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On The Ropes - Recap

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Fighters are still talking about the Bobby/Lodune fight. Most give credit to Bobby except Chris Leben who says Bobby was a coward by going after the weak link of their team. Dana seeing that Chuck has four Light Heavyweights and Randy has two decides to even things out. He decides that Chuck must choose two fighters to go to Randy’s team. Chuck decides to send Alex to Team Couture. Team Couture does their training. The teams go through another team challenge and as expected Team Couture loses again. After the challenge Team Couture members do trash talk for the loss. Leben calls Josh Koscheck to fight as Team Liddell will once again pick the fight they want. Diego offers to fight Alex K. while Josh considers fighting Chris..Dana offers his own thoughts and says it’s beneficial to pick weaker opponents. Diego decides to fight Alex. Alex things Diego is a chump and a punk. Dana thinks Alex can knock out Diego even though he calls Diego the favorite. Dana says the winner of the fight will win five thousand dollars. Alex admits he is the least experience guy but still brags that he can beat Diego. Nate and Alex talk with Nate saying his cardio is the best on the team. Diego talks about his past. He says he group among an area with gangs. He talks about his baby. Alex says he knows how to fight.

Team Liddell and Diego train. Diego talks about hp pain and an injury he has. He goes to the doctor about his hip. The doctor recommends surgery but Diego wants to try pills to ease the pain so he can fight. The doctor agrees and Diego resumes his fight with Alex. Everyone continues to talk about the fight. Now Dana says that Alex can easily knock out Diego and the fight has “all the makings of an upset”. Alex Karalexis still brags that he “will knock this kid out”. Diego is twenty-three years old while Alex is twenty-eight years old.

The fight gets underway. Alex tries to box with Diego but Diego takes him down. The two fight at guard for the next minute. Diego is on top while Alex tries to move around for position. Alex commits the cardinal sin of turning over to his back leaving Diego the opportunity to mount him. Diego unleashes blows as Alex tries to get up with Diego on top of him. Diego continues his strategy and then applies the rear naked choke for the quick victory. Diego says Alex gave him the takedown giving him the victory. Randy sums up the fight as a classic mistake by Alex going for the big blow in the beginning giving Diego the opportunity for wrestling and submission.