Season 4

89 :04x01 - The Night They Shot Santa Claus

Shortly after playing Santa Claus at an orphanage, Hap Levinson is gunned down in a drive-by shooting on the street in full view of two orphan kiddies. Eliot Ness, a friend of Levinson's, investigates the shooting and discovers that his seemingly respectable pal was leading a double life.
Guest Stars: Ruth White (1) as Bertha Levinson | Russell Collins as Hodges | Nita Talbot as Renee Grayson | Curt Conway as Lt. Clay | Edward Asner as Jimmy Canada | Ben Astar as Warczek | Isabel Jewell as Sophie | Barry Russo as Brikka (as John Duke) | Murvyn Vye as Mike Volney | Grace Lee Whitney as Penny | K.L. Smith as Art Tenney | Robert Bice as Captain Johnson |
Uncredited: Butch Patrick as Charlie
Director: Alex March
Writer: Mort Thaw

90 :04x02 - The Cooker in the Sky

The Mob imports "inside man" Joey Lassater from New York to construct a Ness-proof brewery on the top floor of a building. Current syndicate inside man Harry Gordon fears that he's being eased out of a job and informs Ness about the brewery being constructed. Against the wishes of his superiors, Ness decides to let Lassater complete construction so it will cost the Mob even more money.
Guest Stars: J.D. Cannon as Joey Lassater | Milton Selzer as Harry Gordon | Anne Jackson as Edna Gordon | Bill Zuckert as Lou Tully | Don Hanmer as Nick Carrabinos | Paul Genge as Guido Lagatutta | Craig Duncan as Jim Laffey | Paul Marin as Will Heffner | Bill Erwin as Auctioneer | John Bryant as Birdie
Director: Robert Butler

91 :04x03 - The Chess Game

Illicit champagne is being smuggled into Chicago and Ness traces its source to Boston and blind seafood company owner Ira Bauer. Bauer freely admits that he has been shipping the champagne and challenges Ness to catch him at it.
Special Guest Stars: Richard Conte as Ira Bauer |
Guest Stars: Murray Hamilton as Charley Mailer | Barbara Barrie as Cheryl Hines | Michael Constantine as Marty Balter | Ned Glass as Howie Reif | Jay Adler as Louis Collings | Olan Soule as Frank Casey

92 :04x04 - The Economist

The search is on for a large quantity of illicit whiskey which was hidden in an old ammo dump by mobster Vince "the Moor" Tunis in order to jack up the price. Unfortunately for Tunis, underling Charlie Grach stole the whiskey and hid it somewhere else. Then Grach died from injuries sustained in a car accident. Tunis and Eliot Ness both search for a missing accomplice of Grach's who can tell them the location of the booze.
Guest Stars: George Mathews as Charlie Grach | Joseph Sirola as Vince "the Moor" Tunis | Ellen Madison as Mrs. Henning | James T. Callahan as Miles Henning | Rae Allen as Sarro's Daughter | Malachi Throne as Barnett (as Mal Throne) | A.G. Vitanza as Sarro | Ken Lynch as Union Official | Frank Wilcox as D. A. Beecher Asbury | Joseph V. Perry as Filomena (as Joseph Perry) | Noam Pitlik as Reporter Rhine | Henry Corden as Kroner | Helen Kleeb as Nurse | Earl Parker as George Dahlstrom
Writer: Harold Gast

93 :04x05 - The Pea

Busboy Herbie Catcher supplements his meager income by serving as an informant for Eliot Ness. But Herbie's informing days come to an end when he comes into possession of a diary which contains incriminating evidence against mobsters. He decides to use blackmail rather than turn the diary over to Ness.
Special Guest Stars: Frank Gorshin as Herbie Catcher |
Guest Stars: Sally Gracie as Mae Denby | Albert Paulsen as Max Zehner | Gilbert Green as Martin Rawlings | Elizabeth MacRae as Bunny Colton/Bertha Kasulik | Stefan Gierasch as Cooker | Davis Roberts as Josh the Owl | Michael Keep as Angel Poderas | Robert F. Hoy as 1st Hood (as Robert Hoy) | Jason Wingreen as 2nd Hood

94 :04x06 - Bird in the Hand

Two Public Health doctors' search for the source of the deadly Parrot Fever disease keep intersecting with the Untouchables' attempts to get the goods an a fast rising mobster.
Special Guest Stars: Dane Clark as Dr. Victor Garr |
Guest Stars: Herschel Bernardi as Benno Fisk | Carroll O'Connor as Arnie Kurtz | Nan Martin as Stella Kurtz | John Gabriel (2) as Dr. Daniel Gifford | Theodore Marcuse as The Man | Bing Russell as Officer Cavanaugh | John McLiam as Trucker | Elisha Cook as Musician | Hugh Sanders as Dr. Haskell | John Holland as Gentleman | Harvey Korman as Resident | Bill Walker (1) as Porter | Jennie Lynn (1) as Tina | Pat Rosson as Boy
Director: Walter Grauman

95 :04x07 - The Eddie O'Gara Story

Bugs Moran goes into hiding after much of his mob is wiped out in the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. Former underling Eddie O'Gara discovers his hiding place and promises him that he can recruit Moran a new gang which will restore the fallen mob boss to his former glory.
Special Guest Stars: Mike Connors as Eddie O'Gara |
Guest Stars: Sean McClory as Vince O'Gara | Robert J. Wilke as George "Bugs" Moran | K.L. Smith as Jack McGurn | Meg Wyllie as Mary O'Gara | Grant Richards as Joe Aiello | Jason Wingreen as Phil "the Bartender" Benyas | Baynes Barron as Rudy Mann | Robert Bice as Captain Johnson
Director: Robert Butler
Writer: Carey Wilber

96 :04x08 - Elegy

After learning that he's dying from leukemia, mobster Charlie Radick makes a deal with Ness. He'll turnover all of his records provided that Ness find his missing daughter, Margaret. It's up to Lt. Agatha Stewart of the Missing Persons Bureau to track down Margaret in order to prevent a possible gang war from breaking out.
Special Guest Stars: Barbara Stanwyck as Lt. Agatha Stewart |
Guest Stars: John Larch as Charlie Radick | Peggy Ann Garner as Margaret Radick | Edward Asner as Frank Benson | Woodrow Parfrey as Fred Myerson | Ernest Mason as Lou Vadney | William Bramley (1) as Stephen Millerick | William Sargent as Officer Harrison | Steve Harris (3) as Ted Clemens | Virginia Capers as June | Andrea Darvi as Amy | Charlotte Manson as Velma Myerson | Hope Summers as Letta Hodges | Edward Holmes (2) as Al |
Uncredited: DeForest Kelley as Detective
Director: Robert Butler

97 :04x09 - Come and Kill Me

When Arnold "Spats" Vincent is murdered at a racetrack the trail leads to a school of assassins run by former IRA member Dexter Lloyd Bayliss.
Special Guest Stars: Dan Dailey as Dexter Lloyd Bayliss |
Guest Stars: Ted de Corsia as Nate Stryker | Anthony Ray as Louis Mallet (as Tony Ray) | Ford Rainey as Julius Chavis | Angela Clarke (2) as Catherine Chavis | Robert Bice as Captain Johnson | Martin Braddock as Rick Tarro | Jack Dennison as Spats Vincent | Frank Behrens as Foster |
Uncredited: Byron Clark as Detective | Ralph Moody as Pettit | Wally Vernon as Newsboy
Director: Robert Gist
Writer: Kitty Buhler

98 :04x10 - A Fist of Five

After being suspended from the police force, formerly honest cop Mike Brannon decides to put his hand into the pot and grab some money. To do this he recruits his four brothers and they kidnap mobster Tony Lamberto.
Special Guest Stars: Lee Marvin as Mike Brannon |
Guest Stars: Frank DeKova as Anthony "Tough Tony" Lamberto | Phyllis Coates as Angela Lamberto | Ric Roman as Augie Relyea | Tom Brown (1) as Captain Bellows | Roy Thinnes as Denny Brannon | James Caan as Keir Brannon | Whitney Armstrong as Sean Brannon | Mark Allen (1) as Clarence Brannon | Mary Adams as Kate Brannon | Marianna Hill as Laurie Reagan (as Marianne Hill) | Frank Wilcox as Beecher Asbury |
Uncredited: Thomas Nello as Manny | Ralph Manza as Max Templar
Director: Ida Lupino

99 :04x11 - The Floyd Gibbons Story

Reporter Carl Edmunds is gunned down outside a speakeasy just minutes after boasting to a fellow reporter that he was working on an explosive story. Globetrotting reporter Floyd Gibbons, an old friend of Edmunds, blows into Chicago and decides to pick up the baton and discover just what it was that got his old friend murdered.
Special Guest Stars: Dorothy Malone as Kitty Edmunds |
Guest Stars: Stuart Erwin as Barney Rich | Joseph Campanella as Vince Dastille | Alan Baxter as John Brecker | Norman Burton as Solly | Jerry Oddo as Willie Drummer | Paul Langton as Carl Edmunds | Lee Krieger as Cab Driver | Robert Bice as Captain Johnson |
Featuring: Scott Brady as Floyd Gibbons
Director: Robert Butler

100 :04x12 - Double Cross

In one of organized crime's strangest partnerships, Jake Guzik is forced to hire old enemy Bugs Moran to smuggle in whiskey from Canada for him after Ness and the Untouchables dry up his booze supply.
Special Guest Stars: Nehemiah Persoff as Jake Guzik |
Guest Stars: Harry Morgan as George "Bugs" Moran | John Kellogg as Striber | Barry Russo as Sully | Frank Wilcox as D. A. Beecher Asbury | Malachi Throne as Dancer | Arthur Peterson as Albert Lane | Kelton Garwood as Mac | Bernard Fein as Louis Akers | Dan Seymour as Wellman | Hank Patterson as Peterson | Hugh Sanders as Parnell | Stanley Farrar as Purcell
Director: Paul Wendkos
Writer: John Mantley

101 :04x13 - Search for a Dead Man

Lt. Agatha Stewart tries to determine the identity of a dead body which was discovered floating in Lake Michigan. Her investigation intersects with the attempts of the Untouchables to intercept a huge booze convoy coming down from Canada.
Special Guest Stars: Barbara Stanwyck as Lt. Agatha Stewart |
Guest Stars: Sheree North as Claire Simmons | Tom Reese as Sonny Dale | Edward Asner as Frank Benson | Antony Carbone as Rudy Portuguese | Jerry Douglas as Officer Harrison | Virginia Capers as June | Gerald Gordon as Walter Rimer | Grant Richards as Arnie Retzik |
Uncredited: Alan Dexter as Gerald Feeney
Director: Robert Butler

102 :04x14 - The Speculator

Frank Nitti needs quick cash for a big booze deal and is persuaded by mob finance man Leo Stazak to invest in the stock market. Unbeknownst to Nitti, Stazak has no intention of investing the money. He plans on absconding with it.
Special Guest Stars: Telly Savalas as Leo Stazak |
Guest Stars: Bruce Gordon (1) as Frank Nitti | Frank Sutton as Angie Stazak | Bill Zuckert as Vic (as William Zuckert) | Martin Brandt as Anton Ryba | K.L. Smith as Nitti's Guard | Herman Rudin as Max Gort | Don Diamond as George Keeley | Mel A. Bishop as Masseur | Paul Hahn as Lab Technician | Nesdon Booth as Sam
Director: Allen Reisner
Writer: Max Ehrlich

103 :04x15 - The Snowball

Small time bootlegger and college grad Jackson Emmett Parker approaches Frank Nitti with a business proposition for distribution of alcohol. Parker wants to hand the Enforcer a bigger market than he has in Cicero--all of Chicago's college campuses.
Special Guest Stars: Robert Redford as Jackson Emmett Parker |
Guest Stars: Bruce Gordon (1) as Frank Nitti | Gerald Hiken as Benny Angel | Adam Williams as Paul Meadows | Peter Hansen (1) as Harold Ferris | Robert Doyle as Jim Ferris | Robert Karnes as Harvey Sloane |
Uncredited: Robert Bice as Captain Johnson | Olan Soule as Smitty | Paul Sorenson as Harry | Yale Summers as Student | Walter Koenig as Student
Director: Alex March

104 :04x16 - Jake Dance

Drs. Garr and Gifford are on the scene when a rash of poisonings from rotgut Jamaica Ginger alcohol begin occurring with alarming frequency in Chicago. Meanwhile the Untouchables try to locate stolen chemicals which can be used to make the deadly drink.
Special Guest Stars: Dane Clark as Dr. Victor Garr | Joseph Schildkraut as Dr. Hans Frohlich |
Guest Stars: John Gabriel (2) as Dr. Daniel Gifford | Sondra Blake as Mary Kay Spencer (as Sondra Kerr) | John Anderson as Marlon Spencer | Liam Sullivan as Dr. Jarvis | Stewart Bradley as Iggy Minter | Linda Watkins as Ada Spencer | John Newton as Joe Cully | Orville Sherman as Dr. Michaels | Jo Helton as Mrs. Cully |
Uncredited: Booth Colman as Nicholas Contine
Director: Robert Butler

105 :04x17 - Blues for a Gone Goose

After his partner is murdered, jazz trumpeteer Eddie Moon agrees to help Ness get the goods on racketeer Lew Cagan. But Eddie doesn't count on falling in love with Cagan's young wife Bunny.
Special Guest Stars: Robert Duvall as Eddie Moon |
Guest Stars: Kathleen Nolan as Bunny Cagan | Will Kuluva as Raymond "Goose" Gander | Marc Lawrence (1) as Lew Cagan | Tony Barr as Tobias (as Anthony Barr) | Richard Bakalyan as Lucky | Bill Erwin as Doctor (as William Erwin) | Joseph Ruskin as Lepke Buchalter
Director: Sherman Marks
Writer: Don Brinkley

106 :04x18 - Globe of Death

Frank Nitti hides a huge shipment of heroin inside a hollowed out globe of the world and stores it inside the vault of a mob-owned bank. While Ness and the Untouchables search for the heroin, a joker appears in the deck when Nitti's greedy lieutenant, Larry Bass, decides to break into the vault and steal the heroin for himself.
Special Guest Stars: Barry Morse as Larry Bass |
Guest Stars: Bruce Gordon (1) as Frank Nitti | Phillip Pine as Whitey Gross | Gilbert Green as Kurt Koenig | Malachi Throne as Duke Barker | Jerry Fujikawa as Yang | Walter Burke as Mr. Harmon | Cliff Osmond as Augie the Slob | Dabbs Greer as Owen Brower | Robert Carricart as Sam Weidman | Carleton Young as Inspector | Wolfe Barzell as Max Weidman |
Uncredited: Gene Roth as Tony | Jack Reitzen as Mike | Harold Gould as Arnold Javits | Paul Barselou as Map Store Owner | Roy Engel as Fire Chief Dawson
Director: Walter Grauman
Writer: John Mantley

107 :04x19 - An Eye for an Eye

Ness gets Charlie Tarasovich to work undercover so that he can nail bootlegger Sollie Girsch who has been distributing his liquor through cordial shops. Tarasovich does his job well leading to the arrest of Girsch but then gets cold feet when testifying at the trial.
Special Guest Stars: Jack Klugman as Sollie Girsch |
Guest Stars: George Voskovec as Charlie Tarasovich | Sheldon Allman as Harry Mastrogeorge | Frank Wilcox as D. A. Beecher Asbury | Joe Turkel as Eddie "Deuces"Kobler | George Murdock as Pete Topchinski | Joseph J. Greene as William Baron (as Joe Greene) | Lea Marmer as Anna Tarasovich (as Leah Marmer) | Quintin Sondergaard as Lennie | Roy Thinnes as Red Thomas | Charles Fredericks as Judge Pitlee
Director: Robert Gist

108 :04x20 - Junk Man

Victor Salazar is one of the nastiest mobsters in Chicago but he's got big problems with two of his underlings. His enforcer, Steve Ballard, is planning to hijack a shipment of narcotics, and his second-in-command, Barney Howe, is in reality an undercover Federal agent for the Bureau of Narcotics.
Special Guest Stars: Pat Hingle as Barney Howe/Barney Retzik |
Guest Stars: Joe De Santis as Victor Salazar | Edward Binns as Steve Ballard | Michael Constantine as Max Frivol | Joan Chambers as Rosie | Jerry Oddo as Fred Santos | Than Wyenn as Martin Pegler | Lou Krugman as Angel Monett
Director: Paul Wendkos

109 :04x21 - The Man in the Cooler

Ness gets ex-convict Al Remp to work for him so that he can nail bootlegging czar Fat Augie Strom but the lure of the fast money might cause Remp to pull a double cross.
Guest Stars: J.D. Cannon as Al Remp | Peter Whitney as Fat Augie Strom | Salome Jens as Marcie Remp | Eddie Firestone as Bitsy Wyller | Steve Gravers as Harry Tazik | I. Stanford Jolley as Pete Laffey | Paul Marin as Sam Deroy |
Co-Guest Stars: Johnny Pop as Watchman
Director: Ida Lupino

110 :04x22 - The Butcher's Boy

Phillip Hedden is a former war hero who's now in the rackets. He heads up a protective association known as the Master Butcher's Alliance. Hedden's chief aide is his former World War I comrade Davy McCain. Unbeknownst to Hedden, Davy has secretly hated him for years and is plotting to takeover the Alliance.
Guest Stars: Frank Sutton as Davy McCain | John Larkin as Phillip Hedden | Rudy Bond as Gus Ducek | Jay Novello as Gino Romaldi | H.M. Wynant as Boley Davis | Barney Phillips as Otto Schuster | Jacques Roux as Pierre | Francine York as Megan Morris | Penny Stanton as Mrs. Romaldi | Bryan O'Byrne as Clerk | Amzie Strickland as Maid | Bill Erwin as Foreman (as William Erwin) | Nan Peterson as Dame |
Uncredited: Louie Elias as Soldier | John Davis Chandler as Louie
Director: Allen Reisner

111 :04x23 - The Spoiler

Given a death sentence by a South American crime syndicate, fugitive mobster Johnny Mizo returns home to recover hidden stolen money with which to buy his way out of the sentence. Back in Chicago, racketeer Vince Majesky is interested in Mizo's return too. It seems as though years ago Mizo and his brother stole the money from him.
Special Guest Stars: Rip Torn as Johnny Mizo |
Guest Stars: Claude Akins as Vince Majesky | Tim Considine as Arnie Mizo | Joyce Van Patten as Claire Vale | Virginia Christine as Doris Mizo | Al Ruscio as Denny Cole | Angela Clarke (2) as Mrs. Santos | Nestor Paiva as Ship Captain | Joe Turkel as Garvin | Michael Hinn as Sheriff |
Uncredited: Howard Wright as Manager
Writer: Tony Barrett

112 :04x24 - One Last Killing

When Belle Alpine refuses to identify John "the Cropper" Cropsie as the man who shot and killed her husband, Ness suspects that she is harboring some ulterior motives.
Guest Stars: Don Gordon as John "the Cropper" Cropsie | Harold Stone as Jules Flack (as Harold J. Stone) | Jeanne Cooper as Belle Alpine | Johnny Seven as Murray Alpine | Woodrow Parfrey as Harold Ferris | Dan Frazer as Phil Olive | Bea Silvern as Mrs. Ferris | Howard Wright as Manager
Director: Allen Reisner
Writer: Harold Gast

113 :04x25 - The Giant Killer

When Ed "the Duke" Monte is convicted of counterfeiting, he busts out of Leavenworth to seek revenge on the person who squealed on him. He thinks it's lieutenant/son-in-law Lou Sultan but in reality the canary was his own daughter, Barbara, who wanted her father in prison where he'd be safe from a pending hit.
Special Guest Stars: Peggy Ann Garner as Barbara Sultan | Paul Richards as Lou Sultan |
Guest Stars: Torin Thatcher as Ed "the Duke" Monte | Karl Lukas as Janos Dalka | Jerry Oddo as Leo | Vic Perrin as Parrot Krebs | Marge Redmond as Elma | Arthur Malet as Brother Adam | Arthur Marshall as Doctor | Richard Jury as Telegraph Clerk | Herman Rudin as Hood
Director: Leonard Horn

114 :04x26 - The Charlie Argos Story

Dying mob boss Frank "the King" Argos leaves several million dollars in negotiable bond to his son Charlie. There's only one problem, Charlie Argos has been missing and presumed dead since the end of World War I. To get their greedy hands on the money, the Argos underlings set about to "create" a Charlie Argos from a man they find in a soup kitchen.
Special Guest Stars: Patricia Owens as Marcie Decker |
Guest Stars: Robert Vaughn as Charlie Argos | Kent Smith as Eli Halstead | Christopher Dark as Arno Beale | Stefan Gierasch as Gil Kellerman | Stanley Adams as Max Posen | Paul Birch as Frank Argos | Edward Holmes (2) as Colonel | Richard Reeves as Foreman
Director: Leonard Horn

115 :04x27 - The Jazz Man

Ness assumes the identity of a murdered jazz musician and travels to New Orleans in hopes of smashing a narcotics distribution ring.
Guest Stars: Simon Oakland as Russ Bogan | Robert Emhardt as Sal Rudin | Jacqueline Scott as Lorna Shaw | Robert Ellenstein as Peepers (as Robert Ellin) | Stanley Clements as Hal | Robert Bice as Captain Johnson | Steven Geray as Karl Reising | Cliff Carnell as Wally | Stephen Young (1) as Buz Johnson | Joan Connors as Secretary | George Cisar as Sherburn | Charles Lampkin as Howl Temple
Songs: Jacqueline Scott -- Down Yonder in New Orleans

116 :04x28 - The Torpedo

North Side boss Monk Lyselle and South Side boss Victor Kurtz are having a gang war and evening each other right into the ground. This is bad news for Kurtz's chief enforcer, Holly Kester. He's lost his nerve and getting long in the tooth.
Guest Stars: Charles McGraw as Holly Kester | John Anderson as Victor Kurtz | Gail Kobe as Rita | John Milford as Burt | James Griffith (1) as Monk Lyselle | George Keymas as Carl Danzig | Jason Wingreen as Frank | David Manley as Charlie | Tony Barr as Phil Aragon (as Anthony Barr)
Director: Ida Lupino
Story: Carey Wilber, Ed Adamson | Teleplay: Ed Adamson

117 :04x29 - Line of Fire

When two of his girls are killed by a sniper, dance hall owner Marty Pulaski suspects that competitor Vince Bogan is responsible but in reality the killer is Marty's mentally unstable brother, Herbie.
Guest Stars: Ed Nelson as Marty Pulaski | Joe De Santis as Jake Szabo | Sherwood Price as Herbie Pulaski | Ford Rainey as Lt. Roy Gunther | Richard Bakalyan as Cully | Grace Lee Whitney as Fran | Theodore Marcuse as Vince Bogan | Shary Marshall as Ellie Haskell
Director: Robert Butler

118 :04x30 - A Taste for Pineapple

Ganglord Danny Mundt, whose operation is being hit hard by Eliot Ness, imports hired killer Elroy Dahlgren to bump off the ace Federal officer. Dahlgren doesn't kill Ness but manages to blind him with an exploding hand grenade. This is satisfactory for Mundt but not the psychotic Dahlgren. He wants to finish the job.
Guest Stars: Jeremy Slate as Elroy Dahlgren | Edward Binns as Dr. Samuels | Tom Tully as Danny Mundt | Raymond Guth as Morrie | Robert Yuro as Dino | Roy Engel as Customer | E.J. Andre as Counterman | Paul Sorenson as Angie | Buck Kartalian as Al Gross | Maris Wrixon as 1st Nurse | Ed Peck as Fuse Man |
Uncredited: Rupert Crosse as Policeman | Laird Stuart as Newsboy
Director: Alex March
Writer: Will Lorin
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 15, 1959
Ended: September 10, 1963
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