The Basketball - Recap

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The tension is on as the two teams are mad at their coaches . The initial fight which sees Light Heavyweight Jesse Forbes and Noah Inhofer does not last long.

Noah's drilling session with Ortiz results in him being injured. He is taking to the hospital for X-Ray much to the dissatisfaction of his teammates. Ortiz like Shamrock has made a big error, he’s pushed the guys too hard before a fight. It seems that Noah has an ankle injury. Noah will still continue with the fight but now obviously at a disadvantage.

Kalib Starnes gets a earful from Shamrock when Shamrock feels that Kalib and others aren’t training hard enough. However as soon as Shamrock turns up the heat , Kalib suffers a bruise on his knees. Nobody agrees with Shamrock but as Shamrock says it’s his way or no way.

This was a good episode of showing a potential failure by both both coaches. They didn’t really give out the best advice possible.

Round 1

Jesses dominates the first minute of the fight, taking Noah down, and then with Noah trying to kick away at him, landing the punches in the first.

At 3:06 at fight, Noah is still where he was before, still down on the mat, basically trying to shield himself from Jesse’s punches.

At 2:27 of the fight, a big shock happens, Noah catches Jesses in an arm submission. Amazingly Jesse does not counter this simple lock and taps out.

Just like the first fight, this wasn’t a great fight. In fact it’s not far fetched to say that Noah got extremely lucky during this fight. Despite his dominance early on, Jesse did not put the nail in the coffin with Noah. Again a seasoned fighter would have put Noah in a submission and wouldn't have let up but Jesse didn't and he lost.