Memory Lane - Recap

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Stefan has a dream about Katherine. They are dancing, and when he leans
in for a kiss she tells him no touching, those are the rules. He notices
that Damon is unamused that she is with him, and she tells him that
Damon needs to concede that Stefan is a better dancer. When next he
looks at Damon, he is with Elena, and as he heads toward them, they
begin to walk away. Katherine tries to stop him from going to her. They
go through a door which closes behind Damon and Elena. When he follows
them through, he's back in current times. He appears to be in a bar.
He looks through the crowd and sees Elena at a pool table. She says
"it's your turn." Damon says "be prepared to lose" and they kiss.
Katherine shows up in current times, still wearing her gown. She notes
that it hurts (to see what Stefan is seeing) and now he knows how she
feels. She tells him he loved her once. The dream reverts to the past
and Katherine tells him they can love again. They kiss. He wakes up
and tells her it was a bad dream, and she should go back to sleep. He
lands on the other side of the room, and hisses her name. Katherine
grins and says he has to admit she's getting better at this. Stephen
asks Katherine why she's back in town, and she says three reasons, and
they are all him.

Elena is studying when Damon appears. She coldly asks him what he wants.
He notes that this is where she spends her time when she's not busy
stabbing people in the back. She counters that all she did was use his
own techniques against him. She picks up her things and leaves. He
says he will see her at Jenna's barbecue. She asks how he knew about
the party, and he says it was his idea. Jenna went to high school with
Mason Lockwood, so he figured it would be a good way to get to know the
guy. Elena asks if Jenna knows Damon will be in attendance, as she's
not exactly one of his biggest fans. He hopes to use the peach cobbler
he ordered to pave the way. Before he leaves Elena asks what he's up
to. He says he's going to put some silver in Mason Lockwood.

Tyler is very worried. He asks Mason how he knows he won't turn into a
werewolf. Mason says because he won't trigger the curse. Tyler wants
to know how Mason knows he won't trigger the curse. Mason tells him
ignorance is bliss. That's not good enough for Tyler, but Mason
adamantly refuses to tell him anything. As he is leaving, Tyler asks if
he ever found that moonstone. Mason asks if he knows where it is.
Tyler counters, asking what is so special about it. Mason says it was
his mom's. Sentimental value; that's all. He tells Tyler to forget he
even brought it up. As the door closes behind him, Tyler gets the
moonstone out of his pocket.

Stefan asks Katherine what she knows about werewolves. She says she
knows not to pet one, which forces a small smile from Stefan. She
becomes serious, telling him that their bite kills and he needs to steer
clear of them during the full moon. He asks her how she knows this.
She asks who he thinks was responsible for ridding the town of vampires
in 1864. He says the founding families. She leads him to, more
specifically, the Lockwood's. She asks if she remembers the ball he
escorted her to. He does, and she says that was before he and Damon
discovered her little secret. At the ball Damon gave a toast to George
Lockwood. Henry asks for a word with Katherine, and takes her aside.

He tell her that the attacks of the other night were not caused by
vampires. Katherine informs Henry that the vampires are her family, and
she won't let anything happen to them. As she finishes recounting their
conversation, Katherine tells Stefan that she knew from the beginning
George Lockwood would be a problem. Stefan asks her if this means that
all the Lockwoods are werewolves. She says they all have the gene, that
they are not all wolves. He asks if others carry the gene and she says
yes, but not many. They're practically extinct.

Katherine says it's her turn to ask a question. Why did he come back
here? Why did he keep her picture? It wasn't for Elena. It was so he
could fall in love with Katherine all over again. He goes to her side
and asks what is it about her that make him still care? And then he
stabs her in the back. She falls to the coach, struggling for breath.
He carries her to a place that has chains and leg irons, and immobilizes

He says he will do whatever he has to, to make Katherine tell him the
truth about why she came back to Mystic Falls, even if it involves
torture. She begins to tell him about what happened the night of the
Founders Ball. He tells her he doesn't want to hear any more stories
from the past. She says yes he does, this is exactly what he wants to
know. She tells him that George came looking for her, which surprised
her. He asks why, is it because she's a rope in the Salvatore brothers
tug of war. She says no, because she's a vampire who could kill him in
his sleep. He begs her pardon, but she tells him she is aware he knows
her secret. He tells her the conversation is over. As he turns to leave
she grabs his sleeve, stopping him in his tracks. She tells him she
knows his secret; that he is super strong, but not as strong. He asks
how she knows, and she says she wouldn't settle into a town without
knowing her enemies. George asks her what she wants. Stefan asks
Katherine what she wanted, but she is a bit unresponsive.

Jenna asks Elena why Damon is coming. She responds that Alaric is a
pity taker. When Mason walks in, Elena says that's her cue to leave.
Jenna and Mason hug saying it's like old times. Ric walks in, and Jenna
says the party was his idea. He thought it would be a good idea to meet
some of Jenna's friends, dig up a little dirt. Mason says he has dirt,
jokingly. Jenna says she has no secrets. Damon walks in, and Ric says
they're just doing shots, offering to get him a shot glass. Jenna's
says he can use hers, and walks out. Ric follows her, and leaves Morgan
and Damon to introduce themselves. Mason says he's heard lots of good
things about Damon. Damon says really, that's weird; 'cause I'm a dick.

Elena leaves a message for Stefan about Jenna's party. She's concerned,
as she has not talked to him all day. Caroline is substituting food for
blood, and can't seem to stop eating. She has cravings every minute of
every day. Elena says Stefan hates that part. Caroline says yes,
Stefan hates that Elena is a constant temptation. Elena did not know
that. Caroline says that's why she had to breakup with Matt. Ric calls
everybody in to eat.

Stefan says he and Katherine can sit there as long as she wants, and
when she starts to dessicate, there's a tomb with her name on it. She
says it's her turn to ask some questions, and asks if Elena knows that
he loves her (Katherine). He tells her she's wrong, and she tells him
the same, asking if he remembers what happened the night of the Founders
Ball, when he took her home. He escorted her upstairs and they chatted
a bit. He told her he knew he was in competition for her affections,
and said he'd never met a woman quite like her. He said that he kisses
her and knows he is falling in love. After they kiss, her tells her he
loves her. She becomes apprehensive and says goodnight. He asks if he's
upset her, and she says no. But he did surprise her. She excuses
herself and goes in her room, where Damon surprises her with a
passionate kiss. She asks him what he's doing there, and pushes him
away. He reminds her that he told her he would come, and she says
she's tired, and he should go. He asks if his little brother's
confession overwhelmed her, and she tells him he shouldn't eavesdrop.
She compels him into leaving, and he bids her good night.

She tells Stefan the truth: she did not compel his love. He fell in
love with her of his own free will.

Jenna's getting tipsy. The party's going great. Damon finds a silver
knife in Jenna's mother's silver set, and grins at Elena.

Katherine tells Stefan she knows it must be shocking to hear the truth
after 150 years of lies. He doesn't believe her, because he remembers
her compelling him. She says that was after he told her he loved her.
She had to because he was so afraid of her. He says it doesn't matter,
because whatever he felt for her has turned to hate. She says love and
hate are two sides of the same coin. She says she can wait.

She picks up where she left off. George Lockwood was causing all kinds
of trouble for the vampires. He used them to cover his own tracks.
George told the founding families about the vampires, and he was willing
to strike a deal to rid the town of vampires. Katherine made her own
deal. She sold out the vampires to save her own skin.

Damon tries to set up Mason by giving him the peach cobbler with a
silver knife in it, but Mason proceeds to help himself with his hands.
He laughs and says "I'm an animal". Mason and Damon start taking shots
at each other, with Damon calling Mason a lone wolf and Mason calling
Damon a lady killer. Mason makes a toast to new friends.

Elena asks Carolyn if she'd mind her leaving to go find Stefan. She's
really worried because he hasn't answered her. Caroline tries telling
her she's a clingy girlfriend, and that there's nothing worse. When she
can't dissuade her, Caroline offers to drive her. Elena accepts, and
they head out. Before they leave Caroline pulls the air tip on one of
the tires.

Stefan asks what George got in return for giving Katherine her freedom.
She says something he wanted desperately. He says so you send 26 of your
friends to their death, just to fake your own. He says that doesn't
make any sense. She had to be running from something. What was it?

She tells them that before the fire she made sure she could see him one
last time. When she tried to turn him, she found that his father had
poisoned his blood with vervain. Damon being Damon nearly ruined
everything. He said we tried to save you and it was all for nothing.
She said no, you died for love.

Mason finds the men in the kitchen and says it might be time to mutiny,
because Jenna just brought out Guitar Hero. Damon makes another
dog/wolf crack and Mason finally calls him on it. They have words.
Mason says he wasn't trying to kill Stefan, it was an accident. He
couldn't chain himself up in time. Damon doesn't buy it, and makes
another crack this time about obedience school. Mason says this is a
very old feud that doesn't have anything to do with them. He says he
came back for his family since his nephew lost his dad. Mason offers
his hand in peace and Damon accepts. After Mason leaves, Damon gets out
the silver knife.

Caroline jokes about going to the rescue, and Elene asks her why she's
being so snippy. She says she's not, but then continues to take shots
at vampire-human couplings, saying there's no data to fall back on.
Finally the tire blows, and they pull over to the side of the road.

Mason tries to move the party to The Grill, but everybody is ready to
call it a night. Mason gives Jenna a hug goodnight and tells Alaric
they'll watch the game together next week. Damon offers his good night
as well, telling Jenna's she was a wonderful hostess. He follows Mason
out the door.

Elena is pacing wondering why the tow truck isn't there yet. Caroline
says she they should be by now, and she doesn't know what the holdup is.
Caroline tries to stop Elena when she says she's going to call Jenna.
Caroline says she'll try the tow truck people again. Elena confronts
Caroline, asking why she is not understanding how important it is that
she get to Stefan. Caroline counters, asking why it's so important that
Elena get to a relationship that will never work. Elena says she knows
Caroline is upset about losing Matt, but she needs to stop projecting it
onto her and Stefan. Caroline throws all the reasons Elena and Stefan
can't be together in her face, but Elena shakes it off, and walks to
Stefan as the tow truck finally arrives.

Damon followed Mason home. Mason greets him, and Damon stabs him with
the silver knife. Mason drops to his hands and knees and pulls out the
knife. He tells Damon he thinks the werewolves started this whole
silver myth. Mason says he was really looking forward to last call.
Now Damon has made an enemy.

Damon is still trying to get Katherine to tell the truth about why she
came back. She says she wants what she wants and she'll do whatever she
has to do to get it. She says her list of victims is a long one and she
has no trouble adding another to the list. She threatens to snap
Elena's neck like a twig, which brings Stefan back to her side in a
rage. He raises a knife over her, but stops himself and turns away.
Katherine says this means he doesn't hate her as much as he thought he
did. She gives him an ultimatum: either he removes Elena from his life
or she will kill everyone that matters to her, saving Elena for last.
When he threatens to kill her, she frees herself from her bonds. She
tells Stefan that she has been drinking vervain every day for 150 years,
and it no longer has any effect on her. The only reason she stayed
bound was so she could spend some time with him.

Elena enters and calls out for Stefan. Katherine stabs him in the leg
and goes to greet Elena. Elena asks her why they look exactly alike.
Katherine tells her that she's asking the wrong questions. When Stefan
comes in, Katherine disappears. He asks Elena if she's OK and she says
no. She asks him if he's OK, and he says not really. They hug.

Caroline is in the restroom at the Mystic Grill. Katherine comes in and
asks her why she couldn't follow through with keeping Elena away.
Katherine makes Caroline very nervous. She tells her she killed her
before, and she can do it again.

Mason arrives home and Tyler is still awake. Mason asks him if he's
still pissed, and Tyler asks if Mason is still keeping secrets. Mason
says yes so Tyler does, too. When Mason picks up on the fact that Tyler
has the moonstone, their confrontation turns physical. Tyler verbally
pushes him until Mason snaps. He tells Tyler that if he kills a human,
he'll become a werewolf.

Stefan and Elena arrive at the Mystic Grill. Caroline is there, and
asks to speak with Elena, who agrees. She apologizes, but Elena says
it's OK, since everything she said was true.

Stefan says he's starving, and Elena says that's what will happen when
you spend the day with your jealous ex. He says she doesn't know what
lengths Katherine will go to against her. Elena says if she wanted to
hurt her she would have, as she was standing right in front of her.
Stefan says that's because Elena caught her unaware. Elena says she's
not afraid of Katherine, but Stefan tells her she should be. She says
she gets that Katherine is dangerous, but so is every day they are
together. She wonders why he gives Katherine power over their
relationship. Caroline is listening to every word. Elena says the
Katherine wants them to fight, she wants to come between them. Stefan
says she already has. Elena picks up her bag and leaves. It looks as
though Damon was eavesdropping as well.

He leaves and when he gets outside he is confronted by Katherine. She
asks if he's having a bad day, and he retorts that it's a bad century.
She asks if he's jealous she spent the day with Stefan, and he said he
doesn't do jealous with her. Not anymore. When he walks away, she
follows him. She asks why he's pouty, and he says he failed at killing
a werewolf. When she tells him not to go there, he asks what she knows
about werewolves. Katherine tells him to ask Stefan. She tells Damon
not to be a hero. He says been there done that, and they go their
separate ways.

Elena arrives home. She turns to find Stefan there, and he asks if
she's OK. They hug. She says she hated the fight, and he agrees, as it
felt too real. They kiss, and Elena asks him if he saw Caroline hanging
on every word. It was obvious that Katherine got to her. Elena thinks
Damon was listening as well, and asks if Stefan is going to tell him the
truth. He says no. The only way Katherine will believe it is if
everybody does. Elena wonders if Katherine did all this just to get
Stefan back. He says no. She's incapable of love. She's here for
another reason.

A flash to the past shows Katherine and George meeting. He asks her to
keep her part of the deal, and she gives him the moonstone, telling him
that if anybody finds out she survived she will find him and kill him.
He assures her that they will take each others' secrets to the grave.
When she's supposed to follow George to her carriage, she turns back and
goes to Stefan. She tells him she loves him, and promises they will be
together one day. She kisses him goodbye.