The Bash Room - Recap

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Team UK does their training session. Pierce talks about the possibility of fighting David Faulkner. Team UK does a couple of unusual unorthodox moves in their session. Bisping has the guys swing a sledgehammer on a tire. Oddly enough many of the guys
have difficulty with the task. Faulkner himself ends up hitting himself.

Team USA does their session. For whatever reason, Pierce doesn't feel like contributing much to the dismay of everyone. Henderson tries to remind everybody of the importannce of fighting that it's not thinking about several moves in advance.

Then out of nowhere Pierce decides to walk out of the session. Pierce now sets up himself to be the target of ridicule in the house. The guys say all this is because he's afraid to fight Faulkner. Damarques says Pierce's crappy attitude might be contagious.

Next a coaching challenge is made by Dana. Henderson and Bisping will compete in a tennis match for ten thousand dollars.

White enjoys the challenge because both guys suck at tennis. Henderson ends up winning the challenge with Bisping saying that "who cares" and telling the camera that Henderson can stick those tennis balls up his ass.

Finally the official fight for this week is made it's Russ Pearson vs. Richie Whitson. Bisping says Russ will destroy Richie.. He says no way Richie can match his intensity.

Richie says he's looking forward to tying the wins up for Team USA.

Tale of Tape show both guys to be fairly even but Russ has more wins. In Round 1, two circle then get tangled up. Rich is able to a land a couple of hard punches with Russ on the cage. Russ battles back. He picks up then slams Richie.

Later in the second minute, Russ lands a hard knee to Richie. Richie fights back by launching a guillotine choke. Russ tries to fight out of it by throwing elbows. One of the elbows is illegal so the referee decides to break the fight and take a point off Russ.

Fight resumes with Richie landing a couple of strikes. Russ grapples with him toward the cage. The two grapple more then strike again. Then at 1:45 mark, the two fight with submission. Russ lands on top of Richie then applies a quick submission which Richie fights out of. However, on the next try Russ lands the submission, arm bar, and this time Richie taps out.