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Masquerade - Recap

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Stefan comes home to find a very shaken up Caroline. She tells them she
saw Katherine at the Grill, when she stopped by to quasi-stalk Matt.
'Elena' asks if she's okay, but Caroline realizes it's Katherine, and
tries to leave. Katherine uses her as a messenger. She needs to tell
the brothers she wants the moonstone at the masquerade tonight or she'll
rip the town apart until it rains blood.

Damon says that since they killed Mason, she's running scared. Tonight
he's going to kill her at the masquerade ball. Stefan says Damon's not
going to. Damon doesn't want to hear the goody-goody crap. Stefan
reiterates that Damon isn't going to kill Katherine, because he is.

Elena, Jeremy and Matt bring Jenna home from the hospital. She thinks
she walked into a knife (and not that Katherine compelled her to stab
herself) Matt tells her he does it himself all the damn time. Elena
tells Jeremy that things will be OK with Katherine because she and
Stefan are over.

Katherine returns to the B&B and her friend, Lucy the witch, surprises
her. Surprising vampires is not a good thing to do. They exchange
pleasantries, and Katherine invites her to be her date at the ball.

Bonnie arrives at the boys' house to find Jeremy, Ric, Caroline and the
boys prepping. "We're going to kill Katherine," Stefan explains.

Back at the B&B Katherine straightens her hair to pass for Elena. Lucy
thinks Katherine wants her to break the curse. Katherine doesn't answer.
They need to get the stone first. She expects the boys won't just hand
the moonstone over.

Stefan convinces Bonnie to help. After what Katherine did to Jenna? She
has to be stopped, before she crosses another line. Katherine knows
Stefan won't do anything in a crowd of innocent people, so that gives
him an edge, the element of surprise. She says she can do a spell to
trap Katherine.

Elena invites Matt for an evening of pizza and bad TV. He says it sounds
great, but he is going to the ball, because there's something he has to
do. He can't talk about it. She tells him to have fun. He asks about
Stefan and gives her a hug, telling her he'll always be there for her.

The group to kill Katherine is going over their final instructions.
Everybody has to commit to what they have planned, no second thoughts or
chickening out. Caroline says Katherine turned her; fair is fair. As
long as there aren't any werewolves running around. Jeremy says with
Mason out of the picture, all that's left is Tyler and he hasn't turned.
Bonnie is still with them, as long as nobody gets hurt.

At the ball, the whole town is out in costume. Tyler apologizes to his
mom for his behavior. He asks her again about Mason. She's not surprised
they haven't heard from him. He has a tendency to come and go without
any sort of schedule or plan. He's the exact opposite of his brother,
Tyler's father.

At the ball, Matt runs into Katherine and thinks she's Elena. She
compels him and he recaps the plan to get Tyler drunk and start a fight
with him, then beat on him until he snaps and not stop until Tyler kills
him. She tells him he's hot, and orders him to go away. He does so.

Outside the ball, the boys look for her, each checking the others'
resolve. Damon says he won't hesitate. Stefan says Damon loved Katherine
for 145 years; it could happen. Damon stands firm.

In the office, Matt feeds Tyler shots as two girls dance together. They
join the guys for shots. Tyler says he's usually the one corrupting
Matt. All four head out to the party.

Bonnie and Jeremy go upstairs with her magic bag. The spell she's doing
is similar to the one that sealed the vampires in the tomb. She tells
Jeremy she has pretty much only done small spells that do good. She says
it never ends well for people like her, but she doesn't want anyone else

At home, Elena is surprised to learn that Jeremy went to the ball. She
asks Ric what's going on. She's suspicious because she hasn't heard from
anyone all day. Jeremy is at the ball, and he hates stuff like that. So
what's going on? He tells her Stefan asked him to keep an eye on her,
just in case Katherine showed up while he was at the party. She doesn't
understand why Stefan would attend. Ric asks her to let this one go.

With the room upstairs ready, Bonnie comes downstairs and gets a chill.
She approaches Lucy and asks her if she knows her. Lucy says no. Jeremy
asks Bonnie if she's okay and she says yes, she just got a weird vibe.

Stefan sees Katherine. She demands he dance with her. He refuses, so she
asks who she should kill. As they dance, she tells him she is rather
surprised that Jenna survived. That wasn't her intention. Stefan doesn't
want to see anybody get hurt tonight. She says no one will if he gives
her the moonstone. It's not on him. They should go get it together. She
has a better idea. He should go fetch it, and she will try not to kill
anybody in the meantime.

They're interrupted by Amy, who greets her as Elena and tells her she
looks so pretty. Amy is trying to find Matt. Katherine offers to fix her
necklace then walks behind her. Amy goes limp, Katherine says she's
paralyzed from the waist down. Then she does something else and Amy
slumps over completely. Katherine says she's dead. The moonstone,
Stefan. Ticktock.

At home, Elena announces she's going to bed. But she grabs her keys and

At the party, Stefan tells Damon he put Amy's body is in the trunk. He
wants to call things off. Damon tells him it was nothing. Collateral
damage. He reminds Stefan that Katherine ruined their lives. Destroyed
them! Tonight, it ends.

Jeremy makes conversation with Bonnie and asks if she wants to dance
while they wait. She answers rudely, but amends to "No, thank you."
Damon texts "now."

Lucy finds Katherine, angry that she didn't warn her there was another
witch there. This changes things. Katherine says this changes nothing.
She's here to help a dear friend. She wouldn't want to lose Katherine's
friendship now, would she? Jeremy interrupts, asking to talk to his
"sister." He tells her Damon and Stefan want her to meet them at the
edge of the lake, by the woods. They brought the moonstone. They both
drop the pretense. He's the messenger because they know he's not afraid
of her. She asks how John is. Have they been able to sew his fingers
back on?

As he's walking away, Elena grabs him and hauls him into the bushes,
demanding to know what's going on.

Inside, Caroline watches Matt drinking with Tyler. She looks beautiful
in a red gown, and Matt notices. He doesn't approach her, but his eyes
do the talking. He sends a regretful half-wave, and follows Tyler. She
gets a text from Jeremy: "your turn."

Caroline is reaching for the doorknob when Katherine grabs her. She
winds up with her face against the wall as Katherine asks what Damon
and Stefan are up to. Katherine thinks she's being lured. Caroline tells
her the boys are trying to kill her. She says Bonnie has the moonstone

Outside, Jeremy and Bonnie tell Elena what everyone's up to.

Katherine drags a crying Caroline upstairs to the room Bonnie prepped.
Katherine walks in and Caroline stops crying and announces she did it.
"I really didn't think I'd be able to fool you, but I did it," Caroline
says. Katherine tries to follow her but she's trapped in the room.

Stefan walks up behind her. Caroline says good bye.

Stefan has a stake. She's not worried. Stefan points out Damon behind
her with a crossbow that shoots stakes. He nails her in the back.
Outside, Elena yelps in pain as a spot of blood starts spreading on her
back. Stefan stabs Katherine's arm and Elena starts bleeding. Bonnie
realizes what's going on and tells Jeremy she's linked to Katherine and
he has to get them to stop. He takes off running.

Upstairs, the boys both take on Katherine, firing stakes at her. She
catches a few and throws them back, but everybody ducks. She grabs
Damon's arm and turns the stake on him. Stefan knocks her over and holds
onto her. Damon is about to drive the final stake home when Jeremy
appears in the doorway and tells them to stop, that they're hurting Elena.

"You two think you're the only ones with a witch on your side? Wrong.
Something tells me that my witch is better than your witch," she says.

Jeremy goes to check on Elena. Katherine picks up a stake and rakes it
across her palm. Elena's hand starts bleeding. Bonnie says she can't
break the spell, but she can try to take away the pain.

Jeremy reports back about Katherine's witch and Bonnie realizes who it
is. She takes off to find her. Jeremy takes off his protection ring for
Elena, but she won't accept it.

Katherine tries to get them going by asking Stefan if it bothers him his
brother is in love with his girlfriend. Damon calls her an evil slut
vampire that's only in love with herself. She asks what happened to him,
he used to be so sweet. Stefan tells them both to stop antagonizing each
other. She asks for the moonstone, and is asked once again what she
wants with it. She tries to turn the brothers against each other by
telling Stefan that Damon loves Elena. Damon should kiss her. Elena
would feel that, too.

Stefan asks what she wanted with Mason. She says he wasn't the only wolf
in town.

Downstairs, one of the girls asks what happened to Amy. Tyler figures
she's probably drunk somewhere. A drunk Matt pours booze on Tyler's sofa
and then on a picture of his dad. He reminds Tyler how his dad used to
hit him, then he breaks the picture. When Tyler won't swing, Matt
tackles him. Caroline hears them fighting and uses her vampire strength
to break them apart. Matt says he can't stop so Caroline knocks him out
with an elbow to the nose.

Sara acts like she's in a trance. If Matt fails, she has to finish it.
She picks up something and stabs Tyler in the shoulder and he reacts,
whacking her away and into the desk. She hits her head and then the
floor. Tyler tries to wake her up. He freaks out. Caroline checks for a
pulse and finds none. Tyler starts writhing and warns Caroline to get
away. His eyes turn wolf.

Upstairs, Stefan realizes that Katherine gave George Lockwood the
moonstone to fake her death. It would have worked, except people found
out she wasn't in the tomb because of Damon. "Have I mentioned how
inconvenient your obsession with me has been?" she asks him. Stefan asks
why Katherine needs the moonstone back, though. She tells him he is
dashing in a suit. What was she doing with the moonstone in the first
place? Damon tells him he is wasting his breath. Stefan wonders who she
was running from in 1864. She tells him that in 1987 he danced all
night. He was at a Bon Jovi concert. Of course she checked in on him
over the years. Stefan asks again. Who was she running from?

Downstairs, Bonnie finds Lucy, who recognizes her as a Bennett. Lucy
says she'll remove the spell if her friends turn over the moonstone.
Bonnie threatens her and Lucy says she doesn't have a choice, Katherine
saved her life and now she has to pay up.

Lucy grabs her and realizes Bonnie has the moonstone. When they touch
again, she tells Bonnie that she should be able to feel that she can
trust her. She tells Bonnie to give her the moonstone.

Upstairs, Damon pours Katherine a drink then slams her against the wall,
telling her he's going to kill her the second the spell is broken. Lucy
joins them, holding the moonstone. She tells Katherine the spell keeping
her in the room has been broken and that when she hands over the stone,
her debt is done. Katherine agrees, and Lucy hands it over. When
Katherine grasps the moonstone, she starts gasping for breath. Lucy
tells Katherine she should have told her a Bennett witch was involved.
She assures the boys Elena is fine and Katherine will go quickly. She
apologizes for her involvement and leaves as Katherine gasps on the
floor. Finally, she stops moving.

Caroline tells Carol Lockwood that Sara was dancing and tripped, it was
a horrible accident. Caroline's mom is on the way. Tyler joins them.
He's fine. Carol leaves and Caroline tells Tyler that Matt is in the car
sleeping it off. He asks what she's doing and says she's trying to make
the best of a very bad situation. Tyler didn't kill her. He said it
doesn't matter that it was an accident, all that matters is that Sara is
dead and it's his fault. She doesn't know what Sara's death means.
Caroline says she does. Has his wound healed? It has. But how did she know?

Outside, Lucy apologizes to Bonnie for her spell. Lucy asks about what
Bonnie felt. Lucy says they're distantly related. She says meeting her
was a wake-up call to stop letting vampires control her. She thanks
Bonnie for that, and starts to leave. Bonnie begs her not to go. She has
so many questions. Lucy says Bonnie is one of the good ones and should
stay in the middle of things. Lucy leaves, but tells Bonnie not to
worry; she'll see her again. Jeremy comes and offers Bonnie a ride. They
sort of have a moment when she asks when he got his driver's license. He
tells her he's not a kid anymore. She tells him she'd be happy to accept
a ride home.

Outside, Stefan finds Elena in one piece. He tells her Katherine is
really gone. But she wants to feel safe before they get back together.
He says he understands. She walks away.

Katherine wakes up in a tomb next to the moonstone. She tries to run but
is trapped there. Damon comes by and says hello. She asks where she is,
and he tells her where she should have been all along. She says he
should have killed her, but he feels that death would have been too
kind. He starts to close her in the tomb but she tells him Elena's in
danger. She says Elena's the doppelganger and has to be protected,
that's why she hasn't killed her. Damon says he'll protect Elena as he
slides shut the tomb. Katherine is yelling that he needs her. His eyes
are teary as he walks away.

Elena walks to her car, talking to Jeremy on the phone. She's feeling
better. But then someone in a mask walks up behind her and puts their
hand over her mouth.