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Elegy - Recap

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In 1929, gangland boss Charlie Radick discovers that he's dying of leukemia. All the other ganglords in Chicago will be vying for chunks of his empire. A major gang war might break out. Eliot Ness knows this and goes to Radick and asks for his records and contacts. Radick agrees provided that Ness finds his missing daughter, Margaret. Years ago, when Radick was in prison he left his daughter with a couple, the Myersons. Three years before she ran away from their home but they still took Radick's monthly support checks.

Ness then goes to Lt. Agatha Stewart of the Bureau of Missing Persons. She and her assistant, Frank Benson, trace Margaret to Evanston where she went after leaving the Myerson home. There they talk to her ex-boyfriend and discover that she's now using the name of Margaret Wilson. The trail then leads to a run down apartment building where Margaret used to live. The manager says that she had a child out of wedlock. The manager's daughter, Amy, then sneaks over to the Green Cat club where Margaret, working as a B-girl, is having drinks with a customer.

The following night Radick goes to a pier on the Chicago lakefront for a meeting with his contact at City Hall, one Stephen Millerick. He doesn't know that Millerick is setting him up for a hit so that Lou Vadney, one of Frank Nitt's old boys, can takeover Radick's empire. Fortunately for Radick, Ness and Hobson have tailed him to the pier. Ness shoots Vadney and arrests Millerick. He intends to keep Radick alive for as long as the good Lord intends.

At the Green Club, Lt. Stewart meets up with Amy and discovers that Margaret's baby was taken away from her by child welfare. Amy also tells her that Margaret is leaving town on a bus for Denver. Lt. Stewart tracks the bus to a diner and finds Margaret there. They talk and Lt. Stewart finally persuades her to return to Chicago to see her father.

Back in Chicago, Radick has been hospitalized. When Margaret arrives, Radick gives Ness a key to a safety deposit box containing his records detailing everything about his operations. Radick and Margaret then have a reconciliation in a touching scene. Though they'd been estranged for many years in the end all they have is each other and they embrace. Ness and Lt. Stewart then leave them alone with Stewart wiping a bit of a tear from her eye.