The Butcher's Boy - Recap

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Mobster Gus Ducek is slated to be bumped off but when the car carrying the hitmen drives towards him two of his boys fire back with choppers. One of the hitmen buys the farm but the other, Boley Davis, escapes. Watching the botched hit are Phillip Hedden and Davey McCain. The two later head over to a reunion of their old World War I army unit. Hedden, who was the unit's lieutenant, tells them how he won the Croix de Guerre and proposes a toast to Davey who was the unit's 1st sergeant.

While Hedden and Davey served their country with honor and distinction back in 1918 now they're a disgrace. Hedden is head of a protective racket named the Master Butcher's Alliance. It's one of the biggest and nastiest in the city of Chicago and has put Eliot Ness and the Untouchables on their tail.

While Hedden knows about Ness he's unaware that Davey has secretly hated him for years. During the War, Hedden got a medal for his heroism. Davey was a brave soldier too but all he got was a scarred face. After the war, Hedden took Davey into his organization but Davey is only a lackey. But the lackey wants his boss dead so he can take over. He's the one who's been tipping off Ducek about the hit attempts and he wants Ducek to bump off Hedden for him.

Ducek, who used to work for the Alliance, is now making his own in-roads with the butchers of Chicago. Many are pulling out of the Alliance and going over to Ducek. This fact brings Hedden to terms with Ducek. He agrees to give him 30% of the operation and it appears that all is well. Not with Davey McCain it isn't. He wants Hedden dead and Ducek just made a deal with him. So Davey turns his hatred and black heart towards Ducek. One night, in a barber shop owned by Gino Romaldi, he gets Ducek alone by paying off his bodyguards. Boley Davis' chopper starts playing music and Ducek lies dead in the barber's chair.

Romaldi is angry at his shop being wrecked by the hit He wants re-payment for the damage so he goes to Hedden because he found one of his identification labels in the shop. He tells Hedden that Ducek's friend, Davey, owes him money. Needless to say, the lights go on inside Hedden's head. Davey has been playing him for a sucker all this time. He was the one tipping off Ducek about the hits. Hedden plans to meet Davey in the meat locker of a butcher shop that evening. He also plans to kill him there since he's discovered his old sergeant's treachery. But things don't go as planned. Hedden is the one who ends up getting killed and his body is strung up like a side of beef in the meat locker by Davey.

Hedden's funeral is a grand affair and nobody was more mournful than Davey McCain. He strongarms his way past Boley and takes over the Alliance figuring all that was Hedden's now belongs to him. There's only one thing missing--the Croix de Guerre. The medal he should have gotten back during the war instead of Hedden. Davey goes to an express warehouse where Hedden's belongings are being stored while waiting to be shipped back to his sister in Iowa. He breaks into the warehouse and steals the medal from Hedden's old uniform. Ness and Hobson have followed Davey there. They call out for him to surrender because he's under arrest for breaking and entering. Davey instead begins shooting and ends up getting killed. In Davey's hand when he dies is the Croix de Guerre.

The most that could have been proven against Davey, despite all his crimes, was petty larceny along with breaking and entering. Maximum sentence: six months in jail. He had it all except the one thing he wanted--the medal he should have received during World War I. With both Davey and Hedden dead, the Alliance fell apart giving the Untouchables another victory in their war against organized crime.