank Lester, Middleweight, says Cameron has the advantage on the ground even though the better striker might be Martin. Micheal talks to Dean and explains his absence. He blames his absence on jet lag.

Strategy as Bisping puts it is for Martin to avoid Cameron's take down and strike him down fighting. Team USA does their training session. Dan says Cameron is maybe concentrating more on wrestling than stand up.

Martin says this is the first time he's been away from home. Cameron says he is nervous but it's all mental. Dollar says he loves and hates to fight. Frank Lester offers words of encouragement.

Martin says he isn't nervous and why should he be when he's been with the Marines. He says he hasn't put all this effort in to lose. Tale of The Tape shows both guys to be even in every category.

In Round 1, the two start striking each other. Cameron throws a big kick which doesn't connect. Martin attempts several take downs eventually he does get Cameron down. However, Cameron quickly gets back up and hip tosses Martin down. He know is on top of him and starts raining down strikes. Martin doesn't have enough time to defend himself as Cameron keeps the punishment going. Eventually Cameron locks in a choke. Martin breaks out of the choke temporarily. Again though Martin doesn't mount much of an offense back. Bisping yells at him to stand up but as Martin directs his energy toward doing that he isn't defending himself. Cameron continues the onslaught, lands the choke again and gets the win as Martin taps out.

Bisping gives credit to Cameron. Dana White says Cameron didn't put up a great fight in the elimination fight but absolutely demolishes Stapleton in this one. Dan comments on the fight and says the defeated look on Bispings's face was as sweet as he expected it to be. The teams are now tied at 2-2. Dana says Team USA is now hitting its stride.

Team USA now has control to choose the next fight. Dan makes the next fight which is Frank Lester vs. James Wilks.

Frank says James has excellent Ji-Jitsu but his stand up is crap. James says Frank is stiff but doesn't have much else to offer.
Frank has a field day talking trash about James calling him a spoiled brat and a traitor who despite being from the UK has been living it in Orange County.

Damarques makes an offer than he'll pay Frank a hundred dollars for every took he takes out of him. Tale of the Tape shows fighters almost even but James is thirty while Frank is twenty four years old.

In Round 1, James comes on the offense landing several rights and jabs. Frank fires back but James is able to dodge his blows.

On next exchange James does the mistake of finding himself next to the cage. Frank sees the opportunity and lands several hard strikes at James knocking him down. James shows shows intelligence and toughness by fighting out of it by applying an ankle submission to Frank. Frank is now on the mat trying to fight out of it.

James continues the advantage as Frank isn't doing much once he's down on the mat. The two guys joust with each other on the mat with James on top of Frank at guard. Frank tries to get up and strike him but James brings him down again. James, however, can't finish off Frank while he's on the ground. Frank eventually gets up and gets the advantage on the strikes but James a couple of high knees rocking Frank. Frank now finds himself at a disadvantage as James has cornered him on the cage.

James delivers heavy blows and lands more knees to Frank's face. Frank's mouth guard almost comes out as the two battle. Both fighters are visibly exhausted. Frank tries a hip toss on James but he can hardly move him. James lands down on top of Frank but he stays until the horn sounds catching his breath.

In a hilarious taste of irony Frank proclaims that his teeth got knocked out. In Round 2 the fight doesn't begin because Frank has lost his tooth, and he can't put on his mouth guard because the tooth is in. Bisping yells as the referee to stop the fight if Frank can't continue. Eventually the tooth is removed so the round begins. Once again the fight is close to call. James and Frank get their licks in on each other. However, James takes a page out of Frank and launches an onslaught on blows when Frank is cornered on the cage. James looks like he has received a second wind while Frank is gasping for air. Lester goes down on the mat and is rocked by a big right by James. James continues the offense and applies a hand submission. Frank tries his best but succumbs to the pressure and taps out.

Dan calls the fight "a war". People remark about the teeth being knocked out. As it turns out, Frank lost four teeth. In a bitter taste of irony it was Frank who lost his teeth not James.