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The Sacrifice - Recap

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Elena is semi-awake. The witch, Jonas is in her doorway. A loud noise
finishes waking her up, and she goes to check things outs. In the hall,
she encounters a half-naked Alaric. Jenna tells her it was them that
made the loud noise, all apologies. Everybody is quite embarrassed.
Jonas takes a few things from Elena's room, including a few strands of
hair from her hairbrush. As she returns to bed, she goes right past, but
never sees, Jonas.

Damon and Stefan appear to be removing the stone from Katherine's tomb,
then to be on Elena's doorstep. They tell her they saw Katherine, and
asked her for the moonstone. She tells the brothers she is dirty,
starving and bored. She's had time to reconsider. If they let her go,
they get the moonstone and she'll disappear from Mystic Falls forever.

Elena doesn't believe her, and Damon says they don't either; they just
want the moonstone. Damon shares that according to Rose's friend Slater,
there's a way to destroy the spell that Klaus wants to break. Therefore,
no doppelganger sacrifice, meaning Elena will survive. She doesn't think
it will work, but Damon assures her they have a crafty witch on their
side. Bonnie. They want Bonnie to release the seal just long enough for
them to get in and get the moonstone and get out. Elena rejects the
idea. She thinks Klaus will still come for everyone.

Bonnie and Luka chat about their magical backgrounds. Bonnie has a bad
physical reaction to casting. Luka correctly guesses that using the
magic causes nosebleeds. He says she needs to draw power from nature,
the elements, so it's not all on her. She can even draw power from
another witch. If they combine their energies, they can double their
strength. He'll show her how. They trade jewelry, and he gives her
instructions. Stand very still, and focus. She asks what they are doing,
and he tells her they are channeling. The wind picks up. Bonnie is
exhilarated by the power she can feel flowing through her. Jeremy stops
and makes a comment about the weather. Luka says it's global warming,
and bids farewell to Bonnie. Jeremy says Luka is weird, but Bonnie says
not. She realizes she's still holding his dog tags. A text comes in from

Elena arrives at the Salvatore mansion and finds Rose putting on a robe
and talking about being left naked so early in the morning. Rose thinks
it's a bad idea for Elena to try to get more information about Klaus
from Slater. Elena tries to force Rose to do her will, but Rose sees
through her. Elena shifts gear and tells Rose she will help her to be
able to go outside in sunlight again. Bonnie will do whatever it takes
to help. She'll help Rose if Rose helps Elena.

Matt apologizes to Tyler for picking a fight with him. He's really
sorry, and angry with himself for screwing up so royally. Caroline says
hi to him, but after a brief conversation he keeps walking. She talks to
Tyler about the impending full moon. How's he going to handle his first
shift? He claims he has a plan, and she offers to help.

Bonnie thinks she might be able lower the spell long enough for them to
get the moonstone, but she's concerned about Katherine's strength. Might
the boys not be underestimating her? Jeremy offers to help. Thanks to
his ring, he believes he can get in, get out, and there will be no
spells necessary. Stefan gets unnecessarily sarcastic with him. Bonnie
asks if they have anything that belongs to Katherine.

Rose and Elena arrive at Slater's, but he doesn't seem to be home. Rose
breaks in, and waves Elena into the lead. They find his body. As they
try to find information, they hit his computer. It's password-protected,
so they keep looking. When they hear a noise in the other room, they
find Alice, his girlfriend. She leaps sobbing into Rose's arms.

Stefan gives Bonnie a picture of Katherine. She burns it, and tells
Stefan that if the ashes are blown on Katherine, she should become
incapacitated for long enough that they can get the stone, and get out.
Her nose bleeds again.

Tyler tells Caroline that Matt is bumming pretty hard. She says it's
better this way, and he understands. She can't be honest with him. She
can't let him know who she really is, so how can they be together. They
arrive at the cellar steps of the old Lockwood property. She doesn't
tell him she's been there before. He shows her the bolts and chains. He
thinks the bolts will probably hold, but he'll need new chains.
Caroline finds a small package and opens it. Mason's journal chronicles
the changes he went through. There's a flash drive in the diary.

Bonnie finishes her spell at the Salvatore's. Jeremy tells her she's not
strong enough, but she tells him she will be fine. She is obviously
weakened, and he is just as obviously worried for her. He asks her to go
get him something, and when she does, he takes some of the magic ashes.

Rose tells Elena that Alice only started dating Slater a bit ago. She
wanted him to turn her. She didn't care about Slater, she's just turning
on the waterworks right now. Elena returns with tea in hand, and Alice
tells her she looks really familiar. She refuses to help Elena at all,
until she hears that Rose will turn her. Alice finds Slater's hard drive
wiped, but happily announces that he was paranoid, and she is able to
access his back-up drive with the password "Kristen Stewart".They find
tons of emails with leads to vampires, but one name in particular is of
interest to Rose. It's from Cody Webber, regarding Elijah, and they
exchanged dozens of emails. Elena tells Alice to call Cody and tell him
they are trying to send a message to Klaus. The doppelganger is alive
and ready to surrender. Rose realizes Elena is trying to sacrifice
herself to save her family. Alice comes in and tells Elena that Cody is
on his way, and he really wants to meet her.

Jeremy arrives alone at the tomb to get the moonstone from Katherine. He
stakes her in the gut and tosses the ashes on her, knocking her out. The
moonstone isn't on her, so he searches the tomb. He finds it in the
back, but Katherine comes to and gloms onto his neck. As she does so, he
throws the moonstone out beyond the tomb's entrance.

Bonnie and the brothers arrive at the tomb just as Stefan's phone rings.
It's Rose, telling him not to be angry with her. He needs to get to
Richmond immediately.

Down in the tomb, Stefan finds the moonstone. Katherine knows she can
drain Jeremy as many times as she likes, thanks to the ring. They should
give her a holler when they're ready to lift the spell.

Jonas cuts Elijah's hand as part of the spell to locate Elena. He cuts
Elijah's palm and has him place it on top of Elena's picture. He takes
Jonas' hand with his other hand, and closes his eyes. Jonas tells him to
relax his mind and look for her as he begins chanting. In Slater's
apartment, Elena suddenly sees Elijah's reflection in the glass. Elijah
says he knows exactly where she is.

Bonnie prepares to lift the tomb spell and Stefan hopes he can make it
in and out with the ash. Bonnie tells him it's going to take her some
time to lift it. She doesn't know how long, just 'a while'. She starts
chanting and back at his house, Luka gets a chill. Jonas asks what's
wrong. Bonnie is wearing his dog tags, and drawing on his power.

Tyler and Caroline watch the flash drive. Mason recorded his first
transformation. He was locked in a garage, and bolted himself to the
floor. He weakened himself with diluted wolfbane, but could barely get
it down without vomiting. He felt as though he were drinking battery
acid. Nothing happened for an hour. Caroline is reading from the journal
as Tyler scrolls through the recording. They watch as he goes totally
nuts and writhes in pain. According to the journal, he never blacked
out. He felt every painful moment, and it went on for hours. Tyler's
five hours in and Mason still hasn't shifted. He can't take it anymore.
He can't go through shifting.

Damon joins Elena in Richmond. Alice is vampire struck, and Damon orders
Rose to get her out of there. Elena refuses to go with him, saying she
doesn't want to be saved. He tells her to get her ass out the door
before he throws her over his shoulder and takes her out himself. She
tries to hit him and he stops her. He draws so close that it looks as
though he's going to kiss her. Instead he tells her not to ever do that

In the tomb, Bonnie's spell is going strong, and Luka can feel it at
home. Jonas is worried. Luka fills him in. Jonas told him to bond with
Bonnie Bennett, so he did. They both get nosebleeds, and Luka falls to
the floor. Jeremy yells at Stefan to stop her. Bonnie collapses. She
comes to shortly thereafter and realizes she's not strong enough to do
this, not even with assistance.

Katherine starts in on Jeremy again. Stefan uses his super speed to
throw Jeremy out - but now he's trapped in there with Katherine.

Caroline suggests they stop researching. As she understands it, the
transformation speeds up over time. That means he just needs to survive
the first time. Tyler asks why she's helping him. She doesn't
understand, so he repeats himself. Why does she care? She doesn't want
him to go through what she did. She was alone when she turned. She
killed someone. She doesn't want that for him. The doorbell rings, and
it's Matt. He misses Carolyn. She's happy to hear it, but then Tyler
follows her and interrupts their reunion.

The vampires come for Elena. She practically runs into their arms, and
Damon threatens to break hers if she passes him. Elijah arrives, and
kills the vampire standing between him and Elena. His speed takes him
directly in front of Stefan and Elena. He asks the other two vampires
who they are. One asks who he is, and when Elijah gives his name, the
man is visibly shaken. He says they were going to bring Elena to him,
for Klaus. He asks if anybody else knew they were here and when they say
no, he kills them by ripping their hearts out of their chests, and leaves.

Elijah returns to Jonas. He spared Stefan's life because he realized
Stefan would die before he let anything happen to Elena. They both
would. He knows the Salvatores will keep Elena safe, and that's exactly
what they need her to be. Safe.

Jeremy tells Bonnie he doesn't need an escort to his room. She's not so
sure. Between the living room and his bedroom, there's still time for
him to do something stupid. She's angry because Stefan is stuck in
there, and she doesn't know how to get him back out. He tells her she
should never have tried this in the first place. She tells him she
didn't have a choice, and he says he didn't either. He did what he did
to try to protect Bonnie. She tells Jeremy he can't feel that way about
her. He shakes his head in denial, and tells her this is no schoolkid
crush. He wants to kiss her, but she pulls away and leaves.

Damon brings Elena home. She thanks him, but he says he didn't want to
leave her stranded when Rose bailed. Elena tries to make excuses for
her, she was just scared. She didn't mean to run. Damon says yes, she
did; she's been running for 500 years. She can't believe Elijah is still
alive. But more importantly, why did he kill those two vampires and just
let them go? As she attempts to enter the house, he grabs her arm and
tells her that what she did today was incredibly stupid. She retorts
that the only stupid move on her part was getting caught. She never
questions why everybody fights so hard to save her, so he shouldn't
question why she tries to save them.

Jeremy opens the door and they see his neck. He says one word. "Stefan."

Elena races to the tomb, and Damon slams her into the wall just as she
is about to enter. Stefan and Katherine can't help but eavesdrop on the
ensuing argument. Elena fights tooth and nail, but Damon stands strong.
He releases her when she agrees to behave. She leaves, and Stefan comes
out. Damon tells him that Bonnie has the moonstone, and he should work
with her. "You martyr yourself into a tomb and I get partnered with a
semi-competent witch. Wonderful." Stefan asks Damon to promise he will
keep Elena safe. He promises.

After Damon leaves, Katherine tells Stefan that that right there was the
biggest mistake he ever made.