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Hammerlock - Recap

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In 1932 it's the heyday of the New York syndicate headed by the like of Joe Kulak, Dutch Schultz, and Lepke Buchalter. They've already organized the city's huge garment industry under their control. Now they've set their sights on the city's bakeries. There are over 500 independent wholesale bakeries in the city. Bryan "Bull" Hanlon is assigned by Lepke Buchalter to bring the bakers under syndicate control. The largest independent bakery is owned by one Adam Stone. Get him to sign up and the rest will fall in line--that's the conventional thinking of the syndicate.

Stone proves to be a tough sell, however. Eliot Ness, in New York on special assignment, meets with Stone. He wants him to form a legitimate union of all the independent bakers. But Stone is a crusty sort who's always valued his independence. He wants no part of a union be it legitimate or mob controlled. Ness warns Stone that the Mob might try to hurt his family. Stone is unconcerned there too. HIs wife is dead and he disowned his daughter, Marcia, years ago. As far as he's concerned, she's dead too even though his partner, Max Turkin, has kept in touch with her over the years.

Marcia is working as an exotic dancer on Coney Island. Turkin visits her there and urges her to reconcile with her father but she says it's too late for that. Meanwhile, Hanlon keeps putting the pressure on Stone. He has his trucks wrecked and his ovens bombed. When this doesn't work, Stone's partner, Max Turkin, gets bumped off.

Shortly after Turkin's funeral, Hanlon tracks down Marcia Stone and threatens her. She goes to her father for the first time in five years. Since he doesn't want her to get killed like his partner, he signs the contract. On her way to give the contract to Hanlon, she's intercepted by Ness who tells her that if she hands it to Hanlon she's just signed her father's death warrant. So Marcia lies to Hanlon and tells him that her father won't sign. After Hanlon departs, she tears up the contract.

Hanlon then confronts Stone. They fight. Stone gets the upper hand and begins choking the daylights out of Hanlon. This causes one of Hanlon's hoods to shoot Stone in the shoulder. Just then the Untouchables arrive to save the day. Hobson and Ness gun down a couple of the hoods and resuce Stone. Hanlon pleads with Ness to let him plead guilty to extortion. Ness tells him to talk to the New York District Attorney. Hanlon never makes it. The next night his body is fished out of the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn.