The Untouchables (1959)

Show Tidbits
Nehemiah Persoff held the record for most times being billed as a special guest star--five. Lee Marvin, Harry Guardino, and Luther Adler were billed as special guest stars three times apiece.
Bruce Gordon appeared in 27 episodes as Frank Nitti but was only billed as a special guest star once--in "The Frank Nitti Story."
The only episode of the regular series in which Neville Brand appeared as Al Capone was the two-part Season Two entry entitled "The Big Train."
The aforementioned Nehemiah Persoff portrayed two real life gangsters on the show--Jake Guzik and Waxey Gordon. Robert J. Wilke also portrayed two real life gangsters--George "Bugs" Moran and Dutch Schultz.
The only mobster still living at the time the show aired who appeared as a character on The Untouchables was Charles "Lucky" Luciano. Fortunately for all concerned, Luciano had long ago been deported to Italy and wasn't going to sue anyone for using his likeness without permission.
During Season Four of the show, five episodes served as pilots for potential spin-off series. "Elegy" and "Search for a Dead Man" were pilots for a spin-off starring Barbara Stanwyck that was to have been called "The Seekers." "Bird in the Hand" and "Jake Dance" were pilots for a spin-off starring Dane Clark and John Gabriel that was to have been called "White Knights." "The Floyd Gibbons Story" was a pilot for a spin-off that was to have been titled "Floyd Gibbons, Reporter."
Johnny Seven held the series record for most times being killed on the show with five. He died in "Dutch Schultz Story", "Nick Acropolis Story," "Testimony of Evil," "Arsenal," and "One Last Killing." Runner-up was Michael Constantine who got killed four times.
The only female ever killed by the Untouchables themselves was Ma Barker in the show's second episode "Ma Barker and Her Boys."
Robert Stack won an Emmy as Best Actor in 1960 for his performance on the series.
The estate of Al Capone sued the show for using his likeness without permission. The lawsuit was dismissed.
Robert Stack was cast as Eliot Ness after the likes of Fred MacMurray, Van Heflin,and Van Johnson turned down the role
Robert Stack and Abel Fernandez were the only two Untouchables from the pilot episode who were retained for the regular series.
FCC Chairman Newton Minnow once referred to The Untouchables as the worst show on television because of its violent content.
After buying the rights to the book, The Untouchables, for his Desilu Studios, Desi Arnaz reportedly thought about casting himself as Eliot Ness.
Bruce Gordon himself was reportedly the owner of Frank Nitt's trademark bowler hat.
Though Nicholas Georgiade played an Italian character on the show, he is of Greek descent in real life.
Interesingly enough, Paul Picerni and Nicholas Georgiade both appeared as gangsters in the pilot for The Untouchables. Once the show was picked up they would change to the side of law enforcement.
The Untouchables was once parodied on an episode of The Lucy Show entitled Lucy, the Gun Moll. Robert Stack, Bruce Gordon, Steve London, and show narrator Walter Winchell all spoofed their Untouchables personnas.
Only three episodes of the show were directed by a woman. Ida Lupino directed A Fist of Five, Man in the Cooler, and The Torpedo. All three aired in the 1962-63 season.
The Untouchables went through four executive producers during its four year run. Quinn Martin, executive producer for Season One, left to form his own production company, the legendary QM Productions. Season Two executive producer Jerry Thorpe was given a promotion at the end of his year to executive in charge of production at Desilu Studios. Alan Armer took over for Season Three and Leonard Freeman began the show's fourth season as executive producer. But when the ratings nosedived, Freeman was replaced and Armer returned to his previous position.
The Untouchables was mentioned in the classic 1961 film The Apartment.

Type: Scripted
Genres: Action, Crime, Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 15, 1959
Ended: September 10, 1963
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