Win or Die - Recap

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Team Koscheck does a celebration about their win throughout the night angering Team Gsp. The fight announcement is made Marc Steven vs. Cody Mckenzie. Josh and Cody engage in trash talk. George discusses the trash talk and says he doesn’t get into that stuff. Cody talks about himself and how he is an unorthodox fighter. Both Pierre and him agree that his guillotine choke is his best move.

Marc gives his backstory how he’s been involved in sports from a young age. Marc talks about Cody’s guillotine and says he won’t submit.

Finally fight day arrives and it will be a memorable day for both teams. We see the Tale of the Tape are evenly match with no real advantage by either fighter.

In Round One Marc goes for a takedown and gets caught in Cody’s guillotine a couple of seconds into the fight. Marc passes out about ten seconds into the fight and Cody wins. Josh is completely shock by the result as is everyone else. Dana tries to make Marc out to be a top pick although really as shown in the first episode, Michael Johnson was the ultimate pick for both teams. With the show still having about twenty minutes left, we learn that there will be another fight in the show. Now that Team Gsp has won, they set the fight. It will be Jonathan Brooks vs. Sevak Megaklan.

We see training session for both teams. George St. Pierre inadvertently gets cut above the eye by one of his own students. However, that doesn’t really phase him. Fight day arrives again. As with the first fight, this fight is not much to look at as we get a winner a few moments into it. In Round One, Jonathan throws a kick then takes down Sevak. Sevak is on his back and Jonathan sees the opportunity to try a rear naked choke. Sevak puts up an effort to get out of the choke but eventually taps out. It’s not as embarrassing as Marc Stevens fight, but Josh is still disappointed that two of his guys have been beaten not even a minute into the fight.