The Nick Moses Story - Recap

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In early 1932, just months after Al Capone was convicted of income tax evasion, Congress is debating the passage of a new anti-racketeering law. Eliot Ness is scheduled to travel with U.S. Attorney Beecher Asbury to Washington in support of passage of the bill. But things in Chicago must come first. When Ness gets world that four of Capone's lieutenants, who had previously skipped town after their boss's conviction, have returned he knows he cannot make the trip to Washington.

Only Frank Nitti, ruling the roost in Capone's stead, and Nick Moses didn't leave town. Now the Organziation's council is having a meeting. Vinnie Orcell grouses that Nick Moses muscled in on his territory while he was in Miami Beach. Nick counters that someone had to do it since Vinnie was absent. Nitti tells the two men in no uncertain terms to settle their differences peacefully.

Rather than settle things, Moses has his hitman named Rosie bump off Vinnie. A newspaper boy named Tommy Carabello is also wounded in the shooting. So now at 3:00 a.m. another meeting is held in the conference room of the Montmarte Cafe. Nitti has Moses brought in. A vote has been taken and it's unanimous. Nick Moses is dead. Moses then offers a deal in exchange for his life--a guaranteed trip to the cemetary for Eliot Ness. Nitti reminds them that if anyone should kill Ness then the finger will point directly at them. Not if the new anti-racketeering bill passes Congress, counters Moses. Any small-time hood will have a reason to kill Ness not just the Mobs. Nitti, for once, relents. He tells Moses that from the day the law is passed he will have six days in which to kill Ness. If the task isn't accomplished within that period of time then Nitti's death sentence gets re-instated. Nitti figures he's a winner either way.

On Monday, Ness gets a call from Beecher Asbury. The president just signed the new anti-racketeering bill into law. Ness is jubilant but he doesn't know that he's now a target. Moses takes over Jake Kurowski's speakeasy so that he can finger Ness for his hitman, Rosie. He does this and on Saturday night Rosie tries to gun down Ness outside a diner. He misses and gets one of Moses' hoods instead. Ness and Hobson give chase to Rosie and eventually shoot him.

Louie Latito, representing Nitti, then pays Nick a visit. He tells Moses that since the following day is Sunday his time is up. Nitti, being a man of kind and generous heart, doesn't believe in kiling on Sundays. Moses now has until midnight to kill Ness or Nitti plans to put out the word all over town.

Beginning to sweat bullets, Moses makes one last desperate attempt to get Ness. He forces cab driver Gino Carabello, the father of the wounded Tommy Carabello, to set Ness up for a trap at a brewery. The shootout does not go well. Two of Moses' hoods are gunned down. The rest surrender to the Untouchables. Moses tries to flee the premises but Latito and a couple of hoods are waiting. Moses dies by the machine gun and Latito and the boys get the hell out of Dodge. Nick Moses who had dealt death and violence from the bottom of the deck had finally crapped out himself.