The Fight Is On - Recap

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The fight with Chris Leben and Josh Koscheck is set. Randy Couture tells the fighters that they are ambassadors for the UFC and should pay more attention to setting an example. Surprisingly, Josh and Bobby still have the audacity to complain about Chris being on the show. This is despite the fact that both Josh and Bobby tried to provoke Chris into a fight so that Chris would be kicked of the show.

Chris trains for the fight. Randy says that best case scenario is that Leben wins. Koscheck trains and we see doubt in Josh’s mind. He starts talking about Leben having more experience than him.

Dana talks about fights with fighters who don’t like each usually make great fights. Still afterward Dana is split about who will win. After spending time in the sauna, the two fighters make weight. Nathan re-examines his ankle with a doctor. The fighters are still split about who will win the fight. Once again Koscheck doesn’t seem sure he’ll win the fight. As fight day arrives, both fighters are confident that they both will have a great fight. Bobby reminds people that Chris has had nineteen fights while Josh has had only four. Nathan says Leben being mad will help him in the fight.

Round 1 begins with both fighters cautious for over a minute to deliver a blow. Josh tries several times to take down Chris but Leben is able to block them and deliver a knee to the face. Eventually though Josh does take Chris down and is able to deliver a couple of strikes.

The two minutes see Josh controlling the fight by having Chris at guard. Josh delivers several strikes while Chris still tries to move around in the octagon. Near the last fourty-two seconds of the fight, the referee orders the fighters to stand up and strike. Chris again catches Josh with a knee but Josh takes hm down the mat. The two grapple and then stand up again as the horn sounds.

In Round 2, we see a repetition of first round. Both fighters are cautious and don’t want to give an opportunity for a blow. Josh tries to take down Chris and does later in the round. Over three minutes of the this round is again a jockey for position in the mat. Josh is still controlling the fight and not giving a chance for Chris to move. At one point, Chris tries an arm submission but can’t finish it off.

The fight goes to the decision of the judges. Despite the rather uneven balance, the judges award the fight to Josh. Josh shows himself to be a sore loser by berating Chris after the fight. Dana says that Chris gave too much respect to Josh by not really taking the fight or the strikes too him. Team Liddell remains undefeated..