Road to the Finale - Recap

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Despite Kimbo’s big boast about fighting, he turns down Dana’s offer to replace Matt Mitrione on the show. The fight with Matt Mitrione and James McSweeney will go as scheduled. McSweeney says he has superior standup to Mitrione.

Meanwhile, Scott Junk tells the guys of Team Rampage that the doctor tells him that he has a detached retine and may never fight again. This after he was poked accidentally in the eye by Mitrione. Marcus Jones can’t believe and loses it. He goes to Matt and starts spouting off threats to him. Mitrione doesn’t know what’s going on and just looks at him.
This is after Junk’s assertion that he’ll fight no matter what the doctors tell him. Dana White talks about the Mitrione fight. He says if Matt fights the way he fought Scott, he’ll win easily. At the weigh-in McSweeney tries to punk out Mitrione by pushing him. Rashad says this isn’t a smart idea.

The Tale of the Tape is shown. The fighters are even. The fight itself only goes one round. In Round One, both fighters are tentative. Mitrione is ahead on points when his strikes land on McSweeney, McSweeney tries a high kick that hits air. He lands a kick to the stomach of Mitrione, Mtrione catches him when he tries the kick and almost knocks him down with rights and lefts. The two grapple then strike again. The two grapple near the mat. Mitrione lands down and McSweeney is on top of him. Mitrione seeing his vulnerability tries and ankle lock. McSweeney is able to counter and puts him a rear naked choke. Mitrione to much surprise taps out. McSweeney acts like he had the fight in the bag even though he took a couple of big blows. Rashad is surprised that Mitrione despite a great start tapped out so quickly. This fight is the conclusion of the quarterfinals and now we move to the semifinals. James McSweeney will now the fight Roy Nelson.

The next fight is “Big Baby” Marcus Jones vs. Darrill Schoonover. This fight is also short. Marcus has a height advantage, but he is in his mid thirty. Darrill doesn’t act like he is the underdog. In Round One, Darrill and Jones grapple on the mat. Almost immediately, Jones shows his dominance. He is able to rain down blow after the blow with not much resistance by Darrill. At one point, Darrill does manage to turn his body around, but Jones continues the onslaught. The referee eventually gives the fight to the obvious winner Marcus Jones.

Dana White makes the official semifinals announcements. Brendan Schaub will fight Marcus Jones, and Roy Nelson will take on James McSweeney. Dana comments on the Schaub fight and says that Schaub’s only chance is to knock out Jones.

James McSweeney tries a practical joke on Zak Jensen which Jensen doesn’t find funny at all. The two actually come to blows. McSweeney puts on a choke on Jensen. Jensen is livid and hopes that McSweeney loses to Roy Nelson.

The fight with Nelson and McSweeney turns out to be another short. In Round One, McSweeney tries the same strategy that he tried on Mitrione, a lot of hit and dodge attack. At one point, McSweeney sticks out his chin and gestures to Nelson to hit him. Roy delivers a heavy right hand rocking McSweeney. The real change though is when both guys hit the mat. Roy pushes McSweeney toward the cage and slams him down. He then uses a couple of strikes to the head to put McSweeney.

Rashad is disappointed that McSweeney didn’t “stick to the game plan”. Dana finally says he’s impressed with Roy Nelson. Roy goes to the finals to face the winner of the Schaub / Jones fight.

This fight is next. We hear the interviews for the fight and then see another verbal confrontation with Rashad and Rampage. Fight day arrives we see the Tale of the Tape with Jones and Schaub.

In Round, Jones looks to end the fight early in the same fashion that he beat Darrill. He gets him down, gets on top of him, and starts pounding on him. Schaub hangs in there though. Amazingly he gets to his feet and now stands toe to toe with Marcus. Brendan throws a couple of strikes while Marcus has a surprised look on his face. Jones does catch Schaub with a high knee lift, but Schaub is still standing.

The two circle each other again and then Jones gets caught with a strong right hand that sends him to the mat. Schaub pounces on Marcus like a lion eating his prey. Brendan tees off at Jones the same way that Jones teed off at Darrill. The referee stops the fight for the surprise winner Brendan Schaub.

Brendan Schaub moves to the finale to fight Roy Nelson. Team Rashad has all its guys in the finale while Team Rampage has no one.

We get a preview for the finale with comments by Dana.