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The Unit (2006) Episode Guide

1 :01x01 - First Responders

First aired: Mar/07/2006
Writer: David Mamet
Director: Davis Guggenheim
Guest star: Michael O'Neill (Ron Cheals), Mary McCann (Ruthie Cheals), Matt Malloy (Dr. Farris), Valerie Landsburg (Marge), Adam Lieberman (FBI Man), Brian Palermo (National Guard Commander), Danielle Hanratty (Lissy Gerhardt), Kavita Patil (Kayla), Finn Curtin (Pilot), Sayed Badreya (Afghan Commander), Hamid Razi (Afghan Driver), Said Faraj (Terrorist), Lonnie Lardner (News Reporter), Angela Martinez (Standup Reporter), Ali Dean (Café Proprietor), Casey Stengel (Tech #1), Eben Kostbar (Johnny), Ronnie Steadman (Transpo. Captain), Jess King (Sanders), Ray Siegle (Hijacker)

Newcomer Bob Brown joins Jonas' team as they set out to rescue a hijacked plane filled with European businessmen. Meanwhile, the Unit wives help Bob's wife Kim get acclimated to "unit life" as she struggles with the level of control the Unit has over her personal life. Even though there seems to be a lack of privacy, there are still secrets in the Unit that need to be kept private.

2 :01x02 - Stress

First aired: Mar/14/2006
Writer: David Mamet
Director: Guy Ferland
Guest star: Mark Aiken (Johansen), Kristen Ariza (Keisha Holmes), Sean Blakemore (African Soldier), Brian Howe (Griffiths), Lionel Mark Smith (Sergeant), Kenny Suarez (Alex), James Kiriyama-Lem (Crew Member), Christina Gianaris (Mandy), Paul Renteria (Deliveryman), Ingrid Sanai Buron (Wife #2), Lydia Blanco (Wife #3), Mandy McMillian (Pamela), Danielle Hanratty (Lissy Gerhardt), Ronnie Steadman (Transpo. Capt), Matt Malloy (Dr. Farris), Bruce A. Young (Dr. Jimmy Willey)

An international terrorist falls prey to the Unit during a mission to Africa to recover a satellite. Jonas and his team, minus Bob Brown, must adapt to the new situation and pursue the terrorist. Back at the base, Bob is questioned by a government official about the Unit's role in the rescue of a hijacked plane. Meanwhile, back on the home front, Molly visits the Unit's psychiatrist and covers for her husband regarding the shooting at their home, and Kim's frustrations about moving are put into perspective when she comforts a woman who has just been notified that her husband died in combat.

3 :01x03 - 200th Hour

First aired: Mar/21/2006
Writer: Carol Flint, Sharon Lee Watson
Director: Steve Gomer
Guest star: Danielle Hanratty (Lissy Gerhardt), Sammi Hanratty (Jenny Gerhardt), Lindsay Frost (Senator Webb), Brian Tee (Rebel Leader), Karl Makinen (Coots), Shaun Duke (Dan Vorhees), Tzi Ma (Rudy Hartano), Tuffet Schmelzle (Ashley), John Sloan (Brad), Chase Ryan Jeffery (Sam), Christina Gianaris (Mandy), Bryan Fox (Senator’s Staffer), Clint Jung (Rebel #1)

A simple rescue mission proves to be extremely difficult for Jonas when two members of the missionary group refuse to leave. Meanwhile, Bob inadvertently shoots Mack during a training exercise and must repeat the drill over and over again, until he gets it right. Also, the Unit’s wives come to the rescue after Col. Ryan fails to convince a visiting Senator of the importance of investing in military training.

4 :01x04 - True Believers

First aired: Mar/28/2006
Writer: Eric L. Haney, Shawn Ryan
Director: Oz Scott
Guest star: Gary Perez (Alberto Salazar), Hanley Valentin (Miguel), Kavita Patil (Kayla), Andrew Divoff (The Major), Michele Greene (Cynthia Burdett), Robert Catrini (D.E.A. Chief Johnson), Don Oscar Smith (Happy Jack), Gillian Shure (Amanda), Ben Siegler (Elton Waters), Maria McCann (Susan Abernathy), Conor O'Farrell (Major General Heath), James Geralden (Douglas Myers), Tim Halligan (Larry Crumpler), Gus Buktenica (Kyle), Ingrid Sanai Buron (Gina), Sarah Avery (Samantha), Felipe Alejandro (D.W.P. Guy), Natacha Roi (Capt. Lowry), Thomas Mills (Cop), Cari Zoch (Waitress)

The Unit is sent to Los Angeles to protect Mexico's drug minister from an assassination threat. An attempt on the man's life fails, but his wife and two young sons are kidnapped. Back at the base, a former Unit wife returns and tries to lure away Unit members by enticing their wives with opportunities for high-paying contract work in the private sector. Also, Ryan orders Mack to take some time off alone, which doesn't sit well with Tiffy.

5 :01x05 - Non Permissive Environment

First aired: Apr/04/2006
Writer: Paul Redford, Lynn Mamet
Director: Ron Lagomarsino
Guest star: Angel M. Wainwright (Betsy Blane), Cliff DeYoung (C.O.S), Kristin Brye (Janice), Parisa Fitz-Henley (Laurenda), Amy D. Higgins (Adria), Hugo Medina (Cecil), Simon James (Rupert), Ricky Trammell (She-Male), Aaron Hendry (The Australian), Rene Pereyra (Bushy-Haired Man), Jose Cruz (Watch Cap), Diana Burbano (Clerk), Al Vicente (Manager), Vanessa Britting (Cleaning Woman), Erica Mer (Bonnie), Bryce Blue (Kieran), Gregory Silva (Ticket Taker), Yamil Piedra (Guardia Civil – Ferry), Alejandro Patino (Spanish Store Owner)

The Unit members become personae non gratae after they successfully carryout an assassination on their latest mission in Spain. A resourceful Jonas is able to escape with ease, while Bob’s attempt to flee is filled with numerous complications, including his arrest. Meanwhile, back on the homefront, Jonas and Molly try to convince their daughter not to leave college to enlist in the military.

6 :01x06 - Security

First aired: Apr/11/2006
Writer: David Mamet
Director: David Mamet
Guest star: Colm Meaney (Charge D'Affaires), Alexa Fischer (Sophie), Marshall Manesh (Bijan), Navid Negahban (Faheed), Naz Deravian (Shirin), Dan Lundy (Preppie Spook), Chris Kaldore (Rick Eno), Sarah Lafleur (Mrs. Johnson), Christina Gianaris (Mandy), Parsa Yazdani (Electronics Man), Matt McKenzie (Embassy Security Chief), Eugene Lazarev (Russian Ambassador), David Aranovich (Russian Translator), Iman Nazemzadeh (Iranian Sec. Chief Asst.), Martin A. Papazian (Unit Member (Sgt. Johnson))

The Unit is sent on a mission to the Russian embassy in Israel in hopes of recording evidence that the Russians are planning to sell materials to the Iranians that will enable them to build a nuclear bomb. The plan seems doomed from the beginning when Bob is banned from entering the embassy and Jonas seems unable to elude embassy security. Meanwhile, Kim becomes suspicious when she sees Tiffy sneak into a hotel room and, due to security warnings, Kim reports the incident to Tiffy's secret lover, Col. Tom Ryan.

7 :01x07 - Dedication

First aired: Apr/18/2006
Writer: Paul Redford, Sharon Lee Watson
Director: Helen Shaver
Guest star: Karl Maniken (Coots), Omar Metwally (Wirth), Peter Breitmayer (Albright), Ameer Baraka (Sykes), Daisy Eagan (Leona), Ned Bellamy (Lewis), Gale Harold (Rory), Jack Wallace (Hank), J. David Shanks (Jeremy), Michael O'Neill (Ron Cheals)

A joint mission to intercept the Taliban leader's convoy is disrupted when Bravo team's helicopter goes down with engine trouble. Jonas is faced with the extremely tough decision of whether to leave the downed helicopter and continue on the mission or rescue the men of Bravo team. Meanwhile, on the home front, Molly is coordinating a dedication ceremony honoring retired Unit member Ron Cheals and discovers that he is struggling with a prescription drug addiction.

8 :01x08 - SERE

First aired: Apr/25/2006
Writer: Lynn Mamet, Carol Flint
Director: Steven DePaul
Guest star: Michael O'Neill (Ron Cheals), Lisa Banes (Dr. Rhea Morrison), Lionel Mark Smith (Sarge), David Andriole (August Tavish), Clare Carey (Helene Rouse), Jack Guzman (Water Guard)

Based on the real-life training course that the military uses to prepare for capture by enemy forces, The Unit takes on a grueling exercise of torture and humiliation ("SERE"). The training proves to be especially difficult for Bob, who is sick when the training starts, and the torment pushes him close to death. To complicate matters, the CIA is orchestrating exercises with virtually no limits to the level of physical punishment and emotional manipulation that can be used in an effort to break them, which would result in them being kicked out of The Unit.

9 :01x09 - Eating The Young

First aired: May/02/2006
Writer: Sterling Anderson
Director: Miller Tobin
Guest star: Parisa Fitz-Henley (Laurenda), Julius Carry (Colonel George), Tia Hunnicutt (Celeste), Sarah Avery (Samantha), Bryan Fabian (Marcos), Luis Antonio Ramos (Adolpho), Anderson Goncalves (Genari), Bruce Gerard Brown, Jr. (Main Guard), Kathleen Noone (Kathryn), Kate Norby (Pam), Thomas Bankowski (Clerk), Sonia Darmei Lopes (Rio), Debbie Campbell (Sharon), Francesca Ferrara (Sherry), Margot Farley (Judith), Elisa Llamido (Ashley)

After an effort to buy the surface-to-air missiles from a drug lord falls through and the missiles disappear, Jonas and his team must track down the weapons before they are taken out of the country. Jonas bonds with a local boy who directs the team to where the SAMs have been taken to be shipped and now it is in the Unit’s hands to destroy them. Meanwhile on the home front, Kim stirs up more trouble when she insists that the “Family Readiness Group” deals with more serious issues, and Williams struggles with how and when to tell the woman he wants to marry that he is a Unit member and not a clerk on base.

10 :01x10 - Unannounced

First aired: May/09/2006
Writer: Paul Redford, Emily Halpern
Director: Bill L. Norton
Guest star: Adetokumboh M'Cormack (Ammanuel), Kavita Patil (Kayla), Ntare Mwine (Isaias), Nadege August (Elsabet), Katie Mitchell (Linda), Gale Harold (Rory), Bruce MacVittie (Mark Harris), Mark Harelik (Secretary of State), Theo Rossi (Mike), Elizabeth Sampson (Adult Woman), Kirk B.R. Woller (Detective Penman), Larry Sullivan (Avner), Owiso Odera (Zemede), Andrew Thacher (Policeman)

When Bob's cover is blown while training soldiers in Africa, he advises Jonas to cancel a planned visit by a dignitary due to impending danger; however, things get complicated when they learn that the visit is a cover.

Despite warnings of danger, the visiting high ranking official refuses to cancel his plans. Meanwhile, Kim gets an unexpected encounter while working at the radio station and Molly is presented with a real estate investment opportunity.

11 :01x11 - Exposure

First aired: May/09/2006
Writer: Dan Hindmarch, Sharon Lee Watson
Director: Guy Norman Bee
Guest star: Michael O'Neill (Ron Cheals), Kenneth Mitchell (Keith Soto), Larissa Laskin (Julianna), Mark Pellegrino (Gary Soto), Katie Mitchell (Sarah Branch), Lois Hall (Pauline Harper), Kirk B.R. Woller (Det. Penman), Gonzalo Menendez (Vasquez), Winston J. Rocha (Store Owner), Roberto Medina (Director), David Hornsby (Ricky), Kenny Suarez (Alex), Ricardo Wilke (Bravo Guy), Susan Berman (Singing Widow), Anna Stone (Tara)

When Keith Soto, the son of a former Unit member, returns to base for a reunion, Jonas and Col. Tom Ryan discover that he is a newspaper reporter working on a story that threatens the secrecy of the team.

Although perturbed by the fact that Keith uses the reunion on base as his way in to get a story, Jonas decides to tell him the "truth" about how his father was killed under the condition that he promises not to publish the story. Jonas is under extreme pressure to prevent Keith from running the story, for the consequences could be detrimental to the entire Unit. Meanwhile, with Tiffy and Kim's help, Molly manages to track down the woman who scammed $40,000 of the women's investment fund.

12 :01x12 - Morale, Welfare and Recreation

First aired: May/16/2006
Writer: Sterling Anderson, Paul Redford
Director: Félix Enriquez Alcalá
Guest star: Todd Weeks (Det. Miller), Alex Wexo (Det. Humphrey), Janora McDuffie (Judith), Andy Umberger (Agent Bluman), Jim Frangione (Van Walcott), Andrew Davoli (Joel Bowman), Saemi Nakamura (Amy Bowman), Joshua Miller (Camera Operator), James MacDonald (Willis Meeks), Tom Kiesche (Gerald Thomas), Duane R. Shepard, Sr. (Fire Marshall), Natalija Nogulich (Evelyn), Jeris Lee Poindexter (Robot Operator), John Campion (Hotel Manager), Sarah Shelton (Reporter), Kristina Lear (Agent Cunningham)

The Unit is called in to consult on a bomb planted in an Atlanta bank, but they must take over control when they learn that the bomb might be nuclear.

Jonas and his team take over, but when they hand control back to the bomb squad, the Unit's specific recommendations regrettably are not taken into consideration. Meanwhile, Bob and Kim take a vacation, but Kim soon discovers that Bob has whisked her away on a mission and needs her help.

13 :01x13 - The Wall

First aired: May/16/2006
Writer: Lynn Mamet, Eric L. Haney
Director: David Mamet
Guest star: Yasen Peyankov (Razlan Dragovich), Sebastian Roché (Colonel Leclerq), Rebecca Pidgeon (Charlotte Canning Ryan), Michele Greene (Cynthia Burdett), Jonno Roberts (Serin), Danielle Hanratty (Lissy Gerhardt), Sammi Hanratty (Jenny Gerhardt), Nick Cavaiola (Leclerq's Aide), Lenka P. Pochyly (Erika Dragovich)

Despite encountering several obstacles, the Unit detains a former Yugoslav general wanted for war crimes and lets the U.N. take credit for the capture. However, unbeknownst to the team, the criminal escapes U.N. custody and is now seeking revenge on the Unit. Meanwhile, things become unstable at home when Tiffy thinks Mack re-upped with the Unit and Kim learns some disturbing news.

14 :02x01 - Change of Station

First aired: Sep/19/2006
Writer: David Mamet
Director: Steven DePaul
Guest star: Rebecca Pidgeon (Charlotte Ryan), Kavita Patil (Kayla Medawar), Bahar Soomekh (Firefly), Joanne Rubino (Sam's Aunt), Matt Malloy (Dr. Farris), Danielle Hanratty (Lissy Gerhardt), Sammi Hanratty (Jen Gerhardt), Alyssa Shafer (Serena Brown), James Sharpe (Sergeant), Colby French (Welfare Man), Ewan Chung (Map Tech), Bryan Clark (Soldier), Dori Mizrahi (Guerrilla Ringleader), Daston Kalili (Head Man), Mark Anthony Vazquez (Crew Chief), Alec Holden (Sam), Brad Campbell (Commo Tech), Susan E. Matus (Techie), Clara Mamet (C.J. Weiss), Dotan Baer (Retreat Ceremony Detail), Alain Uy (Art)

As Mack and Tiffy uneasily proceed with plans to leave Unit life behind, Mack's former team members are out in the field dealing with struggles of their own. After carrying out one mission to intercept a package in Pakistan, the Unit must regroup and focus on executing a second mission in order to stop a plan to spread a deadly disease throughout the western world. Meanwhile, when Tiffy helps a student in need, she realizes the true impact of leaving the Unit. Also on the home front, Kim and Bob welcome a new addition to their family.

15 :02x02 - Extreme Rendition

First aired: Sep/26/2006
Writer: Sharon Lee Watson
Director: Terrence O'Hara
Guest star: Robert Dobrev (Young Guard), Zoran Radanovich (Detainee #1), Guy Ale (Warden Kovatz), George Tasudis (Burly Co-Worker), Lee Tergesen (Deckard), Igor Korosec (Bulgarian Prisoner), Bill Birch (Richard Faber), Matt Gerald (Felice), Mitchell W. Fink (Lazareff), Ilia Volok (Deputy Grubo), Michele Greene (Cynthia Burdett), Alain Uy (Employee), Daniel Wisler (Jeremy Erhart), Summer Glau (Crystal Burns), Alyssa Shafer (Serena), Mark Ivanir (Yuri), Yuri Rutman (Check Point Guard)

Jonas and his team carry out a complex and dangerous prison escape of a rogue former Unit operator in order to have him help track down the world's leading arms dealer. Meanwhile, in desperate need of money to care for her aging mother, Molly takes a one time recruiting job to hire someone away from the military, but some members of the Unit family are not happy about her decision.

16 :02x03 - The Kill Zone

First aired: Oct/03/2006
Writer: Lynn Mamet
Director: Steve Gomer
Guest star: Rebecca Pidgeon (Charlotte Ryan), Alyssa Shafer (Serena Brown), Ned Schmidtke (Don Rohmer), Jayson Floyd (Tilly), Matt Gerald (Beau Dauber), Alexandra Castillo (Militia Leader), Todd Cattell (Kevin Gidney), Jan Devereaux (Lee Rohmer), Stephanie Fabian (Refugee), Margot Farley (Judith), Chris Foreman (Rollie Cass), Mario Quinonez, Jr. (Refugee Boy), Henry Vega (Refugee Older Man), Eddie J. Fernandez (Sniper)

Jonas and his team are sent to Paraguay to eliminate a militia rebel leader, but the mission is put on hold when they must rescue two Charlie team members trapped by a sniper. Meanwhile, Kim and Molly help the fianc of a fallen member deal with her loss, and Kim urges Bob to sign a life insurance policy when she sees how little the army does to help the widows of men who have served.

17 :02x04 - Manhunt

First aired: Oct/10/2006
Writer: Emily Halpern
Director: Michael Zinberg
Guest star: Alyssa Shafer (Serena Brown), Danielle Hanratty (Lissy Gerhardt), Daniel Wisler (Jeremy), Jim Beaver (Lloyd Cole), Isabella Hofmann (Agent Terrell), Tim Griffin (Morgan Eliot), Phil Hendrie (George), Matt Bushell (Sgt. Burroughs), Colin Walker (Colin Walker), Ciro Suarez (Officer Carranza), Sammy Montero (Officer Madero), Luis Moncada (Elias Lianez), Jana Camp (Justine Cole), Ryun Yu (Raul)

The Unit tracks down a wanted Indonesian terrorist on U.S. soil, but in a race against time they must prevent his moving target from exploding. Meanwhile, the Unit wives are concerned that a stranger is putting their families in danger.

18 :02x05 - Force Majeure

First aired: Oct/17/2006
Writer: Daniel Voll
Director: James Whitmore, Jr.
Guest star: Isaach De Bankolé (Togar), Karina Logue (Dr. Passani), Summer Glau (Crystal), Daniel Wisler (Jeremy), Michele Greene (Cynthia Burdett), Mike Genovese (Vince), Danielle Hanratty (Lissy Gerhardt), Dee Anne Helsel (Edna), Eve Brenner (Rose), Joel Polis (Administrator), Kim Estes (Driver), Demetrius Grosse (Guard #1), Shannon Holt (Relief Worker), Kasey Campbell (School Boy), Skylar T. Adams (Pilot), Kevin Jackson (Guard #2), Thomas A. Miller (Father Pocahontas)

A mission to extract a West African dictator from a U.S. hospital during a hurricane seems to be a fairly straightforward assignment under adverse conditions, but when the Unit discovers that 10 patients were left behind during the hospital evacuation, they must choose between saving the dictator or the patients. Meanwhile, Tiffy and Mack get busy working on becoming pregnant, and Molly's recruit, Jeremy, comes home thirsting for more action out in the field.

19 :02x06 - Old Home Week

First aired: Oct/31/2006
Writer: David Mamet
Director: David Mamet
Guest star: Matt Doherty (Henderson), Ryan Churchill (Private), Paul Butler (Art Spey), Daniel Wisler (Jeremy), Rebecca Pidgeon (Charlotte Ryan), Summer Glau (Crystal Burns), Tia Texada (Mariana Ribera), Carlos Lacamara (Luis Inez Reale), Daniel Betances (Trucha), Dominic Hoffman (Neil Krinsman), Chris Ellis (Congressman Bruce Gelber), Lisa Darr (Beverly), Lillian Hurst (Senora Berenguer), Robert Covarrubias (Officer), Landis Aponte (Guard), Javier Ronceros (Fisherman), Phil Hendrie (George), Alain Uy (Art - Employee), Meshach Taylor (Howard Whitwell), Corey Stoll (Bobby Cullen), Philip Shahbaz (Machmoud Dasani), Van Neal (Doug White), Julianna McCarthy (Margaret), Susan E. Matus (Techie), Robert Manning, Jr. (Security Man), Zosia Mamet (Christine Ross), Bob Larkin (Mr. Oscarsson), Damon Herriman (Sgt. Parker), Jon Hamm (Wilson James), Vincent Guastaferro (Richie Feist), Margot Farley (Judith), Jonathan Adams (Buko)

Jonas poses as a diamond merchant in Africa, where he and his crew set their sights on tracking a terrorist. Back home, Molly and the other wives prepare for an annual base reunion and discover an undelivered love letter written by a soldier to his wife shortly before he was killed in action in 1944. They attempt to find the widow and deliver the letter to her. Also, Tiffy disrupts a peace rally and defends her views on warfare.

20 :02x07 - Off the Meter

First aired: Nov/07/2006
Writer: Lynn Mamet, Eric L. Haney
Director: Alex Zakrzewski
Guest star: Alyssa Diaz (Dolores), Kurt Meyer (Amos), Glenn Davis (Officer Eliaser), Michael O'Neill (Ron Cheals), Kyle Bornheimer (Officer Jones), David Meunier (Michael Angelli), Brent Jennings (Detective Litsinger), Marlene Forte (Maritza Calderon), Rebecca Pidgeon (Charlotte Ryan)

Jonas involves Bob in a non-work related mission to save Ron Cheals' illegitimate daughter from a cult, but Jonas' "favor" for a friend puts the two Unit members in jeopardy of losing their jobs, their reputations and more. Meanwhile, Tiffy helps out Charlotte Ryan when she takes responsibility for her reckless driving; however, Tiffy's good intentions may prove disastrous for both the Unit and her marriage.

21 :02x08 - Natural Selection

First aired: Nov/14/2006
Writer: Sharon Lee Watson
Director: Helen Shaver
Guest star: Ivana Milicevic (Ilona), Francisco Viana (Sgt. Lucas), Laz Alonso (Sgt. Carmichael), Sean McGowan (Sgt. Edison), Chris Tardio (Sgt. Pruitt), David Paluck (Dismissed Candidate #1), Sheldon Robins (Tribe Dancer), Dotan Baer (Delta Force Candidate)

Bob and his translator survive a helicopter crash in Siberia but now, cut off completely from civilization and without their gear, they face the challenge of enduring the harsh weather.

22 :02x09 - Report By Exception

First aired: Nov/21/2006
Writer: Todd Ellis Kessler
Director: Gwyneth Horder-Payton
Guest star: Javier Ronceros (Fisherman), Tia Texada (Mariana Ribera), Chris Ellis (Congressman Bruce Gelber), Daniel Betances (Trucha), Carlos Lacamara (Luis Inez Reale), Landis Aponte (Guard), Robert Covarrubias (Officer), Omar Leyva (Guard), Lillian Hurst (Senora Berenguer), Lisa Darr (Beverly), Dominic Hoffman (Neil Krinsman), Rebecca Pidgeon (Charlotte Ryan)

Jonas works closely with his "undercover wife" to assassinate a prominent Latin American official who threatens the U.S. oil supply. However, after Colonel Tom Ryan is questioned about the Unit's current mission in a congressional briefing in Washington, a subsequent press leak undermines the mission and puts Ryan's men in danger.

23 :02x10 - Bait

First aired: Nov/28/2006
Writer: Randy Huggins
Director: Jean de Segonzac
Guest star: Rebecca Pidgeon (Charlotte Ryan), Dominic Hoffman (Neil Krinsman), Jon Hamm (Wilson James), Chance Kelly (Commander Shelov), James Sutorius (Arthur Chambers), Cotter Smith (Bill Lachey), Susan E. Matus (Sgt. Sarah Irvine), Franklin Dennis Jones (Base Commander), Sven Holmberg (Zjhokar), Jennifer Hasty (Ms. Davis), Jeremy Roberts (Duke), Casey Stengel (Sgt. Vaughn), Mark Kubr (Rebel #2), Zoran Korach (Dima), Michael Khmurov (Rebel #1), Bruce McKenzie (Troy Swift), Patti Yasutake (Judge), Zosia Mamet (Christine Ross), Mo Anouti (Simon Dasha)

Jonas is captured by a militia group during a mission and held hostage. He's forced to make a video that outlines the group's demands. The chief one is that a terrorist held by the U.S. be released within 48 hours or Jonas will be executed. The suits in Washington, D.C., refuse to negotiate, so Col. Ryan sends his own men in to attempt a rescue. Back at the base, Tiffy learns she may face time in prison for her involvement in covering up Charlotte's reckless driving.

24 :02x11 - Silver Star

First aired: Dec/12/2006
Writer: David Mamet
Director: Bill L. Norton
Guest star: Willie C. Carpenter (George Blane), Nate Parker (Darryl), Susan E. Matus (Sgt. Sarah Irvine), Emily Yancy (Mrs. Blane), Benjamin Brown (Young George Blane), Ed O'Neill (William Partch), James Moses Black (Billy), Angel M. Wainwright (Betsy Blane), P.J. Brown (First Man), Michael Worth (Second Man), Jason Kaufman (Infantry Officer), Billy Smith (Lieutenant), Raymond O'Connor (Bus Driver), Dotan Baer (Serviceman), Jennifer Cormack (Teesha), Katherine Von Till (Waitress), Henry Miller (F-15 Pilot), Alain Uy (Art - Operations Assistant), David Pearl (Pro War Protester), Hiro Koda (Korean Soldier #4)

When Jonas' family gathers for a long overdue celebration honoring his dad, Jonas witnesses some disturbing behavior by his nephew who just returned from combat and he attempts to put a stop to it. Meanwhile, Mack has to deal with a plane that has flown into a restricted area and identify the mysterious passenger on board.

25 :02x12 - The Broom Cupboard

First aired: Jan/16/2007
Writer: Emily Halpern
Director: Karen Gaviola
Guest star: William H. Macy (President of the United States), Alyssa Shafer (Serena Brown), Lindsay Frost (Senator Webb), Summer Glau (Crystal Burns), Yuji Okumoto (Mr. Michael), Eric Steinberg (General Raja), Ariel Felix (Asst. General Arya), Daniel Wisler (Jeremy Erhart), Allie Adair (White House Intern), Zoe Rae Glick (Flower Girl), Alycia Lee (Hotel Concierge), Luoc Lee (Detainee), Wesley Leong (Shop Owner), Dyana Liu (Waitress), Ho Lo (Drenesian Officer), Catherine O'Connor (Sales Woman), Jay Tapaoan (Lin), Toshi Toda (Premier Huang), Alain Uy (Art - Operations Assistant), Necar Zadegan (Pari)

When the Unit is assigned protection detail for a U.S. Senator traveling in a hostile country in Asia, Jonas is given his own top secret assignment within the mission from the President of the United States.

26 :02x13 - Sub-Conscious

First aired: Feb/06/2007
Writer: Daniel Voll
Director: Steven DePaul
Guest star: Alyssa Shafer (Serena Brown), Susan E. Matus (Sgt. Sarah Irvine), Don Rickles (Himself), Linda Hunt (Psychiatrist), C.S. Lee (S. Korean Sub XO), François Chao (S. Korean Sub Captain), Nikkole Salter (Female Interviewer), Kavita Patil (Sgt. Kayla Medawar), Sharon Brathwaite (Security Tech), Brad Campbell (Commo Tech), Ewan Chung (Map Tech), Christina Gianaris (Mandy), Sonny Kang (Sonar Man), Shaun Benson (Unknown), Justin Alston (Agent)

The Unit's dangerous mission in North Korea is jeopardized when a spy overhears Kim Brown talking about intimate details of the operation.

27 :02x14 - Johnny B. Good

First aired: Feb/06/2007
Writer: Todd Ellis Kessler
Director: Vahan Moosekian
Guest star: Summer Glau (Crystal Burns), Daniel Wisler (Jeremy), Conor O'Farrell (Major General Carl Heath), Jon Hamm (Wilson James), Zosia Mamet (Christine Ross), Necar Zadegan (Pari), Homie Doroodian (Javad), Brad Fleischer (Jeff Lieber), Jonathan Ahdout (Shepherd), Ryan Judd (Salesman), Lance Irwin (Bar Patron), Ali Samm (Iranian Guide)

The Unit is assigned to slip into Iran to plant radiation "sniffers," but when things go awry, Mack must decide whether to leave the Iranian woman who served as a guide behind and face torture or kill her himself.

28 :02x15 - The Water is Wide

First aired: Feb/13/2007
Writer: Lynn Mamet
Director: Krishna Rao
Guest star: Summer Glau (Crystal Burns), Shirley Knight (Ms. Gaffney), M.D. Walton (Moss), Ned Vaughn (Ambassador Henry Trotter), Regina Taylor (Molly Blane), Alyssa Shafer (Serena Brown), Jim Round (Evan Skaff), Jim Patneaude (U.N. Secretary General's Aide), Carsten Norgaard (Secretary General, United Nations), Paul Lieber (Patrick Goffney)

Jonas and his crew, on a mission to protect a Middle Eastern dignitary at the United Nations, must diffuse a bomb found in the office of the U.N. secretary general. Meanwhile, Molly and Tiffy visit Vietnam for a ceremony to honor those who fought there. While there, they try to locate a onetime POW. Their search is prompted by a visit from the man's mother, who believes her missing son is still alive. Back at home, Crystal tries to seduce Mack and threatens to tell Tiffy about them.

29 :02x16 - Games of Chance

First aired: Feb/20/2007
Writer: Sharon Lee Watson
Director: Terrence O'Hara
Guest star: Herzl Tobey (Major Abaz), Ben Shields (Airline Worker), Thomas Mikusz (Wegner), Sam Littlefield (Andreas), Roy Hausmann (GSG9 Assasin), Christian Gill (Hans), Daz Crawford (Hart), Robert Shampain (Engineer), Phil Hendrie (George Tatelman), John G. Connolly (Keller), Eric Johnson (Ethan McNeal)

While in Germany for some friendly competition with Special Forces teams from various nations, the Unit discovers there is an outside entity involved and they must prevent a real terrorist attack from happening.

30 :02x17 - Dark Of The Moon

First aired: Feb/27/2007
Writer: Eric L. Haney
Director: Michael Zinberg
Guest star: Bernard White (Lead prisoner), Samantha Lang (Lieutenant Bailey), Myk Watford (Sergeant Wallace), Ben Donovan (Johnson), Eric Ladin (Blaylock), Tyler Moore (Soldier), Kelvin O'Bryant (Running Soldier)

At a remote Army base in Afghanistan, Jonas and the unit discover that the base is in total mayhem and are forced to take control of the base. In doing so, the unit must organize the troops in order to fight against the tribal militia surrounding the base.

31 :02x18 - Two Coins

First aired: Mar/20/2007
Writer: David Mamet
Director: Bill L. Norton
Guest star: Danielle Hanratty (Lissy Gerhardt), Netta Most (I.D.F. Soldier #2), Sam Feuer (I.D.F. Soldier #1), Oren Dayan (Techie), Gadi Erel (Burly Guard), Linda Kimbrough (Pastor), Jayne Taini (Clerk), Fiona Hale (Mrs. Frost), Darryl Henriques (Mr. Smith), Omar Adam (Arab Man Two), Tarek Zohdy (Arab Man One), Aki Avni (Col. Ben Dov), David Purdham (Mr. Green), Sendi Bar (Sgt. Michal Zahav), Aharon Ipalé (Prof. Shemesh)

When Jonas and members of the Unit study advanced desert warfare in Israel, Grey becomes smitten with an Israeli soldier, but the relationship proves deadly.

32 :02x19 - Outsiders

First aired: Apr/03/2007
Writer: Randy Huggins
Director: Alex Zakrzewski
Guest star: Hope Wilson (Jackie), Henri Lubatti (Brian Mickey), Summer Glau (Crystal Burns), Conrad Roberts (Elder), Carlos Love (Giant), Babs Olusanmokun (Painted Man), Mac Brandt (MP #1), Phina Oruche (Female Chieftain), Vinessa Antoine (Tribal Daughter)

Brown and Williams enter into a world of voodoo when they travel to Papua New Guinea to retrieve a black box from a downed special-forces aircraft. Back at the base, Mack learns that Crystal is giving information to a reporter and he tries to stop her.

33 :02x20 - In Loco Parentis

First aired: Apr/10/2007
Writer: Clayton Surratt, Todd Ellis Kessler
Director: Michael Offer
Guest star: Alyssa Shafer (Serena Brown), Brandon Baker (Teenage Boy), Endre Hules (Terrorist), Danielle Hanratty (Lissy Gerhardt), Marcella Lentz-Pope (Nina), Randall Bentley (David Tate), Shannon Cochran (Captain Lisa Tate), David Gautreaux (Nina's Father), Dianna Catterton (Translator), Michael Friedman (SWAT Lieutenant), Cathy Cahlin Ryan (Karen), Conroe Brooks (Police Officer), James Huang (SWAT Officer), Ryan K. Smith (SWAT Officer)

When a prominent school in Virginia is taken over by gunmen, The Unit is called in to assist the SWAT team. Their main goal is to free the hostages before anyone is injured.

The son of an officer shows interest in Lissy, but the situation is complicated when Kim defies Tiffy's order and it's Lissy who gets the punishment.

34 :02x21 - Bedfellows

First aired: Apr/24/2007
Director: Dean White
Guest star: Zosia Mamet (Christine Ross), Jon Hamm (Wilson James), Kevin Thomas (Biker #1), Ricky Jay (Agent Kern), Michael Berry, Jr. (Bearded Man), Norman Mora (Biker #3), Tim Sitarz (Biker #2), Daniel Kash (FSB Agent #3), John Meier (FSB Agent #2), Ravil Isyanov (Maslin), Lindsay Frost (Senator Elizabeth Webb), Van Neal (Agent Doug White), Natasha Alam (Russian Girl), Kristof Konrad (Customer One), Rebecca Pidgeon (Charlotte Ryan), Randy Ross (Bartender)

Bob's loyalty is challenged when he joins the CIA for a covert mission that could put the Unit in jeopardy. Back at the base, Mack becomes convinced that Tiffy is having an affair.

35 :02x22 - Freefall

First aired: May/01/2007
Writer: Daniel Voll, Sara B. Cooper
Director: James Whitmore, Jr.
Guest star: Bai Ling (Princess), Anthony Brandon Wong (Prince), Alvin Lam (Kama), Nat Wynn (Aide/Aran), Misha Huang (Sumalee), Brandon Scott (Bravo), Emerson Brooks (Loadmaster), Jon Hershfield (Tech), Matt Malloy (Dr. Bill Farris), Zosia Mamet (Christine Ross), Kavita Patil (Sergeant Kayla Medawar), Jon Hamm (Wilson James)

Mack, Grey and Williams protect a Thai prince on American soil and uncover scandalous family secrets that include murder. Meanwhile, Bob's life is endangered when a parachute jump goes awry.

36 :02x23 - Paradise Lost

First aired: May/08/2007
Writer: Lynn Mamet, Eric L. Haney
Director: Vahan Moosekian
Guest star: Randy Couture (Sgt. Strickland), Alyssa Shafer (Serena Brown), Shaun Duke (Agent Katz), Vyto Ruginis (Doyle Ransom), Gregory Jbara (Colonel Bright), Kevin Kilner (Colonel Bazemore), Don McManus (Billy), Conor O'Farrell (General Heath), Ricky Jay (Agent Kern), Rebecca Pidgeon (Charlotte Canning Ryan), Michael O'Neill (Sergeant Ron Cheals)

The second season concludes with the Unit being investigated by a government agency that is probing into possible infractions that could result in criminal charges.

37 :03x01 - Pandemonium, Part 1

First aired: Sep/25/2007
Writer: Sharon Lee Watson
Director: Vahan Moosekian
Guest star: Michael O'Neill (Ron Cheals), Rebecca Pidgeon (Charlotte Canning-Ryan), Tia Texada (Mariana Ribera), Conor O'Farrell (General Heath), Shaun Duke (Agent Dan Vorhees), Vyto Ruginis (Doyle Ransom), Chris Ellis (Congressman Bruce Gelber), Sonia Iris Lozada (Isabel Sonia), Carlos Lacamara (Luis Inez Reale), Adam Leadbeater (Caul), Locke Michael Cavanaugh (Committee Chair), Dean Norris (Supervisor Marsh), James Ellis Lane (Customs Agent), Jeremy Rodriguez (Prison Official), Jake McLaughlin (Prison Guard), Victor Campos (Owner), Daniel Novy (Cop), Michael Petrone (Agent #1)

The team is left in shambles as Jonas continues to elude an assassin and Bob may be reporting to another agency. But in the midst of it all, Ryan tries everything to get the team back together.

38 :03x02 - Pandemonium, Part 2

First aired: Oct/02/2007
Writer: Todd Ellis Kessler
Director: Steven DePaul
Guest star: Ricky Jay (Agent Kern), Shaun Duke (Agent Dan Vorhees), Dean Morris (Supervisor Marsh), Don McManus (Billy), Jackie Debatin (Agent Suzanne Lee), John Noble (The C.E.O.), Musashi Alexander (Prison Guard # 1), Robert Mammana (Agent #1), Carlos Moreno Jr. (Gate Guard), Eddie Martinez (Office Guard), Annie O'Donnell (Little Old Lady), Marcos De Silvas (Port Officer), Roz Witt (Teller), Danielle Hanratty (Lissy Gerhardt), Sammi Hanratty (Jen Gerhardt), Rebecca Pidgeon (Charlotte Canning-Ryan)

Jonas works to uncover the conspiracy that tore his team apart. He must find a way to reunite the unit and clear Col. Tom Ryan's, all while keeping his wife, and the other men's wives, from harm or CIA scrutiny.

39 :03x03 - Always Kiss Them Goodbye

First aired: Oct/09/2007
Writer: Eric L. Haney
Director: Michael Zinberg
Guest star: Alyssa Shafer (Serena Brown), Sammi Hanratty (Jenny Gerhardt), Danielle Hanratty (Lissy Gerhardt), Kavita Patil (Sgt. Kayla Medawar), Phil Hendrie (George Tatelman), Evan Gaustad (Marty Adelman), Alex Hyde-White (Dr. Randle), Ingrid Sanai Buron (Dog Woman), Dean Cudworth (Major Baker), Tom Ohmer (Officer Warren), DeVaughn Nixon (Sgt. Larson)

Now that the team is back together, they all head out to stop a plane with deadly nerve gas from reaching Ft. Griffith. Meanwhile, Kim has to broadcast a fake weather bulletin so that all personnel will take cover.

40 :03x04 - Every Step You Take

First aired: Oct/16/2007
Writer: Lynn Mamet
Director: Helen Shaver
Guest star: Angel M. Wainwright (Betsy Blane), Richard Gilliland (Ellis Kapp), Curtis Mark Williams (August O'Neill), Molly Schaffer (Alice O'Neill), Dwier Brown (Ambassador Blashek), Houston Graham (Jamie Kapp), Hilary Angelo (Maddy), Laura Wernette (Beth Blashek), Kevin L. Jackson (Luc), Danielle James (Martine)

Bob, Williams and Mack head to Abidjan to rescue Embassy staff and their families. Meanwhile, Jonas' daughter decides to enlist, so Jonas tests her strength and dedication.

41 :03x05 - Inside Out

First aired: Oct/23/2007
Writer: Dan Hindmarch
Director: Bill L. Norton
Guest star: Alyssa Shafer (Serena Brown), Danielle Hanratty (Lissy Gerhardt), Sammi Hanratty (Jenny Gerhardt), Ned Bellamy (Lewis), Christina Gianaris (Mandy), Billy Khoury (Gael), Yara Martinez (Annie), Phillipe Simon (Veterinarian), Charles Fathy (Interrogator), Jim Ortlieb (Principal), Molly Kidder (Nurse), Carolyne Maraghi (Parakeet Woman), Mike Kersey (Drunken Trucker)

The team tries to recover a chip with information on it that could prevent a terrorist attack on the United States. Meanwhile, Kim is placed on bed rest and Bob struggles with taking care of the kids.

42 :03x06 - M.Ps

First aired: Oct/30/2007
Writer: David Mamet
Director: James Whitmore, Jr.
Guest star: Yara Martinez (Annie), Randy Couture (Sgt. Strickland), Mikalah Gordon (Lila Lee), Nasser Faris (Ayoub), Layla Alizada (Nali), Robert Reinis (Man in Suit), Waleed Zuaiter (Man w/Red Envelope), Robert Rusler (Colonel), Michael Trotter (Soldier #2), Sam Murphy (Wounded Soldier), Bob Jennings (Prison Official), Michael Harney (Crew Chief), Robert Young (Nigel Craig), Margot Farley (Mrs. Strickland), Joshua Feinman (Billy (Stalker)), Jake Johnson (Martin)

Jonas, Mack and Grey are assigned to keep a pop star safe while Bob and an escort from the Justice Department return a prisoner to his home country for execution.

43 :03x07 - Five Brothers

First aired: Nov/06/2007
Writer: Frank Military
Director: Steve Gomer
Guest star: Yara Martinez (Annie), Ned Bellamy (Lewis), Ori Pfeffer (Marc Granger), Nick McDow (Teenage Son), Anne Bedian (Mother), Kamel Haddad (Father), Dave Marlin (12 Year Old Boy), David Harbour (Gary Weber), Amro Salama (Next Door Neighbor), Josh Wingate (Marine Sgt), Kevin Cristaldi (Guy), Anoush NeVart (Another Neighbor), Eyad Elbitar (Arab Man)

Jonas and Williams must perform emergency surgery on Grey when he is injured during a mission. Later, the team has to cope with a devistating loss.

44 :03x08 - Play 16

First aired: Nov/13/2007
Writer: Daniel Voll
Director: James Whitmore, Jr.
Guest star: Kavita Patil (Sgt. Kayla Medawar), Susan E. Matus (Sgt. Sarah Irvine), Ori Pfeffer (Marc Granger), Omid Abtahi (The Boss), Chris McGarry (Kevin Sack), Tim Kang (Chaplain), Richard Penn (Mr. Williams), Veralyn Jones (Mrs. Williams), Joseph Kamal (Medical Examiner), Nick Tarabay (Fat Man), Gina Sorell (Doctor), Bo Kane (Interviewer), Alyssa Shafer (Serena Brown), Yara Martinez (Annie)

Jonas seeks to avenge the death of one of their own; Brown works with a journalist to make sure The Unit isn't betrayed by him; and the team comes together to cope with Williams' death.

45 :03x09 - Binary Explosion

First aired: Nov/20/2007
Writer: Randy Huggins
Director: Steven DePaul
Guest star: Jose Pablo Cantillo (Rock Jose), Stana Katic (Special Agent Deborah Lane), Yara Martinez (Annie), Jorge Pallo (Turo), Enver Gjokaj (Lloyd), Larry Bates (Detective), Frank Rodriguez (Morales), Roberto Montesinos (Samour), Jarrod Bunch (Bouncer #1), Jeffrey J. Dashnaw (Frat Guy), Nick Toren (Clerk), Christina Gianaris (Mandy)

Grey goes undercover to gather information on gang members who are stealing explosives that may possibly end up in the wrong hands.

46 :03x10 - Gone Missing

First aired: Nov/27/2007
Writer: Lynn Mamet, Eric L. Haney
Director: Terrence O'Hara
Guest star: Yara Martinez (Annie), Angel M. Wainwright (Betsy Blane), Nick McDow (Teenage Son), Tim Kang (Chaplain Lantz), Mel Winkler (Avery Flowers), Judith Moreland (Ruth Watson), Brooks Almy (Marian Holt), Jack Maxwell (Angry Man), Brady Hender (Boy), Michael Papajohn (Man), Michael Zois (Cop)

Bob wrestles with a moral conflict during a sniper mission. Elsewhere, Tiffy and Kim discover some surprising information about Molly.

47 :03x11 - Side Angle Slide

First aired: Dec/18/2007
Writer: Todd Ellis Kessler
Director: Seth Wiley
Guest star: Rebecca Pidgeon (Charlotte Ryan), Yara Martinez (Annie), Phil Hendrie (George Tatelman), Craig Fairbrass (Devon Burke), Kim Thompson (Heather Burke), Mackenzie Firgens (Desperate Caller), Nicholas Irons (MIS Officer), Jonathan Avigdori (Arab Man), Arthur Hanket (American Attache), Joel Gieb (The Llama), Eric Schaeffer (Grey's Date), Jim Devoti (Fireman), Adam Gregor (The Russian), Chino Binamo (The Buyer)

In London, Jonas teams up with a British MI5 agent who is suspected of collusion with a Russian scientist they are tracking. Jonas’s assignment to discern his partner’s loyalty is complicated by the fact that Jonas once had been engaged to the man’s wife.

48 :04x01 - Sacrifice

First aired: Sep/28/2008
Writer: Frank Military
Director: David Mamet
Guest star: Nicole Steinwedell (Bridgett Sullivan), Kavita Patil (Sgt. Kayla Medawar), Sammi Hanratty (Jen Gerhardt), Danielle Hanratty (Lissy Gerhardt), Alyssa Shafer (Serena Brown), Susan E. Matus (Sgt. Sarah Irvine), Benito Martinez (President-Elect Benjamin Castillo), Reynaldo Valentin (Sgt. Ross), Hugh Fitzgerald (Cartwright), Maximillian Alexander (MP #1), Matisha Baldwin (MP #2)

While women are being secretly relocated and moved off the base for their own safety, Jonas and the team must unravel an assassination plot against the vice president and president elect.

49 :04x02 - Sudden Flight

First aired: Oct/05/2008
Writer: Sharon Lee Watson
Director: Steven DePaul
Guest star: Nicole Steinwedell (Bridgett Sullivan), Kavita Patil (Sergeant Kayla Medawar), Danielle Hanratty (Lissy Gerhardt), Sammi Hanratty (Jen Gerhardt), J.B. Blanc (Dr. Leon Rocha), Veronica Diaz (Marta), Cyrus Farmer (The Salesman), Lela Loren (Carina), Lauri Johnson (Neighbor), Andres Londono (Soccer Player), Soledad St. Hilaire (Heavyset Woman), Jeffrey Hutchinson (Building Handyman), Adriana Sevan (Leasing Manager), Roberto Sanchez (Captain), Gill Gayle (Pawn Shop Owner), Terrell D. Lee (Police Officer), Louis Carazo (Soccer Player #2)

The team follows a scientist on a commercial flight who they believe will be the next target of terrorists they hope to link to a presidential assassination plot at the same time as their wives are relocated and given new identities back home.

50 :04x03 - Sex Trade

First aired: Oct/12/2008
Writer: Todd Ellis Kessler
Director: Jesús Salvador Treviño
Guest star: Nicole Steinwedell (Bridgett Sullivan), Danielle Hanratty (Lissy Gerhardt), J.B. Blanc (Dr. Leon Rocha), Hank Stratton (Isaac Reed), Ajla Hodzic (Dava), Sarah Demeestere (Nadia), Gregory Wagrowski (Petrov), Andrew Kirsanov (The Impostor), Dmitri Boudrine (Bouncer), Brando Eaton (Josh), Lysander Abadia (School Secretary), Carlos Cervantes (Security Guard), Zoran Radanovich (Mobster #1), Stefan Kapicic (Dragan)

Jonas vows to help save a group of girls who are being trafficked as sex slaves by the man he hopes will lead the team to a nuclear weapons smuggler they are trying to find.

51 :04x04 - The Conduit

First aired: Oct/19/2008
Writer: David Mamet
Director: Michael Zinberg
Guest star: Nicole Steinwedell (Bridgett Sullivan), Danielle Hanratty (Lissy Gerhardt), Bernardo De Paula (Sanchez), Gizza Elizondo (Sondra), Enrique Almeida (Henchman), Pat Asanti (Congressman Morton), Jordi Caballero (Octavio Sr.), Kate Orsini (Jenny), Moira Squier (Mrs. Morton), April Parker-Jones (Principal Green), Pascal Petardi (Ortiz), Max Arciniega (Octavio Jr.), Jonathan Rossetti (Bernstein)

Bob is undercover as a scientist when he's kidnapped by a drugs cartel. They want him to help them to disguise cocaine. Mack is als undercover somewhere as a prizefighter.

52 :04x05 - Dancing Lessons

First aired: Oct/26/2008
Writer: Lynn Mamet, Ted Humphrey
Director: Steve Gomer
Guest star: Nicole Steinwedell (Bridgett Sullivan), J.B. Blanc (Dr. Leon Rocha), Hank Stratton (Isaac Reed), John de Lancie (Elliot Gillum), Ann Cusack (Susan Gillum), Laura Cerón (Ana Rocha), Sabrina Perez (Josephina Rocha), Kevin Hernandez (Mateo Rocha), Jagdeep Tung (Iso Room Doctor), Alfonso Diluca (Latino Male), Jean St. James (Receptionist), Jessica Vilchis (Concierge), Luis Accinelli (Farmer)

A nuclear scientist insists on making a deal with the team before he will reveal vital information about a terrorist attack in a major U.S. city.

Back home, Molly, Kim and Tiffy are drafted into service to work undercover with Jonas

53 :04x06 - Inquisition

First aired: Nov/02/2008
Writer: Patrick Moss, Shannon Rutherford
Director: David Paymer
Guest star: Nicole Steinwedell (Bridgett Sullivan), Hank Stratton (Isaac Reed), Ann Cusack (Susan Gillum), Pej Vahdat (Zafar Khalid), Anthony Azizi (Al-Nura), Scott Klace (Wilpon), Stacy Edwards (Marian Reed), Nicole Duport (Amy), Deborah Carson (Pretty Woman), Majed Ibrahim (Henchman)

The team produces fake evidence of an attack to con a terrorist into exposing his accomplices before the truth comes out and they can get away.

Mack wants Tiffy to reveal details about her relationship with Ryan.

54 :04x07 - Into Hell, Part 1

First aired: Nov/09/2008
Guest star: Nicole Steinwedell (Bridgett Sullivan), Angel M. Wainwright (Betsy Blane), Kavita Patil (Sgt. Kayla Medawar), Michael Shamus Wiles (General Navarro), Wolf Amer (Hassan), Sammy Sheik (Insurgent Leader), Angee Hughes (Cindy Hines), Shay Astar (Computer Hacker), Paul Kampf (Army Suit #1), Michael Broderick (Doctor), Kent Shocknek (TV Newscaster), Zachary Stockdale (Soldier), Dennis Hill (Analyst #1), Racheal Seymour (Staff Assistant), Michelle Morcos (Linguist)

Part 1 of 2. Jonas' daughter, Betsy, is kidnapped in Iraq, and he and the team go in to rescue her.

Back at home, Mack plots his revenge against Ryan for having an affair with Tiffy.

55 :04x08 - Into Hell, part 2

First aired: Nov/16/2008
Writer: Frank Military
Director: Fred Gerber
Guest star: Angel M. Wainwright (Betsy Blane), Nicole Steinwedell (Bridgett Sullivan), Linda Hunt (Dr. Eudora Hobbs), Bashar Rahal (Cleric), Munda Razooki (Boy's Father), Kavita Patil (Sgt. Kayla Medawar), Rene Alvarado (Solider #1), Brian Norris (Scared Solider), Lee Oliver Boyd (Reporter), Gino Salvano (Guard #1), Sam Younis (Club Member), Jay Harik (Orderly #1), Thomas Nelson Webb (The Figure)

Part 2 of 2 Jonas and the team attempt to rescue Jonas' daughter, Betsy, from her kidnappers. Back at home, Mack has a chance to carry out his revenge against Ryan for his affair with Tiffy.

56 :04x09 - Shadow Riders

First aired: Nov/23/2008
Writer: Sharon Lee Watson
Director: Vahan Moosekian
Guest star: Hank Stratton (Isaac Reed), Hal Ozsan (Raheem), David Ackert (Arif), Ali Dean (Tribal Chief), David Rees Snell (Leon Drake), Myron Natwick (Joe Landers), Susan Duerden (Lara Beerson), Jasmine Bissete (Sahar), David Diaan (The Vet), Yousuf Azami (Mullah), Ray Haratian (Groom), Sam Daly (Waiter), Nicole Pettis (Nicole Pettis), Reid Warner (Young Nurse), Fahim Fazli (Auctioneer), Andre Kincaid (Soldier #1)

Jonas and his team attempt to keep a truce intact between two warring Afghanistan tribes by delivering a bride to her groom, but it requires going through enemy territory.

Back at home, Bob and Kim try to expose a man who may be linked to terrorists.

57 :04x10 - Mislead and Misguided

First aired: Nov/30/2008
Writer: Todd Ellis Kessler
Director: Steven DePaul
Guest star: Nicole Steinwedell (Bridgett Sullivan), Michael McKean (Dr. Donald Metz), Jeremy Denzlinger (Morgan), David Giuntoli (Major Paul Grand), Hank Stratton (Isaac Reed), Rick Yudt (Plainclothed Officer), Matt Gerald (Beau Dauber), Michelle Anne Johnson (Support Tech), Mark Allan Stewart (Thug), Brian D. Johnson (Transport Pilot), John Pirruccello (Truck Driver), Lenny Levi (Gate Guard)

Who you going to call...the team is about to bust a anthrax lab with a leader with field experience but they are being held up by an official who is using high-tech toys to make decisions for him.

Kim's life is in danger when her boss forces her to do something she doesn't want to do.

58 :04x11 - Switchblade

First aired: Dec/21/2008
Writer: David Mamet
Director: Oz Scott
Guest star: Barry Corbin (Carson), Bre Blair (Joss Stevens), David Thomas Jenkins (Bill), Michael McKean (Dr. Donald Metz), Alyssa Shafer (Serena Brown), Brian D. Johnson (Transport Pilot), Aidan Gonzales (Teddy Brown), Abdoulaye N'Gom (Helper / Bakuto), Andrew Rothenberg (Pool Player), Sarah Hollis (Waitress), Tony Tambi (Cook / Soldier)

Jonas and the team trick an arrogant Department of Defense official, who jeopardized a previous mission due to his lack of field experience, into joining them on an assignment so he will observe war up close and personal.

At home, Kim is secretly reunited with her kids.

59 :04x12 - Bad Beat

First aired: Jan/04/2009
Writer: Ted Humphrey
Director: Bill L. Norton
Guest star: Nicole Steinwedell (Bridgett Sullivan), Ricky Jay (Agent Kern), Hank Stratton (Isaac Reed), Keone Young (General Lao), Shaun Toub (Misha Belikov), Byron Mann (Stanley Wu), Daniel Lue (Soldier #1), Chyna Chuu (Dealer), Eugene Shaw (Concierge), Brian Kong (Croupier), Nick Hodaly (Ali), Stella Farentino (Ferretti)

Jonas plays a game of high stakes no-limit texas hold'em to win back the services of a CIA spy who has gone over to the other side. His success is also the key in getting court martial charges against team member Bridget Sullivan dismissed

60 :04x13 - The Spear of Destiny

First aired: Jan/11/2009
Writer: Lynn Mamet, Benjamin Daniel Lobato
Director: Scott Foley
Guest star: Rebecca Pidgeon (Charlotte Ryan), Kavita Patil (Kayla Medawar), Hank Stratton (Isaac Reed), Demore Barnes (Hector Williams), Stacy Edwards (Marian Reed), David Rees Snell (Leon Drake), Raoul Trujillo (Father Sebastian), Jason Manuel Olazabal (Mateo Rocha), George Gerdes (Detective), Zadran Wali (Rami Kantera), Gabriel Salvador (Monk #1), Chris Hoffman (Crew Chief), Alex Nevil (Flight Medic #1), Kente Scott (Dead Soldier)

Jonas and a seriously wounded Mack take refuge in a monastery where he is ordered to steal the monks' most prized possession.

Back home, Bob is asked to perform a dangerous mission that will reveal the darkest side of his job to Kim.

61 :04x14 - The Last Nazi

First aired: Feb/15/2009
Writer: David Mamet
Director: Michael Offer
Guest star: Nicole Steinwedell (Bridgett Sullivan), Rebecca Pidgeon (Charlotte Ryan), Barry Corbin (Carson), Bre Blair (Joss Stevens), Benito Martinez (President Benjamin Castillo), Hugh Fitzgerald (Cartwright), Eric L. Haney (Recruiting Sergeant), Dan Schoffer (Fat Soldier), Jack Betts (Klaus Kolben/Old Priest), Nigel Gibbs (General Hayes), Azdine Melliti (First Bodyguard), Mary Ellen O'Donnell (Nurse), Kevin Fry (Tom's Stepfather), Lori Lively (Tom's Mother), Caleb Steinmeyer (Tom Ryan (Age 15 and 19)), Jackson Fox (Tom Ryan (Age 9)), Dayton Callie (Middle Aged Man), Barbara Perry (Old Woman), Sandy Martin (Woman with Cane), Silvia McClure (Receptionist Nurse), Scott Barry (Man with Dog), Maz Siam (Prosperous Fellow), Natalie Avital (The Young Girl)

The President orders the unit to capture a Nazi war criminal from his hiding place and deliver him to The Hague.

In Washington, Tom Ryan confronts his past when he is offered a promotion to General.

62 :04x15 - Hero

First aired: Mar/08/2009
Writer: R. Scott Gemmill, Randy Huggins
Director: Terrence O'Hara
Guest star: Nicole Steinwedell (Bridgett Sullivan), Angel M. Wainwright (Betsy Blane), Wes Chatham (Sam McBride), James Remar (Reece), Kevin McCorkle (Lt. Colonel West), Julie Chen (Herself), Zadran Wali (Rami Kantera), Ray Campbell (Curtis Long), Maggie McCollester (Woman in Building)

As Jonas coaches Betsy before her military-ordered media tour, the Unit initiates a new team member.

63 :04x16 - Hill 60

First aired: Mar/15/2009
Writer: Ted Humphrey, Tim Clemente
Director: James Whitmore, Jr.
Guest star: Danielle Hanratty (Lissy Gerhardt), Sammi Hanratty (Jen Gerhardt), Wes Chatham (Sam McBride), Haley Ramm (Amber), Rodney Scott (Marty), Tom Everett (Howard), Rebecca Tilney (Lynette), Wendy Haines (Karen), Peter James Smith (Landon), Ben Cain (Mitchell), Lillian Adams (Mrs. Garrigus), Dylan Kenin (Randall Deacon), Breanna Cherie Wittman (Caitlyn), Bryan Hearne (Will Bierman), Jacob Davich (Josh Turner)

Unable to communicate with the outside world, the Unit and their families must survive when a deadly gas poisons anyone in their community who steps outside.

64 :04x17 - Flesh & Blood

First aired: Mar/22/2009
Writer: Lynn Mamet, Pete Blaber
Director: Dennis Haysbert
Guest star: Wes Chatham (Sam McBride), Bre Blair (Joss Morgan), Ann Cusack (Susan Gillum), Octavio Gomez Berrios (Teo Mata), Marco Rodriguez (Cruz Mata), Emilio Roso (Berto), Julian Acosta (Dr. Reyes Flores), Giovanni Lopes (Giovanni Lopes), Saul Huezo (Sniper)

As the Unit fights to rescue Jonas's old friend, a broken helicopter gas tank and nearby guerillas impede their mission.

Tom goes to extreme measures to extract information from a recovering alcoholic whose husband may have been behind a terrorist attack.

65 :04x18 - Best Laid Plans

First aired: Mar/29/2009
Writer: Patrick Moss, Benjamin Daniel Lobato
Director: Dean White
Guest star: Nicole Steinwedell (Bridgett Sullivan), Wes Chatham (Sam McBride), David Rees Snell (Leon Drake), Bre Blair (Joss Morgan), Kavita Patil (Sgt. Kayla Medawar), Susan E. Matus (Sgt. Sarah Irvine), Dylan Kenin (Randall Deacon), Patrick St. Esprit (Agent Inman), Lothaire Bluteau (Jules Messier), Gina Torres (Sgt. Natasha Andrews), Will Beinbrink (Henchman #1), Bill Heck (Philip), Andre Ware (Agent #3), Nick Hoffa (Agent #4), Nicholas Kadi (Rafik Hakim), Sarah Desage (Female Associate), Leilani Sarelle (Pauline Charest), Jenny Eakes (Grieving Woman)

The mission's plans go awry and Bob must run interference when Jonas and Mack are undercover to find the terrorists who killed the Vice President.

66 :04x19 - Whiplash

First aired: Apr/12/2009
Writer: Dan Hindmarch
Director: Seth Wiley
Guest star: Nicole Steinwedell (Bridgett Sullivan), Wes Chatham (Sam McBride), Kavita Patil (Sgt. Kayla Medawar), Yolonda Ross (Nora), Brooklyn Sudano (Lindsay), Jaime McAdams (Policeman), Andy Fischer-Price (Young Soldier), Jimmy Ortega (Cop #1), Troy Metcalf (Pedestrian), Mark Doerr (Swat Commander), Bryan Jerel Collins (The Weekender), Kerry Kilbride (Reporter), Jim Meskimen (Lawyer)

When Sam attacks Bridget, the other members of the Unit must hunt him down.

67 :04x20 - Chaos Theory

First aired: Apr/26/2009
Writer: Sharon Lee Watson
Director: Gwyneth Horder-Payton
Guest star: Wes Chatham (Sam McBride), Nicole Steinwedell (Bridgett Sullivan), David Rees Snell (Leon Drake), Ann Cusack (Susan Gillum), John de Lancie (Elliot Gillum), Kavita Patil (Sgt. Kayla Medawar), Danielle Hanratty (Lissy Gerhardt), Jack Yang (Derek Chen), David Paterson (British Man), Raymond Ma (Supervisor), James Saito (Chu), Elena Franklin (Mia), Joleigh Fioravanti (Gina), Caroline Choi (University Student), Andy Holt (Security Guard), Dustin Tri Nguyen (Transit Officer), David Agranov (Jim Ballard), Helen Duffy (British Wife), David Gerson (Brad), Hanson Tse (Policeman #1), Vijay Rathi (Pakistani Laborer)

A random incident throws Jonas and Bob's carefully planned mission into chaos.

68 :04x21 - Endgame

First aired: May/03/2009
Writer: Ted Humphrey
Director: Lesli Linka Glatter
Guest star: Nicole Steinwedell (Bridgett Sullivan), Wes Chatham (Sam McBride), David Rees Snell (Leon Drake), Kavita Patil (Sgt. Kayla Medawar), David Agranov (Jim Ballard), Marika Dominczyk (Anya), Jamie McShane (Detective Renner), Terrence Edwards (Foster), Stuart Wilson (Guard #1)

While Jonas is tracking down a Russian terrorist cell, a kidnapped Molly is used as bait.

As you cloud see on the last episode Sam is involved in the kidnapping of Molly. What will happen and how will it finish.

69 :04x22 - Unknown Soldier

First aired: May/10/2009
Writer: Todd Ellis Kessler
Director: Vahan Moosekian
Guest star: Nicole Steinwedell (Bridgett Sullivan), Wes Chatham (Sam McBride), Benito Martinez (President Benjamin Castillo), David Rees Snell (Leon Drake), Bre Blair (Joss Morgan), Kavita Patil (Sgt. Kayla Medawar), Yorgo Constantine (Armen Kochenko), Kevin Will (Man In Stall), Bryan Okes Fuller (State Trooper), Deborah Van Valkenburgh (Madam), Amy Rasimas (Blonde Hooker)

The Unit must locate and diffuse three sets of dirty bombs headed for unknown locations across the United States.

Meanwhile, the team prepares for a wedding of one couple (Charles Grey & Joss Morgan) and the end of a marriage for another (Jonas & Molly Blane) or will Jonas leave The Unit and stay married.