The Descent - Recap

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Jules, the svelte, blond female werewolf from back east, awoke in the woods, covered in blood, but not her own. She looked at her hands and rose from the dusty ground, wiping them on her pants. She gazed about in temporary bewilderment, then came to herself, wondering what had happened. As she tried to gain her bearings, she walked carefully through the trees and came upon a campsite in total disarray, bodies and camping gear strewn about. Jules ran to one prone body, tried to shake it and realized that it was dead. She found another and another, several in the campsite and it dawned on her what had happened: she had killed these people. Shaking her head, she thought a moment and found that she felt nothing but triumph which brought a sardonic smile to her lips. Success was hers and she wanted more of this. Smiling to herself once more, she said that she had more work to do. The sound of tires crunching up the gravel road that led to the isolated campsite stopped her in her tracks as she gripped the arm of yet another corpse she'd found. Knowing that it was too late to flee the scene, she crouched down and began to sob loudly, lamenting the deaths of her "friends". The young forest ranger behind the wheel of the SUV stepped out of the vehicle and walked over to her side, asking what had happened. She sobbed again and stuttered out that something terrible must have occurred while she had been asleep: just look at all these bodies! He patted Jules on the back and said that he would call it in. She began to sob again, but as the ranger walked away, her sardonic smile returned as she licked her lips. The ranger picked up his radio microphone and began to call the killings in, but Jules was already behind him and snapped his neck, killing him instantly. She took off through the woods.

At Elena's house, Elena was talking to Stefan about things in general, telling him that she didn't want anyone else to be hurt. She kissed him and left the room.

In another room, Damon was giving comfort to werewolf-bitten Rose, knowing that she would eventually die. Elena entered the room to see if she could help, but there didn't appear to be much to be done. Elena gingerly pulled the light material of Rose's undershirt from Rose's back, seeing the skin damage that the viral bite had already done. Rose seemed to be in periodic bad pain and she faded in and out of consciousness. Elena asked Damon if he thought Rose might recover, but Damon said that Rose might die, the sooner, the better. Elena grimaced and left the room.

Caroline congratulated young werewolf Tyler for not harming anyone during his first turning the other night. He looked puzzled and asked what did she mean?
She said never mind and asked how he felt to which he replied he was a bit sore, but alright. He left when her boyfriend, Matt, came up to her and asked what was going on? Caroline said nothing was going on and asked him what he wanted. She said that nothing was going on, that she and Tyler were only friends, nothing more and she kissed Matt and said that she loved him. Someone from the burger bar yelled that Matt's order was ready, and when he turned back to Caroline, she was gone.

Back at Elena's house, Elena was alone with the very sick Rose, putting her to bed after making the large bed with fresh silk sheets. Rose seemed to like the sheets and began to relax in between bouts of pain. Rose was reminiscing about her five hundred years of life, but especially her childhood home, telling Elena about the trees and flowers, the horses, her family, etc. She was relaxing with her eyes closed, seeming about to drop off to sleep, so Elena turned her back to do something when Rose called out in pain. Elena turned back to the bed only to find her friend gone. Turning to the door, Elena saw a snarling and maddened Rose in front of her, trying to attack her. Elena fought her off and Rose vanished. Elena heard noise in another part of the house and went to investigate. She saw Rose crouched on the basement floor, ripping into a large piece of bloody meat, snarling and growling. Elena called her name and Rose dropped the meat, turning to attack her. Elena said to herself that Rose was in great pain, not herself, and ran from the room, Rose following. Elena locked herself in a bedroom and waited until dark, coming out to a quiet dark house. She looked out the open front door and saw only darkness. Turning round, Damon was there. They talked about where Rose might have gone.

At the school carnival that night, a maddened Rose attacked a man, biting his neck, killing him, then she raced off into the night, falling to the ground, exhausted. Damon and Elena were searching for her and found her, battered and bruised, confused, covered in blood. After killing the man, Rose had jumped onto a car's windshield, smashing it to bits, dragging out the young blond girl within and killing her. Rose did not remember doing that and only wanted to go home. Damon and Elena took her home to the mansion and put her to bed. Damon told Elena that Rose could not stop herself, but he could. Elena went to another part of the house as Damon prepared the stake that he would use to end Rose's life. Rose was in bed dreaming once more of her childhood home and the horses she had so loved. Damon held Rose for a little while, then drove the sharpened stake into her heart, killing her instantly. Tears coursed down his cheeks.

That same night, at a local restaurant, Jules told Tyler that there were lots of vampires in his town, that together, she and Tyler could destroy them all. Tyler asked her who she was and she said she was a friend, that she knew Tyler was a werewolf, newly made, and that his friend, Caroline, was a vampire. He did not looked convinced of Jules' sincerity.

Damon told Elena to go home. She did so and found Stefan there. She told Stefan that Rose was dead, that her suffering was over. Just then, a movement beyond Stefan's shoulder caught her eye and she greeted her Uncle John, wondering what he was doing there.