Something To Prove - Recap

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Dana comes out and surprises everybody by announcing that guys don’t have to fight to get in the house unlike other seasons. He brings out Brock Lesnar and Junior Dos Santos. He explains their backgrounds.

Dana tells them that the guys will go through a series of evaluations to pick their teams. Brock and Junior put everyone in training right away. We see both coaches put guys through different workouts. Brock talks to guys individually. The coaches pick out guys that might have a shot like Shamar Bailey, Len Bentley. Myles Jury hurts his kneed during a workout.

Dana talks to the coaches and uses a coin to see who picks first. Eventually all the teams are picked. The groups are Team Lesnar vs. Team Dos Santos. Dos Santos’ team does their workout. He also reveals that he gets to pick the first fight. Myles gets visit from the Ufc doctor which tells him he shouldn’t fight because he has a full Acl injury. Dana tells him later he is off the show. Chuck O’neill becomes his replacement. Junior announces the fight it will be his number one pick Shamar Bailey vs. Lesnar’s last pick Nordin Asrih.

We get fighter comments and profiles. Brock thinks Nordon is a good fighter. Despite being the last pick, he believes there’s a chance he could win. Shamar talks about his fight. He doesn’t know too much about Nordin but thinks he’ll win. Lew Polley, the assistant coach for Dos Santos, thinks this should a good win for them. Nordin talks about the fight. He says being the last pick doesn’t mean anything and he’ll win the fight.

Round One

Both fighters come out slugging. Shamar gets caught in a headlock and tries to fight out of it. Nordin goes for a choke but can’t finish it off. Two stand and Shamar catches Nordin with a high knee.

Again the two grapple on the mat. Shamar lands a shot when Nordin is on the mat. The last two minutes sees the fighters just jockeying for position. Shamar does land a couple of big blows with twenty seconds left.

Round Two

Nordin misses a high knee. Shamar gets on top of him when Nordin falls. Shamar is on top of Nordin and raining down blows. Nordin pushes Shamar off but exposes his back. Shamar goes for a choke, but Nordin is able to fight out of it. Shamar is on top of Nordin and punches him on the mat.

Shamar is on top of Nordin for the next minutes and just picks his spots. Brock yells at Nordin to move ,but Shamar has complete control. Nordin tries to turn his body, but it works against him as Shamar continues to hit him from all angles. Shamar then puts a lot of heavy blows with seconds left in the round.

A winner is announced it is Shamar. Dana calls it an ugly fight. Shamar acknowledges it as well but points out that the game plan was to ground Nordin and make it a wrestling match.