Heavyweights #3 - Recap

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Everybody talks about Kimbo's upcoming fight. Rashad and Rampage exchange verbal insults when Keith Jardine stops by. Rampage in his opinion looks at Jardine as a man that stepped up to fight him. He thinks Rashad ducked out of meeting him in octagon.

Rampage asks about Kimbo's beard. During their training sessions, Marcus Jones shows signs of a leg injury. Rampage sings the praises of Kimbo as the best fighter of the team. Marcus gets on a rant about fighting but eventually sees that he isn't up for it yet. The guys have a laugh at Marcus being so sensitive.

Fight day arrives, and we see the tale of the tape. Kimbo is thirty-five, and Roy is thirty-two. Round One starts with both men boxing each other. Near second minute, Kimbo finally goes on the attack and catches Roy with a couple of strikes near the cage. Roy and Kimbo tangle and push each other for over a minute. Roy finally puts Kimbo down the mat with a minute left in the first round. Roy follows through the drop with a couple of strikes to the face. Kimbo tries lock Roy up. Roy puts his knees on Kimbo's right shoulder preventing him from hitting back. Roy lands a succession of strikes to the face. The crowd is getting excited as the fight is starting to get away from Kimbo. In fact, Roy gives Kimbo a beating that the referee is screaming at Kimbo to fight back, or he will stop the fight. The horn though bails out Kimbo before the referee stops the fight.

In Round Two, Kimbo goes on the attack first with his boxing. However, Roy realizing that Kimbo has no ground games takes him back to the mat. The second round now repeats itself as the first with Roy landing strike after strike with no offense or defense from Kimbo. The referee stops the fight with the obvious winner Roy Nelson.

Both Dana White and Rampage try to diss Roy Nelson, despite the fact that Roy dominated Kimbo for the bulk of the fight. Rashad analyzes the fight differently and says that Roy took Kimbo down eliminating his strikes. Dana White continues to talk garbage about Roy saying that ."The whole world should be blown by his performance". Dana has been hyping up Slice in the UFC for a long time, so he's obviously embarrassed and shocked by the loss. He also never critique's Slice overall fight which despite a couple of spurts had no real substance.