By the Light of the Moon - Recap

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A masochistic Tyler re-watches the video of Mason's werewolf
transformation, as he gets ready for his own first time. He calls
Mason's land line because the cell doesn't have any message space left.
A woman overhears him mention the full moon. He tells Mason he found his
recording, and it's really freaking him out. Caroline is there.

At Elena's, Bonnie says she wants to come up with a way to remove the
curse from the moonstone. But if she's successful, Klaus will seek
vengeance. Elena would prefer Bonnie to focus on getting Stefan out of
the tomb, but she refuses. Breaking the curse is her priority. When
Jeremy arrives, Bonnie makes an excuse and leaves. Jeremy asks his
sister why she's on a suicide mission. Elena claims she's trying to stop
everyone else from getting hurt.

Elena takes the moonstone from Bonnie's purse, but then she runs into
her on the stairs. Bonnie tells her that they tested her, and she
failed. Elena reiterates that Klaus killed Katherine's entire family
just because she crossed them. She can't let that happen. She thinks
she's free to go, but Bonnie bound her to the house. Jeremy is amused.

Damon tells Stefan what happened, as he and Bonnie are in cahoots. He
brought Stefan a care package, inclusive of candles and blood. Stefan
says he'll just be forced to share it with Katherine. Katherine tells
the brothers they are surprisingly calm, considering Klaus will hunt
them down and kill them if they move forward with their plan. Damon
tells her he's been dead before, and he got over it. He goes on to say
that he'll have Stefan out ASAP. Stefan tells his brother not to worry
about him, just keep Elena safe. This earns him a serious eye-rolling
from Katherine.

Tyler tells his mom he has lunch at the grill, practice, and he'll
probably go out after. He'll be home late. Jules is at the door, and
introduces herself as a friend of Mason's who is looking for him. Carol
says Mason is in Florida and has been for some time. That's the thing,
Jules says. He never came back.

At the Grill, Tyler tells Caroline about Mason's disappearance as Ric

Damon visits Elena. She sulks. He makes a joke, and she asks if he
thinks it's funny. Yes, Damon responds; he finds it hysterical, the
lengths he repeatedly has to go to, to save her life. She asks what Seth
has to say about this, and Damon says they had a good laugh. So what did
he say about Elijah still being alive? Damon didn't tell him that bit,
because there's nothing he can do about it. When Jeremy enters, Damon
asks him where Bonnie is. Jeremy thought she was meeting him, but no.
Bonnie is on moonstone duty, while Damon is on "Babysitting Elena" duty.
He tells them that "Vampire Barbie" is taking care of Tyler on the full
moon. Elena had lost track of time, she didn't realize it was the full

Ric calls Damon to say that Sheriff Forbes has officially declared Mason
Lockwood a missing person. Damon leaves to meet Ric at the Grill,
leaving Jeremy on babysitting Elena duty.

Jules asks Carol Lockwood to call her if she hears anything. Once she's
off the property, she makes a call and tells someone they were right,
Mason lied. There's another werewolf. His nephew.

Jules goes to the Grill in search of Tyler. Ric asks Damon where Mason
is, and he responds "Decomposing in his truck." Ric wonders if Jules is
a werewolf, and since it's the full moon, Damon sincerely hopes not. He
wants to test her with wolvesbane.

Tyler prepares his chains as Caroline mixes his wolvesbane with water.
His chains are good up to 5000 pounds. Caroline wonders if that's more
than a werewolf can pull. She asks how he's doing, and he's hanging in
there. He doesn't know what to wear, he's not sure what will happen to
his clothes.

Bonnie brings Luka his dog tags and apologizes. He forgives her and
invites her in. She's impressed by his dad's collection of grimoires. He
and his dad have a sort of "family of witches" concept. Bonnie says that
would explain why he's been so nice to her. She asks him if he knows how
to break the bind between a talisman and a spell. He tells her that
spells are unique and very specific, but he believes they can figure it out.

Ric feigns drunkenness so he can chum up to Jules at the Grill. He
offers to buy her a drink and she refuses before accepting. Damon
engages her while Ric mixes wolvesbane in her drink. She thanks Ric for
the drink, but puts it down, untouched.

Katherine taunts Stefan about not eating. It's excruciating. She strips;
she's been in the same dress for days. They should make the best of
their time alone. She tells him Damon isn't going to rush to get him
out. She says no one will ever know and kisses him. He resists, then
doesn't. He wakes up and tells Katherine to stay out of his head.

Jenna goes through her mom's belongings. She is supposed to be helping
Carol Lockwood with some project on town history. Suddenly, Elijah is
there. Jenna tells Elena that Elijah is here doing research on Mystic
Falls. He thanks Jenna for inviting him into her home, and tells Elena
he hopes to see her again sometime soon. She runs upstairs to try to
warn Jeremy, but Elijah beats her up there and gives her the 'no talk',
finger on lips sign. She tells Jeremy that Jenna wanted his help with
some boxes. He leaves, and Elijah tells her she made a wise choice.
Elena asks what he wants, and he says it's time they have a little chat.

In the bar, Jules asks Damon how he knows Mason. He shrugs her off with
a "friend of a friend" comment. She continues to play with her drink,
but doesn't imbibe. He tries to do "cheers", but she continues holding
off as Ric watches.

Tyler is chained and waiting as Caroline watches. He asks what time it
is, and she tells him almost 8:00. What time does the moon crest or
whatever? Tyler doesn't know. He doesn't know how long he'll be a wolf,
either. A few hours, more or less. He chugs the wolvesbane, but can't
keep it down. Caroline tries to comfort him.

In Elena's house, Elijah tells her he means her no harm. He's not trying
to break the curse. Klaus is a paranoid recluse. Elena realizes that
Elijah doesn't know where Klaus is, and he's using her to draw him out.
He promises to protect her friends until Klaus comes and then he'll kill
him. Elijah says his witch friends can protect her. She has one condition.

Bonnie and Luka light candles on the roof. She shows him the moonstone,
and he downplays it to "Oh, a white rock. Fascinating." Bonnie won't
tell him what it does.They begin the incantation and the candles flare.
The moonstone levitates, then explodes like fireworks.

Tyler is coming apart, he's burning up. It burns. He wants Caroline to
leave, but she won't. He starts breaking the chains, as he screams and
cries. Caroline cries along with him.

Damon talks up Mason to Jules. He says Mason stuck by Tyler the entire
time he was there. Finally, he goads her into taking just one drink. She
does and immediately notices the wolvesbane. They drop the pretense. He
tells her she won't find Mason and should leave town. She questions him
threatening her on a full moon. She tells him she knew he was a vampire
the second she walked in. Any other night. But tonight was not the night
to pick a fight with her. Damon's been marked.

Caroline still won't leave, even as Taylor starts shifting before her eyes.

Outside the Grill, Ric urges Damon to let it go. Wait til tomorrow.
Damon only needs one bite, and he's dead. Go home, lock the doors, and
they can deal with it in the morning.

In the cave, Caroline holds Tyler close and tries to work with him
through the pain. His fangs start coming in, and the shift becomes more
rapid. She can't stay anymore. She closes and chains the door, and goes
outside, crying. The chained door is the only thing holding him anymore.
He broke his chains and bonds. His eyes shift. His transformation is
almost complete. Caroline hears the silence. It's only her vampiric
swiftness that saves her, as he is on the other side of the door. She
blocks the door and flees.

Damon comes home and locks his door. He knows something is wrong, He
finds Rose. She apologizes and says she has nowhere else to go. He says
there's nothing there for her. They hear breaking glass, followed by a
wolf. Suddenly, there's a wolf in the room, heading for Damon. Rose
intercepts, and the wolf takes her down, biting at her shoulder. Damon
stabs it and the wolf runs off. They're both stunned when her shoulder
starts healing.

Luka comes back home and reports to his dad that he was successful.
Bonnie "fell for the whole show and didn't suspect a thing." He gives
his dad the moonstone, but he's not happy about it. Jonah thanks him,
and Luka says yeah whatever. He's heading for bed. Jonah stops him, as
Elijah has one more task for them during the full moon.

In the tomb, Katherine refuses to apologize for looking out for herself.
She says she does love Stefan, and he tells her to prove it. She says
she could help him find Klaus. She doesn't know where he is, but she can
point him in the right direction. Start with Elena's mother Isabelle.
She was a research expert, she found Katherine. Stefan remains silent,
so Katherine says "You're welcome".

They hear a sound, and investigate. Elijah is standing there. He greets
Katherine and thanks her for showing the good sense to be frightened. He
says Elena requested Stefan's release and he's had the spell lifted.
Stefan tests it and walks free. Katherine makes an unsuccessful attempt
to follow. Elijah compels her, telling her she'll stay put until Klaus
comes. Katherine begs Stefan to stay, but he leaves her behind.

In the woods, Caroline walks in the moonlight, alert to every sound and
movement. She goes in the cave and finds Tyler crumpled on the ground,
shaking. She puts a blanket over him and holds him tight, telling him
he's OK. He disagrees.

Stefan goes straight to Elena, and they kiss their way through a joyous

Damon talked to Caroline and she told him Tyler didn't do it. Therefore,
they realize Jules attacked Rose. She tells Damon she's going to stay
and help with all things Elena. He starts getting intimate with her, and
Rose tells him she can't love a man who loves another woman, but she can
be his special friend.

As they kiss, her shoulder hurts. They look and find sores where Jules
bit her.