Kill or Be Killed - Recap

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A year ago, Mason was in a Florida bar. He finished his drink and left.
He was followed by a man, Jim, who shoved Mason and hotly declared that
Mason slept with his girlfriend. It was a lie, and Mason told him so.
Jim didn't buy it and things turned ugly - and physical. The fight
escalated until Jim was dead, and that's how Mason found out there was a

As Mason tells the story to Tyler, he warns him that being a werewolf
is nothing his nephew should aspire to. He asks Tyler to hand over the
moonstone, but Tyler lies and says he doesn't have it.

Elena brings Jeremy up to date on all the latest around town, inclusive
of Tyler’s werewolf bloodline. Jeremy hopes to be included in the goings
on, but Elena turns him down. She hooks up with Stefan later and they
discuss putting another show on so that Katherine stays clueless as to
the true, current status of their relationship.

Caroline discovers that her mom is taking time off so they can attend
the Historical Society Picnic together, and is angry and sarcastic that
Sheriff Forbes is in the mood to play "mom". After asking why “Elena”
was there, she states that Caroline seems a bit off; Caroline blows her

At the picnic, Stefan attempts to make nice with Mason, and he's turned
down flat. He goes from polite to threatening, and tells Mason to back
off. Damon tells Stefan that Mason is his to deal with.

Mason tells Sheriff Forbes that the Salvatore brothers are vampires. She
doesn't believe him, and he asks her to just give him a chance to prove
it. When Damon speaks with Sheriff Forbes, she isn't herself. She says
it's about her daughter, so he has words with Caroline. He tells her she
needs to stop being such a bitch to her mother. As Caroline and Elena
discuss her feelings about her mother, she shifts the conversation to
Elena and Stefan. Elena reiterates that Katherine drove them apart, and
Caroline believes her - but Damon doesn't, so he asks Stefan what's
going on. Damon takes a drink of lemonade, and hits the ground with
Stefan at his side. It's spiked with vervain, courtesy of Mason. He and
Sheriff Forbes watch as Mason proves that Damon is a vampire.

Caroline is going to tell Elena about being a spy, but on her way she
hears that her mom is going to work - she realizes something major is
going on. Stefan attempts to calm down Damon, who is intent on ripping
Mason to shreds. As they follow Mason into the woods, they are
intercepted by the Sheriff and her squad. They shoot Damon and Stefan
with wooden bullets carrying vervain. Caroline hears what is happening
and calls to Elena. They run to the brothers.

Mason leads Forbes and her men to the Lockwood dungeon where she intends
to kill the Salvatore brothers. She orders Mason to leave. When Caroline
and Elena arrive, they find Mason, who quickly realizes that Caroline is
a vampire. He grabs Elena and threatens to snap her neck, but Caroline
attacks him and they leave him for dead, continuing to run toward the
Salvatore brothers scent.

In the dungeon, Stefan is unconscious but Damon is awake and responsive,
so Forbes is trying to get some answers out of him. He refuses to give
her what she wants. Caroline and Elena arrive at the dungeon, but
Caroline refuses to go in, lest her mother realize what she is. Elena
goes in alone, but Caroline joins her by taking out both cops. She
drinks from one and knocks the other out. She spends a few minutes in
the shadows, and when she comes out, she devamps and says "Hi, mom."

Damon suggests Stefan drink some of the deputy's blood to regain his
strength. Stefan doesn't want to. They don't know what to do with
Forbes. Damon doesn't want to kill her, as he perceives her as his
friend. They decide to keep her in the dungeon until the vervain wears
off, and then they will compel her to forget the events that just
transpired. Her only request is that they keep Caroline away from her,
She says her daughter is gone. Caroline hears her say this and runs
away, devastated.

Elena finds Stefan at Damon's human blood stash. He wants to drink, but
only to strengthen himself so he can be on even ground with Katherine.
She thinks he's putting on a show again. She's disappointed when she
realizes he is completely serious. She leaves, and catches up with
Caroline who tells her that she was working for Katherine and now she's
scared to go home. Caroline doesn't know what Katherine wants, nor does

When Elena speaks with Damon, she tells him that the man who chose not
to kill Sheriff Forbes is the one who was her friend. In a sort of
reverse 'quid pro quo', he tells her that Stefan has not ingested any
human blood, but suggests maybe he should, to get stronger. Elena goes
to Stefan and asks if this is an option. He's not sure, so they agree on
little drops of blood a day so he doesn't get slammed with the hunger.
And if he's going to do it, Elena wants it to be her blood. He accepts,
and is successful; he doesn't attack her.

Jeremy sees Tyler at the Grill and attempts to chat with him. Tyler is
cold, but when he understands that Jeremy is seeking friendship, they
talk. Aimee and Sarah ask to join them. Tyler invites everybody back to
his house.Sarah finds Jeremy's sketch book. They pester him to see his
drawings until he finally gives in. When Tyler sees that they are all
pictures of werewolves, he asks Jeremy to go into his dad's study. When
they get there, he shoves Jeremy against the wall, and Jeremy admits
that he knows about the Lockwood gene. It looks like Jeremy might be the
one who triggers the curse, but Tyler backs off. He asks Jeremy how he
found out, and he claims from his uncle's old journals. He also states
that the night Matt was attacked by a 'wolf' was the very night Mason
returned to town.

Tyler tells him about how the curse is triggered, and brings up the
moonstone. They wonder what it's purpose is. Tyler says he's going to
keep it until he finds out the real reason Mason wants it. Aimee and
Sarah have a pretty good buzz on when they come in the study. Sarah
takes the moonstone and runs up the steps in a silly game of keep-away.
While Tyler is trying to get it back, she takes a spill down the stairs.
Tyler is horrified, thinking he's triggered the curse. Sarah was just
playing though; she gets up, fine.

When Mason gets home, Tyler hands over the Moonstone. He doesn't want
anything to do with it, or the curse.

Mason heads off through the woods, and goes to a car which contains
Katherine. There's a flash back to the night that Mason became a
werewolf. Katherine told Jim that Mason was sleeping with his
girlfriend. She had him turned just so she could get the moonstone back
from the Lockwoods.

In the car, she tells him to leave the Salvatore brothers alone, she
needs him to stay focused on getting the moonstone back. When he gives
it to her, they kiss passionately.