Smiling and Punching - Recap

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Dana comes in to talk to Bisping and Henderson about the semifinals matches. White considers having a teammate vs. teammate match but Dan and Michael don’t want that.

The semifinals fights are named including Nick Osipczak vs. Damarques Johnson, Cameron Dollar vs. Andre Winner, Jason Dent and Russ Pearson.

White tells Lester he’s the only fighter in the show to be brought as a replacement to make it to the semifinals. Jason Pierce continues to suck to Team UK. He takes his disrespect for his own teammates a step further by leaking out the fighter’s strategies including how they fight.

Richie Whitson confronts him and two exchange words. Richie tells Dan and everybody that Pierce is leaking secrets to Team UK. Pierce denies this, but the footage shows him telling all the fighting profiles to Team UK. Dan talks about the Damarques/Nick fight.
He says Damarques is the better fighter. We see Nick training. Bisping talks about the training to be a fighter. He says fighting isn’t about collecting a big paycheck but it’s training for three hours.

Finally fight day arrives.

In Round 1, the two fighters come striking for nearly two minutes. Then Johnson nails Nick with right hands and jabs. With two minutes left, the two grapple. Damarques shows his dominance by landing hard rights. Nick counters with elbows to the side of Johnson’s head.

With twenty-two seconds left, Nick explodes with a flurry of blows almost knocking Damarques over. The round is too close to call.

We move to second round. In Round 2, Damarques catches Nick with a knee lift and lands a couple of body shots. The two grapple with Johnson at guard. Damarques and Nick jockey for position. Damarques gets on top of Nick and launches hard rights to his face.

Nick begins to cover up. Damarques continues to wail away at Nick as horn sounds.
The fight goes to a mandatory round three as part of the semifinals.

In Round 3, Damarques continues his dominance by throwing rights and knee lifts.

Nick throws in a couple of shots of his own but looks completely out of it.

The two go down on the mat but Damarques doesn’t make Nick tap out yet.

Nick puts himself at guard with a minute left. However, Nick doesn’t follow it through with anything. Eventually, Damarques wins the fight.

Dan says Nick was dying after second round. Johnson moves on to the finals.