Love to Hate - Recap

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Alex Caceres and Sevak get into a verbal confrontation. Alex acknowledges that he isn’t well liked in the house. Josh Koscheck, seeing that his team is still win-less, tries his hand at practical jokes at George St. Pierre. He plans to wear speedos in his training sessions to mock George. Pierre is un-phased by Koscheck and pays little attention to his garments. The fight announcement is made. This time it will Andy Main vs. Kyle Watson. John Danaher, assistant coach for Team Gsp, says this will be a fight of psychological pressure. A fight that could depend on each fighter’s mentality.

Andy is confident of himself and says that he wants it more than Kyle. George talks about the fight. He says that Kyle Watson is nervous. He and Kyle spar to enable confidence in him.
Fight day comes and we see the Tale of the Tape.

In Round One, both fighters come out swinging. Both take shots to the face. The two push each other to the cage. Andy then tries and climbs on Kyle’s back. He tries to apply a choke but can’t quite get it. Kyle fights out of it and then takes a couple of shots at Andy. In the last minute, both fighters fight for position.

In Round Two, the two fighters start of very tentative then Andy throws a flying knee. Kyle throws a couple of shots of his own. Then he gets Andy on the mat. Andy can’t seem to get up. Josh yells at Andy to get up and fight back. Andy finally turns his back to Kyle. Kyle now has the opening to apply a rear naked choke. Andy is able to fight off the choke temporarily. Both fighters are visibly tired. Kyle still has the advantage and reapplies the choke. This time Andy taps out. Josh is infuriated by the loss given Andy’s bold words about himself. He kicks a chair. Josh then talks about the fight and says if Andy actually stayed to the strategy, he might have won. Andy talks about the fight and says he let everyone down. George St. Pierre talks about the fight. He acknowledges again that Kyle was nervous but he is glad that he able to overcome it to win the fight.