Scrappers - Recap

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Like in other seasons, Dana tells the fighters that they will have to fight their way into the house. For the premiere for the fourteenth season, the whole episode are matches between the Featherweight and Bantamweight classes.

Casey Dyer vs. Josh Ferguson Bantamweight-Total laughter. Dana White
seems impressed that Josh knocked out a lesser fighter in Dyer.

Diego Brandao from Brazil vs. Jesee Newell Featherweight fight. It's
all Jesse from the get go who has Diego on the ropes. However, Diego lands
a straight left punch knocking Jesse down. Diego rains down blows as the referee
stops it.

Jason Miller comments that he can't help but look at the end of the fight in the same way as Noguiera finished of Bisping.

John Dodson vs.

Brandon Merkt Bandamweight fight. John Dodson controls the fight from
the get go. The first round is a boxing match. John lands a big right to
Brandon's face, but he still hangs on.

John then lands a hard gut shot stinging Brandon. John goes for the kill cornering Brandon in the cage and wailing away. Ref stops the fight.

Dennis Bermudez vs. Jimmie Rivera

Featherweight fight -Both fighters come out swinging. Then two grapple with Jimmie getting the upper hand somewhat. Dennis tries to come in on Jimmie, but he blocks it and lands several hard blows.

Jason calls it "battle of the bodybuilders".

Two grapple on the cage, and Jimmie catches him with a right just as the two come of the cage. Jimmie lands a hard shot knocking Dennis down. Dennis rebounds, but now Jimmie is going for a guillotine choke. Dennis is able to stand up and block it, but Jimmie goes for the choke again. Dennis battles back and two are striking again. Dennis comes in for a punch but again Jimmie catches
him and goes for the choke again with a minute and a half remaining.

Jimmie lands the choke with twenty seconds left. Dennis tries to hang in as the horn sounds and survives.

Second Round

Two come out swinging again this time Dennis is able to land in a few hard shots, and a gut shot knocking Jimmie down for the first time in the
fight. Dennis goes for the choke, but Jimmie fights out of it. Dennis gains control as he wails to the back of Jimmie's head. Referee doesn't stop it, but then a second later does. Dennis wins.

Josh Ferguson talks about his brother BJ who will
fight next and thinks he'll do good.

Roland Delorme vs. Bj Ferguson Bantamweight fight.

Both fighters come out swinging then grapple on the cage. Two now grapple on the mat. BJ gets on top of Roland, but he is able to hang in there. Again the two wrestle on the cage. Roland catches BJ's arm and applies an arm bar.
BJ is trying to fight out of as we see his arm take a beating. Amazingly, he doesn't submit, but now Roland applies a choke. BJ submits. Roland says now everybody knows he's is a submission specialist.

Marcus Brimage vs. Bryson Wailehua Featherweight fight

Marcus comes out swinging and landing a few kicks. Bryson on the next exchange catches him and pushes him to cage. Two jockey for position and finally Bryson lands takedown. Marcus flips his way out of trouble and tries to get a hold on him. Bryson is on top of Marcus and lands a few blows.

Bryson now tries to apply a choke. Marcus tries to fight out of it. Bryson can't put him away as Marcus now his Bryson at guard. Marcus hits Bryson with clubbing strikes, but he manages to hold on.

Marcus lands a kick then a few strikes. Two come out swinging away with Bryson on the defense. Marcus continues the pressure on Bryson, and Bryson takes a hard right shot. Marcus is controlling the last minute of this round.

Bryson tries an exchange on Marcus but now appears physically tired and beat up. Marcus continues the pressure. The horn sounds as Bryson barely survives the round.

Two come out swinging with Marcus clearly the better fit fighter. Marcus goes for the kill, but the referee has seen enough. He stops the fight. In Dana White's words, he "absolute blasted him." Marcus talks about his win.

Carson Beebe is up next in this Bantamweight fight against Johnny Bedford

Carson talks about his famous brother in the UFC. Two come out grappling. Johnny lands on top but Carson fights out of it. Two grapple on the cage.

Johnny flips Carson over, but he is able to wither it. Two come out striking again. Again they push each other to the cage.

Two fight in the center again. They both land strikes on each other. On the next exchange Carson lands a hard shot, but Johnny catches him in a hold before he can follow it up with anything.

Carson catches Johnny in a guillotine. Johnny fights his way out of it. Johnny lands an uppercut, but then Carson lands a hard right.

Two come out swinging with Johnny coming slightly ahead on points. Two grapple on the cage again. Johnny lands a hard right. Carson runs away sensing
he might be losing. Two center in the octagon and come out striking
again. Carson actually goes down then Johnny lands a guillotine for the win.

Dustin Pague vs. Tateki Matsuda Bantamweight fight

Tateki comes out swinging landing strikes and a few kicks.

He lands several high kicks prompting Dana to say the guy probably has a kickboxing degree. Dustin is able to able to manage some offense, but Tateki prevents him from getting too close by throwing kicks.

Dusting tries a few kicks then lands a back handed punch. The two grapple on the cage, and Dustin is able to get a choke on Tateki. Tateki actually fights out of it, and the two fight on the mat. Neither guy is able to follow up with anything on the ground.

Horn sounds.

Round Two

Tateki comes out throwing kicks. Dustin grapples with him to avoid it. The two jockey for position. Tateki pulls in Dustin for a knee lift, but gets
caught by a big right. Dustin is now on top of Tateki. Tateki kicks away at Dustin landing a mean kick on his face. Dustin is un-phased, and keeps the pressure on having Tateki at guard.

Two jockey and grapple for the next minute until the horn sounds. Judges give a nod to say they have reached a decision on the fight.

Dustin wins the decision by judges vote.

In the next couple of fights, we see nothing but

Louis Gaudinot defeated Paul McVeigh in a Bantamweight fight.

Bryan Caraway defeated Eric Marriot by a judge's decision.

Dustin Neace defeated Josh Clopton by judge's decision.

Matt Jaggers TJ Dillashaw

We see the full fight for this in a Bantamweight match

This is a back and forth fight with two guys. The first two minutes are a boxing
match with the two of them very tentative. Matt lands a few hard shots in prompting Tj to wrestle him down on the mat.

TJ has him at guard and wails away at him. Matt tries to defend himself, but TJ won't let go. Finally Matt is able to come to his feet. Two strike again. Matt tries to come in again, and TJ again wrestles him down. TJ starts wailing away with thirty seconds left in the first round. TJ lands several big elbows knocking out Matt just as horn sounds.

Steven Sile vs. Micah Miller Featherweight fight

Once again, we see highlights here.

Micha is Cole Miller's fighter.

From the highlights, we see that Steven scores what's considered an upset by beating Micah with a choke.

John Albert defeated Orville Smith.

Stephen Bass defeated Karston Lenjoint

Brian Pearman vs. Akira Corassani Featherweight fight

We see the full match.

Both fighters battle it out in the first round with Brian coming up ahead on points for the first two minutes. Once Brian has him down, he applies a choke.

Akira doesn't give up, and hangs in. This time it's Akira applying a choke.
Two fighters duke it out some more. Akira begins to pull ahead landing some heavy blows. Brian finally goes down by a straight right. Akira is the winner.

Dana welcomes the guys into the house. He says he was very impressed overall with the fighters. He says some of the best fights have happened on the show. He wishes them luck.