Brave New World - Recap

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As things become increasingly stressful for everyone in Mystic Falls, we learn a lot of unsettling information about important characters. Caroline wakes up confused fairly late at night because she is really hungry. She tells the nurse that she is very hungry, but the nurse says that she is going to be fed at 7am. This isn't good enough for Caroline and she goes seeking a bag of blood. This episode explores the realization and transitional aspects to becoming a vampire on her part. She is scared, confused, and not particularly interested in drinking blood but she has to. She acquires a bag of blood and gets down to it. At first, she loses it a bit because it is disgusting to human Caroline, but she is no longer human. She is a vampire and she needs to get used to it.

While Caroline is hospitalized Bonnie and Elena are working on the carnival that she usually runs. Bonnie is still bothered by the fact that there is an evil doppelganger running around that looks exactly like Elena and can convince most that she is her. This makes her uncomfortable. She asks Elena a bunch of questions and she doesn't answer because she has no clue how to even begin to understand it let alone explain it. Elena just wants to keep herself occupied with normal human things so that she doesn't go nuts.

Elena has decided that they will not be speaking about Damon or any of his madness at the carnival. She just wants to have a normal date with Stefan. One that ends in them kissing on the absolute top of the Ferris wheel. Elsewhere, Damon is still continuing to integrate himself into the elite group of vampire hunters. Mayor Lockwood's been dead for some time now and his wife has been filling in his shoes until they can find someone else to do it. She has invited Damon over to offer him a position as the one who heads the secret council that they have going on.

Mason and Tyler come back in after running. Damon uses his super vampire hearing to listen in on the conversation that they are having in another room. He learns about the rage issues that Tyler has been having and this makes him very interested in finding out why he is such an angry little guy. Tyler says that he hates when his rage takes over.

Caroline is still dealing with the changes that are abound. She stands in front of the mirror in her hospital room as her face begins to change. Her body begins to change, too. She can't handle sunlight without burning anymore. Her face becomes a land of blatant veins and then her vampire teeth pop down. This is a painful experience for her both physically and psychologically. When the nurse comes in to check on her she learns she can glamor anyone and takes advantage of that. She feeds on her and then convinces her to let her out of the hospital. After apologizing excessively she leaves and books it to the carnival.

At the carnival, Bonnie has met a potential cutie and decides to flirt with him for a bit. Mason and Tyler are at the carnival having arm wrestling matches. Damon asks Stefan to have a go at Mason and he loses. Damon thinks that he faked it, but Stefan says that he definitely tried to win and couldn't. This intrigues Damon further when it comes to these boys because at this point he is sure that at least Mason isn't human.

Damon decides to glamor the guy Bonnie just met into getting into a fight with Tyler so that he can observe what happens. Before this happens, Damon runs into Caroline in one of the hallways in school. She tells him that she remembers everything that happened when he was taking advantage of her, treating her like crap, and then making her forget everything. He thinks that she is just messing with him and then he realizes that she is telling the truth. That is also when he realizes that it isn't possible for her to do this unless she's a vampire, too. She tells him that she has a message from Katherine and it is "game on".

Damon decides that he needs to find Elena immediately. Matt decides that he needs to talk to someone about Caroline because she is acting weird. He goes to explain what is going on from his perspective and she thinks she's just acting weird because she's sick. Things get even more weird after that.

The cutie has finally run into Tyler and he starts a fight over no reason which confuses Tyler but he goes ballistic as hypothesized. His uncle jumps in and brings some crazy moves and reactions to the mix. He begins jumping super high and throwing down in a non-human way. His eyes even glow. Tyler is weirded out by this and wonders what is going on. When he talks to Mason about it, Mason denies anything weird having happened at all.

Damon, Elena, and Stefan are joining heads to try to figure out what to do about Caroline. Damon of course thinks that she should meet the truth death just like last year when they had to get rid of Vicki. Stefan and Elena don't like the idea of that. Elsewhere, Caroline can't control herself when she runs into the guy that Bonnie liked as he bleeds from his injuries. She says sorry and then feeds on him for too long and goes too far by killing him.

Damon is about to kill Caroline when Stefan steps in to protect her. He takes her to a bathroom to clean her up and then he gives her "Vampire 101: Tips and Tricks" in short form. He teachers her how she should control herself in these situations. While this is going on, Bonnie gets tired of Damon. She uses her mind to give Damon that massive headache she keeps giving him and then he falls to the ground. That is when she manipulates many things to start a fire. Damon is burning up but Elena snaps her out of it and then it calms down.

Matt visits Caroline when she is at home and he tells her that he is soo in love with her. While they embrace she is tempted but uses her newly learned tricks to calm down and not eat her boyfriend.