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Gave A Hundred - Recap

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Clips are shown from the last with Manny and Matt. BJ Penn comments about the fight with Gray Maynard and Nate Diaz. Penn feels that Gray has a chance but is perhaps holding back on his intensity to win. Penn talks about Jijitsu and talks about Diaz’s chances on winning. Gray talks about his strategy to win and sums it up as basically throwing a lot punches.

Despite the fact that the finals are going on, the jokes continue in the house with Cole Miller, Nate Diaz and others throwing fruits at each other.

Dana White then appears and trying to fuel the hatred with BJ Penn and Jens Pulver tells them both if they want to play a pin-pong game where the winner will win ten thousand dollars. Even though this is a friendly game it’s played to be big as Jens and BJ talk about their teams. Pulver eventually wins the game and is happy about it whereas Penn tries to brush of the loss like nothing.

Nate goes into the training session with Pulver saying that Diaz is more comfortable on the mat than Maynard. Diaz complements Pulver for his support. Gray then goes through his session. BJ reflects on the team he has had this season. BJ says he’s learned something from every fight on his team then comments on the upcoming fight with Pulver.

Pulver now reflects on his team and says he’s enjoyed the success the team has had. He says coaching the fighters this season might have given new life in the UFC. Pulver also comments on the upcoming fight with Penn and says he feels he hasn’t given enough respect by Penn.

Dana White comments on the fight Gray and Nate and once again sides with the apparently stronger fighter which he feels is Nate. Gray then comments on the fight and says it will be an “all out war”.

In Round 1, the two fighters circle each other. The two grapple and fall to the mat with Nate grabbing Gray’s arm for a submission. The next two minutes are a battle of wills. Nate remains on the mat trying for a triangle choke while Gray fights of the hold with elbows and strikes. When Gray breaks free of the hold, Nate tries to fight back and then grabs Gray by the legs. Nate tries to apply the submission but Gray is strong and pounds away at Nate. Despite what Nate said in his promos that Gray doesn’t belong in the UF, Gray is proving to be a tough opponent.

Gray is now seemingly dominating this fight as Nate is busted open and his mace is a bloody mess. Gray gives him a kick to the gut and Nate goes down to the mat. The last minute is a flurry of blows from both guys trying to gain points for themselves. Gray is again proving to be a tough opponent kicking and punching away at Diaz. With five seconds left in the round, Nate almost wins by a submission as he comes across the back of Gray. Gray is apparently saved by the bell as the round ends, however, it would seem that Maynard is still ahead on points.

In Round 2, the fight once again is turning physical as both men fight against the Octagon cage and Nate is apparently trying to cover up from being hit. Maynard falls on top of Diaz but then Diaz changes positions then suddenly Diaz applies another choke and this time Gray taps out.

BJ comments on the fight and says that Gray dominated. He feels that Gray might have tired as Diaz won in the second. Even though Maynard lost and put up a great showing he is still disappointed in himself. Penn says to look back on the fight and says to concentrate on coming back.

With Maynard losing, the finale is now set it’ll be Manny Gamburyan vs. Nate Diaz.