The Cooker in the Sky - Recap

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Joey Lassater is the greatest "inside man" in the bootlegging underworld. He and his sidekick, Nick Carrabinos, have just arrived in Chicago by train. Lassater is in town at the request of underworld czar Lou Tully to build a Ness proof brewery. Since Lassater knows that Ness can smell a brewery a mile away because of the fumes they emit, he decides to build one on the sixth floor of an abandoned warehouse building. It will be a cooker in the sky.

Harry Gordon, who had been Tully's inside man, now fears for his job--and his life. Due to the urging of his wife Edna, he phones Eliot Ness and tips him off to the location of Lassater's brewery. That night, Ness and Lee Hobson check things out at the site. It's a beauty. The largest brewery ever constructed and when complete and running it will be able to churn out 10,000 gallons of booze per day.

Ness then makes a controversial executive decision. He'll let the syndicate finish building the brewery before he knocks it over. That way the syndicate will be out 300 grand more in dollars and he can break them financially. For once, his subordinates disagree with him. Hobson points out that if the newspapers discover that they know about a brewery and don't knock it over they'll accuse the Untouchables of being on the take. Their reputations and careers as law enforcement officials will be shot to hell. Ness goes ahead with his plan anyway.

Agent Rossman then gets a job working undercover as a laborer helping build the "cooker in the sky." On a bulletin board in his office, Ness keeps tabs on how much money it's costing the syndicate. Then a bean counting government auditor named Will Hefner arrives in Chicago from Washington to confront Ness. Hefner will file a formal complaint that Ness is derelict in his duties by not closing down a known brewery.

Finally, the cooker in the sky is completed. Now the Untouchables can knock it down. At the grand opening, Lassater and Carrabinos get their money and Lou Tully pours the first glass of beer from the brewery's taps. It's also the most exepensive glass of beer in history because that's just when the Untouchables burst in and arrest the entire lot. Lassater and Carrabinos don't care though. They've already got their money. Who cares if they have to serve a year and a day in prison for violation of the Volstead Act?

Meanwhile, at his home, Harry Gordon hears news of the bust on his radio. He and wife Edna celebrate. He's still the king. The organization will have to come to him since he's the only one on the outside. But unfortunately for Harry Gordon, Prohibition would soon be repealed as would he. Harry Gordon became the King of Nothing.