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The Vampire Diaries: You're Undead to Me

Stefan is hopeful that his plan to get rid of Damon is working. Elena and Jenna are concerned about Jeremy’s relationship with Vicki. Stefan decides to reveal parts of his past to Elena. At a fund-raising car wash, Bonnie is surprised by abilities she didn’t know she possessed, and seeks advice from her grandmother. Finally, Elena hears a disturbing story about the Salvatore family from a stranger.


Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x5
Production Number: 2J5004
Airdate: Thursday October 08th, 2009

Alternate Airdates:

UK (itv2) Feb 23, 2010
NL (Net 5) Feb 28, 2010
FI (MTV3) Sep 09, 2010

Guest Stars
Chris Johnson (1)Chris Johnson (1)
As Logan Fell (News Reporter, Jenna's Ex-Boyfriend)
Chris William MartinChris William Martin
As Zach Salvatore (Stefan and Damon Salvatore's Nephew)
Jasmine GuyJasmine Guy
As Sheila "Grams" Bennett (Grandmother of Bonnie Bennett)
Marguerite MacIntyreMarguerite MacIntyre
As Sheriff Elizabeth Forbes (Mother of Caroline Forbes, Local Sheriff)

Co-Guest Stars
Amber WallaceAmber Wallace
As Summer (Friend of Vicki's, Killed By Damon)
Desmond PhillipsDesmond Phillips
As Tony (Friend of Vicki's, Killed By Damon)
Javier CarrasquilloJavier Carrasquillo
As Jared (Friend of Vicki's, Attacked By Damon)
Bob BanksBob Banks
As Tiki's Grandfather (Recognizes Stefan at The Mystic Grill)
Brandi ColemanBrandi Coleman
As Tiki (Cheerleader at Mystic Falls High School)
Jackson WalkerJackson Walker
As Franklin Fell (News Reporter From 1953)
Main Cast
Nina DobrevNina Dobrev
As Elena Gilbert
Paul WesleyPaul Wesley
As Stefan Salvatore
Ian SomerhalderIan Somerhalder
As Damon Salvatore
Steven R. McQueenSteven R. McQueen
As Jeremy Gilbert
Kat GrahamKat Graham
As Bonnie Bennett
Zach RoerigZach Roerig
As Matt Donovan
Candice AccolaCandice Accola
As Caroline Forbes
Kayla EwellKayla Ewell
As Vicki Donovan
Sara CanningSara Canning
As Jenna Sommers


As of last week, Damon was poisoned by vervain that was put into Caroline's blood. Stefan continues to inject it into Damon's blood and he has even taken off the ring that is used to protect the vampires from the sun and other dangers. Stefan thinks that he has it all figured out, too. He plans on punishing Damon by letting him dry out and he ends up being literally a living corpse. That is when he is put down in the dungeon for fifty years so that he can think about what he has been doing. After fifty years, Stefan will check in with him to see if he has become a changed man at all...

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Episode Notes
Ratings: 3.52 Million Viewers.

Casting: Michael Trevino (Tyler Lockwood) does not appear in this episode.

Trivia: The number on Sheila Bennet's house is 2136.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
3OH!3Don't Trust MeThe charity car wash starts.
AnjulieBoomTiki tells Bonnie to clean, car sets on fire.
Gabriella CilmiSave the LiesStefan and Elena talk about his family history.
Howie DayBe ThereVicki and Jeremy talk in his room.
Imogen HeapWait It OutElena wakes up and finds Vicki in the bathroom.
Mads LangerBeauty of the DarkStefan finds Zach, finals scenes of the episode.
S.O. StereoWhen A Heart Breaks (TVD Mix)Matt talks to Elena in the Grille, Stefan arrives.

Episode Quotes
Damon: You won. Now nothing can come between you and Elena. Except the truth. The lies catch up to you, the longer you keep lying to yourself about who you are.
Stefan: The beauty of you in there and me out here ... is that I can walk away.

Elena: I want so much to make things right but every instinct in my body is telling me to be careful. What you don't know can hurt you.

Jeremy: Why don't we choose not to get high?
Vicki: I hope you're not one of those guys who now that we're together tries to change everything about me.

Zach: You don't visit, Damon... You appear. Periodically. Reminding me that this isn't my house, that you're only allowing me to live here ... allowing me to live.
Damon: Someone had to mow the lawn.

Damon: Where's my ring?
Stefan: You won't be needing it anymore.

Elena: I think there's something he doesn't want me to know, which makes me wanna know all the more.
Matt: Like he's a serial killer and keeps a clown suit in his trunk?

Jeremy: They're waste-of-space, small-town lifers.
Vicki: Yeah, what am I?
Jeremy: You're different, Vick.
Vicki: No, you are. You're the kid with the big house who's acting out because his parents died. Guess what? You'll get over it. You will pull yourself together, move on, and one day tell your kids stories about your "dark period" growing up, and I'll still be here, waiting tables at the grill, partying at the cemetery with a bunch of waste-of-space, small-town lifers. Go home, Jeremy. If I want to feel like crap about myself, I'll just go back to Tyler.

Zach: You don't visit, Damon... You appear. Periodically. Reminding me that this isn't my house, that you're only allowing me to live here...allowing me to live.
Damon: Someone had to mow the lawn.

Episode Goofs

When Caroline scares away the crow with her pillow she is wearing a grey skirt. In the next shot, she is wearing undershorts. She would not have had time to change her outfit.


After Elena wakes up, she reaches for her diary. In one she her vervain necklace is hidden under her hair on her right. In the next show, however, the necklace is sitting in the middle of her chest. Throughout the rest of the scene the necklace keeps switching places like this.


When Damon chases Caroline up the stairs of the basement, there is a bright light shining on the bottom of the steps. Minutes before, when Caroline had walked down the stairs, the basement had been completely dark.

Stunt Double:

When Bonnie sets the car on fire at the car wash, the first few shots of her from behind are clearly a stunt double. Kat Graham's (Bonnie) shoulders are much narrower, and her hair is not as long or curly. The birth mark on the Kat Graham's back is also not visible.

Cultural References
Seinfeld: Stefan says to Elena, "I think Seinfeld is the best American television show of the past fifty years."

'Seinfeld' is an American sitcom that ran from July 5, 1989, to May 14, 1998 and starred Jerry Seinfeld.

I Love Lucy: Stefan tells Elena that he loves the TV show 'I Love Lucy,' and that 'The Loving Cup' is his favourite episode.

'I Love Lucy' was an American sitcom that ran from October 15, 1951, to May 6, 1957.

Taxi Driver: Stefan tells Elena that he is a huge Martin Scorsese fan, and that he watches 'Taxi Driver' over and over.

'Taxi Driver' is a film from 1976 that was directed by Martin Scorsese.

F. Scott Fitzgerald: Stefan tells Elena that he is a huge F. Scott Fitzgerald fan, and that "The Great Gatsy is a masterpiece."

'The Great Gatsby' is a novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald that was published originally in 1925.

Episode References
Season 1, Episode 5: It was revealed in 1x05 "Family Ties," that there is a council in Mystic Falls that knows about vampires and tries to protect the town from them.

Season 1, Episode 5: In 1x05 "Family Ties" Damon told Elena that there was a fire after the Founding of the town, and his "ancestors", Stefan and Damon Salvatore, lost someone they loved.

Season 1, Episode 5: Damon was drugged by Stefan in 1x05 "Family Ties" while at the Founders party.

Other Episode Crew

DeveloperJulie Plec  |  Kevin Williamson
Executive ProducerBob Levy  |  Julie Plec  |  Kevin Williamson  |  Leslie Morgenstein
Production DesignerGarreth Stover
EditorJoshua Butler
CastingGreg Orson  |  Lesli Gelles
Re-Recording MixerAndre Perreault
LeadmanDan Post
Art DirectorTimothy David O'Brien
Based On The Works OfL.J. Smith
Makeup Department Head Beverly Jo Pryor
ADR MixerJeremy Balko
Hair Department HeadDaniel Curet
TransportBubba Thrift
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