Syndicate Sanctuary - Recap

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30 miles from Chicago, the notoriously corrupt burg of Calum City is having an election. Respected Judge Leon Zabo is running for mayor on the reform ticket. His lovely daughter, Rosetta, serves as his campaign manager. But the Mob doesn't take kindly to any talk of reform in Calum City. Judge Zabo is killed in a hit and run "accident" one night while hailing a taxi home.

At the inquest into the death, cab driver Joe Donato and the culprit, Harry Mauldin, both swear that it was an accident. The coroner, a political hack hand-picked for the job by the town's corrupt police chief, buys this and rules the death an accident. Eliot Ness and the Untouchables, who have taken an interest in the case because they believe Calum City is the Mob's new narcotics heaquarters, are outraged by the decision. So is Rosetta Zabo.

Guido Morelli, the mob's point man in Calum City, wastes no time in re-opening the bars that Judge Zabo had earlier ordered closed from his position on the bench. Chief Towers swears in six of Morelli's hoods as police officers and all the club workers are registered as voters in the town for the upcoming election. A goof named George Stone is Morelli's hand picked choice for the office of Mayor.

Fortunately for the forces of reform, a replacement for Judge Zabo is found in the person of a honest attorney. Ness, who intends to keep an eye on things in Calum City, plants Rico undercover running one of the dice tables in Morelli's Chuck-a-Luck club. Rosetta then stages a protest one night outside Morelli's club from inside a convertible. One of Morelli's goons tries to run her down but she is saved by Agent Youngfellow. He then takes her back to her campaign office which they find has been trashed. Then they go and see Ness.

Meanwhile, Morelli is ordering Joe Donato, the cab driver who witnessed the murder, to leave the country. When Donato balks Morelli decides to have him killed. His men then draw lots to determine who will kill Donato. Nick Bravo and James Stenbeck win. Morelli tells them to take Donato out to an old mine quarry, kill him, and dump the body down the mine. No need for any bullets. Stenbeck says he can handle it with his bare hands which is good because if they fire their guns it might cause the mine to cave in.

Unkown to Morelli, Rico has overheard their conversation. He rushes to a nearby phone booth and phones in the info to Ness. But unfortunately, one of the club's managers has tailed him. Rico is hauled in front of Morelli and given a good beating but he refuses to talk.

Bravo and Stenbeck force Donato to drive them to the mine but Ness and Youngfellow arrive just in time. They overpower the two hoods and tie them up inside the mine. Ness then forces Bravo to reveal the location of the syndicate's narcotics drop by threatening to cause a mine cave-in. Donato, indebted to Ness because of his rescue, decides to take his chances with the Feds. Just then another carload of hoods, led by Tony Rio, drives up. They begin shooting causing the mine to cave-in. This traps Bravo and Stenbeck inside.

The hoods escape but since Ness now knows the location of the narcotics drop (in the back of the police station) he heads back to town. He turns in Donato to Chief Towers for protective custody. Towers immediately notifies Morelli who decides to handle things himself. He and a couple of his men barge into the police station hoping to finish Donato but walk into a trap set by Ness and the Untouchables who are armed and waiting. Morelli and his hoods get gunned down with Flaherty and Rossman getting the honors of taking out Morelli. In the police supply room, Ness finds the evidence he needs to put the finger on the syndicate's narcotics ring. Then they rescue Rico at the Chuck-a-Luck club.

In the election, the reform ticket was voted into office. Morelli's mob rule had ended thanks to the efforts of Eliot Ness and the Untouchables but if the town was to remain honest it would be up to the citizens themselves.