Victory's All That Matters - Recap

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Training session with Team Gsp. George talks about Kyle Watson and Jonathan Brookins. Interview with Kyle. He talks about how he left a promising job where he works for the competition. Then he talks about the fight with Jonathan. We move to a training session with Team Koscheck. Team is down as they don’t have any fights coming up with the exception of Nam. Josh makes a stop by the house when the team continues to show it’s lack of professionalism. Josh addresses how the season has gone. While, he takes part of the blame for team’s failure, he does put the fault on the blame on fighters themselves who never delivered on their own hype.

We then have a Jonathan Brookins interview where he says will be the better fighter. We move to the house where paranoia and egos abound with guys confronting each other about talking behind their backs.

Fight day arrives, in Round One both fighters come out tentatively boxing. Jonathan takes down Kyle, and the two grapple on cage. The two strike again Jonathan gets caught by a couple of strikes but then takes down Kyle. The two grapple for a minute. Nobody really gains an advantage.

In Round Two, the two come out striking and then grapple. Eventually Jonathan gets on Kyle’s back and gets ready for a rear naked choke. Kyle actually fights off the hold but Jonathan has won the round.

In Round Three Two grapple toward cage, Brookins then picks up and puts Kyle in the corner again. Kyle stands briefly and punches Jonathan in face, but is put back down. Now Brookins has Kyle at guard and is able to pick his spots. Eventually horn sounds with Jonathan in control. Judges make their decision and find Jonathan Brookins to be the winner.

Micheal Johnson talks about his upcoming fight with Nam. He doesn’t think Nam could go far in the fight or in the competition. Meanwhile, on Nam’s side nobody on his team offers to train with him. Nam decides to train by himself. He talks about himself and about the team. He says he doesn’t let the lack of support bother since he is a good fighter.

Fight day arrives, and we see the Tale of the Tape. Micheal has a height and reach advantage over Nam but this fight is anything but easy for Micheal. Nam Phan gives Micheal a tough challenge from Round One to Round Three.

In Round One, the two go at it. Micheal takes down Nam, but Nam applies a submission, so Micheal breaks the hold. The two stand up to strike. Nam is able to land a few shots, so Micheal tries a dive for the takedown. Nam is able to fight him off through his strike. Micheal goes for another takedown , but Nam blocks it. Micheals a couple of uppercuts. Nam goes on defense then lands a couple of martial arts kicks.

In Round Two, slugfest continues with the two. Nam and Micheal box for the bulk of this round. At one point, Nam gets a huge advantage on Micheal when Micheal pushes him toward the cage, and Nam lands on top of Micheal. Nam rains many blows on Micheal who could only cover up. However, Nam doesn’t finish off Micheal leaving Micheal the change to even out the round. The rest of the round sees the two boxing, and grappling for position.

In Round Three, both fighters appear visibly tired. Nam has a slight cut around the eye, but continues to push the fight. Two strike again with Micheal trying to get a take down. Nam grapples again but the bulk of this round is the same as others; Nam is picking his spots and trying not to give up the big hit while Micheal is relying on take down to score points. Horn sounds with the winner very much in double

Nam feels he won as did Micheal. The judges reach a split decision for Micheal Johnson. Nam is disappointed but realizes that he gave Micheal the fight off his life and came within arms reach of beating the over-hyped fighter.