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Traitor - Recap

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Nate Diaz decides he wants to try and train with Team Penn. Later he trains with Team Pulver who see him as a traitor. Pulver himself doesn’t seem to care that much.

In Round 1, Corey Hill and Nate have a very short fight. Diaz goes after Hill’s leg but Hill counters by putting him a headlock. Hill’s size seems to be helping him out early on. The two spar and once again Nate goes after the leg without much success. Not having luck with this, Nate lands a kick directly on Hill’s stomach. Hill then knocks down Diaz. Diaz tries another kick when the two stand up again and Hill gives Nate a big takedown. As the two go down, Nate tries to apply a submission (triangle choke) to Hill. At first he looks unsuccessful, but moments later Hill taps out.

In the post fight interview, Hill gives credit to Nate for the fight. Pulver says Hill did ok for a guy with limited experience and says he’d like to see him back in the UFC. Nate Diaz now moves on to the semifinals.

The next fight is Matt Wiman vs. Manny Gamburyan. Dana White says Matt will win the fight because he looks stronger. Then a special guests pays a visit to Matt, it’s Karo Parisyan. Karo is a UFC fighter who has fought Nate Diaz’s older brother Nick. Karo also happens to be Manny’s cousin. Both Matt and Manny go through their training sessions. Penn says this fight will about having the will to win and he turns out to be right. The stats are given for both fighters we see that Matt is 23 yrs old and Manny is 25 years old.

In Round 1, Matt and Manny both strike at each other. Then Matt tries to take down Manny but Manny counters and grabs him a headlock. The two go down eventually Manny grabs Matt’s arm but Matt gets free and strikes him. Manny gets on top of Matt and does strikes of his own. The ref calls time at 2:54 and we see that Matt is actually bleeding near the left eye. The two scrap again and Manny once again is on top of Matt. Manny lands a strike or two but by now the fighters look tired. At 1:15 Wiman is now on top of Manny. The two eventually get up and strike again. Matt tries to do a throw Manny down but it doesn’t happen. The two go down again and with seven seconds left in the round Manny lands a series of strikes to seemingly get this round in his favor. Even BJ Penn looks concerned and tells Wiman that Wiman needs to win the second round.

Round 2 begins and the two strike each other viciously. Manny then does a big takedown on Matt. Manny is on top of Wiman. Wiman tries to strike from the ground up. Penn screams at Wiman to do a triangle but Wiman seems worn out. The referee calls for another timeout The fight reassumes and the two become more aggressive with their blows. Manny seems to be winning on the strikes. Wiman then tries a choke on Matt. Manny breaks free and with fourty-four seconds Wiman climbs the back of Manny to try another choke. Manny once again puts up a fight and doesn’t give up. Manny then lands a series of blows of his own and the round ends. Karo Parisyan starts to celebrate knowing that Manny won despite Wiman’s bit of a comeback in the second.

The referee then calls out the final word that the unanimous winner is Manny. Despite the size and weight advantage that Wiman had, Manny ended up dominating this fight. Dana White despite what he said earlier now says Manny is a “powerhouse”. During the post fight interviews Wiman comes across as being a sore loser calling Manny “a little bastard”.

He then says that Manny “didn’t do much damage”, yet Wiman’s busted face and bleeding in the first round show otherwise. Despite the fact that Wiman said Manny would be a crybaby after the fight, it’s Wiman who ends up showing tears and giving excuses after the loss.