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Punk - Recap

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Clips from last episode are shown then both team sit down to watch UFC 84 Ill Will. Similar to last episode, Junie Browning has too many beers and starts insulting the other fighters in the house. He directs his attention at Kyle Kingsbury. The two start jawing and Junie throws his beer glass at him cutting his arm. After the matter Junie acts like he knows he will be going home but doesn't care.Meanwhile Shane Nelson is also drunk and trying to start a fight with Edrain. Krzysztof Soszynski enjoys the whole show but once Junie starts to threaten other fighters he tries to stop him. Junie continues to become belligerent until he finally starts crying. After the huge fiasco Dana White to lecture Junie about his actions. Surprisingly enough White tells Junie that he won't be kicking him of the show. Moving on Nogueira with control picks the next fight: Efrian Escudero vs. Shane Nelson.Team Nogueira does their training session. Antonio comments how Efrain has the best guillotine choke and should win the fight against Nelson.Junie Browning tries to intimate Efrain with trash talk and telling he's not as good as he thinks he is.Nelson does his training and he also believes Efrain might be the best guy on Nogueira's team.Despite this Nelson is adamant that Efrain won't force him to submit. He also says he's a better striker and just a good wrestler as Efrain.

The tale of the tape is shown with both guys nearly identical in age, weight, reach and height. Efrain's record shows that he is undefeated.

Both fighters are cautious at the beginning with no blows being delivered. Then Shane tries to get Efrain with a couple of jabs. Efrain counters with his own and a couple of kicks. Shane throws a wild left which doesn't connect. The two tangle to the map but get up again to strike.
The two once again tangle in the middle of the octagon.Efrain tries to thrown down Shane. He doesn't do it but catches with a high left knee to the face. The two now fight up against the cage. Shane tries a guillotine choke but can't apply the hold. The referee breaks up the fight when both fighters appear to use the cage too much. With 1:22 left in the first, the two fighters unleash a variety of kicks and strikes. The two eventually get down to the mat with Efrain gaining the better position on top.Efrain doesn't do much with Shane on the ground. Shane also doesn't deliver much offense with Efrain on top. The horn sounds and the two coaches offer their perception of the fight.

In Round 2 the two fighters come out swinging and then Shane launches a high knee which doesn't connect. The two circle each then Shane tries to move in with a strike.Efrain catches him in a headlock. The two drop to the mat and jockey for position. Efrain is on top but isn't doing damage.Shane launches some offense trying to catch Efrain with some strikes but the blows don't have power behind them. When Shane tries to stand up, Efrain catches with a couple of direct strikes.The two jockey for position on the ground. Shane tries an ankle submission. Efrain counters but puts himself in a vulnerable position with Nelson on top.
Nelson, however, fails to take advantage of this opportunity. With thirty seconds left, Efrain powers out to now get on top of Shane. Then once having position, Efrain wails away at him. Planting both his knees on Nelson's shoulders, Efrain puts on a submission for the win.

After the fight both Mir and Antonio talk about the fight. Mir feels that Nelson did well but didn't pull the trigger to pull the win. Antonio feels that "Nelson had no chance today". He also points out that Escudero's wrestling and groundwork were a factor for his win. Nelson after the fight says he was gassed out.Junie Browning shows disrespect for Efrain by saying "this is what the UFC another boring ass wrestler". He then takes his disrespect further by trying to start a fight with Efrain in the ring. Nogueira seeing Junie talking smack says Junie will be the next one defeated.Junie then unexpectedly actually jumps into the octagon ring. Several people try to hold him back as the episode ends. We get a preview for the next episode which will include a special visit by Anderson Silva.