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The Vampire Diaries: 162 Candles

On his birthday, Stefan (Paul Wesley) is surprised by a visit from Lexi (guest star Arielle Kebble, “Gilmore Girls”), one of his oldest friends. Damon’s offer to help Sheriff Forbes (guest star Marguerite MacIntyre) has sudden and tragic results.

Source: The CW

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x8
Production Number: 2J5007
Airdate: Thursday November 05th, 2009

Alternate Airdates:

UK (itv2) Mar 16, 2010
NL (Net 5) Mar 21, 2010
FI (MTV3) Sep 30, 2010

Guest Stars
Arielle KebbelArielle Kebbel
As Lexi Branson (Stefan Salvatore's Best Friend, Vampire)
Bianca LawsonBianca Lawson
As Emily Bennett (Powerful Witch, Ancestor of Bonnie Bennett)
Jasmine GuyJasmine Guy
As Sheila "Grams" Bennett (Grandmother of Bonnie Bennett)
Marguerite MacIntyreMarguerite MacIntyre
As Sheriff Elizabeth Forbes (Mother of Caroline Forbes, Local Sheriff)
Jason GiulianoJason Giuliano
As Deputy #2 (Police Officer in Mystic Falls)

Co-Guest Stars
Jasmine BurkeJasmine Burke
As Birdy Mae (Katherine's Servant In Flashbacks)
Kevin NicholsKevin Nichols
As Deputy (Police Officer in Mystic Falls)
Bridget EvelynBridget Evelyn
As Girl (Mind Controlled By Damon)
John Michael WeatherlyJohn Michael Weatherly
As Bartender (Brought In By Police For Not Checking ID's)
Main Cast
Nina DobrevNina Dobrev
As Elena Gilbert
Paul WesleyPaul Wesley
As Stefan Salvatore
Ian SomerhalderIan Somerhalder
As Damon Salvatore
Steven R. McQueenSteven R. McQueen
As Jeremy Gilbert
Kat GrahamKat Graham
As Bonnie Bennett
Zach RoerigZach Roerig
As Matt Donovan
Candice AccolaCandice Accola
As Caroline Forbes
Sara CanningSara Canning
As Jenna Sommers
Episode Notes
Ratings: 4.09 Million Viewers

Casting: Michael Trevino (Tyler Lockwood) does not appear in this episode.

Trivia: The guy Damon killed was played by John Gilbert, Paul Wesley's stunt double.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
The Birthday MassacreHappy BirthdayLexi says Happy Birthday to Stefan.
The Black Box RevelationLove In Your HeadElena arrives at the boarding house.
FauxliageAll The World 
Mike Sheridan And Mads LangerToo CloseLexi gets shot and talks to Elena.
Pete YornThinking Of YouLexi gets out of the shower and talks to Stefan.
SwitchfootYetMatt talks to Caroline at her house.
TelekinesisTokyoElena arrives at the party, Stefan plays pool.
TiëstoEscape MeThe party at The Mystic Grill, Stefan dances.
TiëstoFeel It In My BonesCaroline and Damon talk about the crystal.

Episode Quotes
Damon: I have a diabolical master plan.
Lexi: What is it?
Damon: Well if I told you, it wouldn't be very diabolical, now would it?

Stefan: Damon? (someone knocks him to the floor... sees who it is) Lexi?
Lexi: Hi!
Stefan: What are you doing here?
Lexi: How could you even ask that? (hugs him)
Stefan: I've missed you!
Lexi: Happy birthday !

Lexi: Relax I didn't kill anyone for it. This lobotomist I went out with a few times, he's my supplier. (Stefan looks at her funny) Oh, don't judge ok? I tried the animal diet, it lasted three weeks.
Stefan: I'd never judge you.
(looks at Lexi's blood packages): Ugh, I prefer mine 98.6.

Damon: Stefan smiles. Alert the media.
Elena: You haven't given him a lot of reasons to be happy lately.
Damon: Oh, you're right. Poor Stefan. Persecuted throughout eternity by his depraved brother. Does it get tiring being so righteous?
Elena: It flares up in the presence of psychopaths.
Damon: Ouch. Well, consider this psychopath's feelings hurt.

Stefan: Katherine and Elena may look the same on the outside, but on the inside they are completely different.
Lexi: Oh, so Elena's not a raging bitch then, huh?

Lexi: That's it, Damon. After a century I finally realized, death means nothing without you. Do me!
Damon: Why are you so mean to me?
Lexi: Um, have you met you? You're not a nice person.
Damon: Well, because I'm a vampire.
Lexi: But, you're only the bad parts.
Damon: Teach me to be good.
Lexi: (chokes Damon) I'm older, and that means stronger.
Damon: I'm sorry.
Lexi: Don't ruin my time with Stefan, 'cause I'll hurt you, and you know I can do it.
Damon: Deal!

Episode Goofs

It is Stefan's birthday in this episode. The previous episode, it was Halloween, which means that Stefan's birthday takes place very shortly after Halloween. However, in the pilot episode, Caroline said that Stefan was a Gemini. This means that his birthday should be some time between May and June.


When Stefan is outside of the police station waiting for Elena, the police car he is standing next to has the number 162 on it. In the next shot, when Matt comes out of the station, the number on the car has changed to 134.

Cultural References
Episode Title: 162 Candles

'162 Candles' is a reference to the 1984 film 'Sixteen Candles' starring Molly Ringwald.

Say Anything...: The gas station 'Gas-N-Sip' is mentioned in dialogue.

'Gas-N-Sip' is a gas station from the 1989 film 'Say Anything...' starring John Cusack.

Jon Bon Jovi: Lexie says to Stefan "I'm headed to New York for the weekend. Bon Jovi, in The Garden. Wanted Dead or Alive, it's our theme song!"

Jon Bon Jovi is an American rock singer.

Blade Runner: Jenna says that Jeremy is "some sort of replicant," in reference to Jeremy's strange behaviour.

A replicant is a fictional bioengineered or biorobotic android from the 1982 film 'Blade Runner,' starring Harrison Ford.

The Abyss: Caroline tells Matt that she wants to be deep, like "The Abyss" and not shallow.

'The Abyss' is a film from 1989 starring Ed Harris.

Episode References
Season 1, Episode 7: Vicki was killed by Stefan in 1x07 "Haunted" after she tried to kill Elena.

Season 1, Episode 6: Stefan told Elena that he was a vampire in 1x06 "Lost Girls" and how it was Katherine that turned him.

Season 1, Episode 7: Damon was hurt by a necklace Bonnie was wearing in 1x07 "Haunted" when he tried to take it from her.

Season 1, Episode 7: Jeremy was convinced by Damon, who used mind control, in 1x07 "Haunted" that Vicki left town.

Other Episode Crew

DeveloperJulie Plec  |  Kevin Williamson
Executive ProducerBob Levy  |  Julie Plec  |  Kevin Williamson  |  Leslie Morgenstein
Production DesignerGarreth Stover
EditorJoshua Butler
CastingGreg Orson  |  Lesli Gelles
Re-Recording MixerAndre Perreault
LeadmanDan Post
Art DirectorTimothy David O'Brien
Based On The Works OfL.J. Smith
Makeup Department Head Beverly Jo Pryor
ADR MixerJeremy Balko
Hair Department HeadDaniel Curet
TransportBubba Thrift
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