Know Thy Enemy - Recap

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Elena is stunned to see Isobel on her doorstep, referring to Jenna as
"the woman who's dating my husband." She asks Jenna if she can come in,
she needs to talk to Elena. Elena tells Jenna not to invite her in, and
slams the door in her mother's face. Jenna is heartbroken. Elena knew
her mother was still alive. Ric. John. Did they know!? Elena tries to
explain, but Jenna won't listen. She runs to her room and locks herself
in. Elena tries to get through to her talking through the door.

Stefan tells Damon he's headed to Elena's, to find out what Isobel is
doing in town. Katherine interrupts to say that she doesn't think they
should tell Isobel that she's in the neighborhood. She plays her usual
games, but Damon sees through her, and asks what she knows, which brings
on a sulk (which she hides). She says she knows that she wants Klaus
dead. Which puts her on their team. Plus, if she is ever needed to swap
places with Elena again, it's better that nobody knows it's her. Stefan
heads out the door, telling Damon to let Alaric know that his wife just
showed up on his girlfriend's doorstep.

Ric arrives and tells Elena they need to fix this. Jenna runs down the
stairs and makes a dive for the door, telling Ric she doesn't want him
there, and he needs to go. She refuses to speak to him, and asks Elena
to go to the Historical Society and pick up the Lockwood check for her
mom's foundation. Jenna will be staying on campus.

John comes in and blames Ric for not being honest with Jenna from the
beginning. Ric decks him and apologizes to Elena before leaving. She
wheels on John and tells him this is his fault, before going upstairs.

Caroline calls Stefan, frantic about Matt. She can't find him anywhere,
and doesn't know what to do. She usually slips vervane in his soda at
work, but he wasn't there so it's out of his system. He does have a
catering job at the Lockwoods today. She'll try there. She tries calling
Matt again, but no answer.

John wants to talk to Elena and Stefan. They go downstairs and find
Isobel is there. John says she has information about Klaus. Nobody knows
where he is, but rumors about the doppelganger are out there. Anybody
wanting to curry favor with Klaus are going to be lining up to capture

Elena doesn't buy any of it. John says Isobel has been helping all
along. Klaus has been obsessed with finding Katherine for centuries.
They killed the 1864 tomb vampires so they couldn't lead Klaus to Elena.
She's angry because Stefan and Damon were almost included in that
massacre. Isobel has a safe house she wants to take Elena to. The deed
is in her name, and no vampires will be able to get in without her
permission. Not even Isobel. She wants to help. Elena says if she wants
to help, she can get the hell out of Elena's house.

Damon, Jeremy and Bonnie arrive at Jonah's apartment. She wants to find
the grimoires she spent years collecting. According to Lucas' dad,
there's a spell there that will let her harness the energy that's left
behind when a witch dies violently. He gave her a message when he gave
Bonnie her powers back. So if she can find the spot in town where the
Salem witches were burned, she can use that energy to use when she needs
it. Bonnie is stunned when Damon makes it clear he knows where the
witches were burned. He sort of forgot to mention it. Jeremy is afraid
they'll have to check all the books, but she locates the right one using

Isobel gets home and is attacked by Katherine. They grapple a bit before
hugging and laughing. Katherine hears Isobel has been busy, and Isobel
confirms it. She's been busy making a deal with Klaus to save
Katherine's life. They crack a bottle of bubbly and catch up on things.

Isobel admits that she went to see Jenna because she was jealous.
Obviously, Isobel has John wrapped around her finger, since he invited
her in the house. Since John believes that she's trying to protect
Elena, he's been very useful in keeping Isobel in the loop with
everything that's going on. Katherine wants details. Isobel tells her
she was right. She couldn't get anywhere near Klaus, but she did make it
as far as his inner circle. Klaus is willing to grant Katherine his
freedom, provided they can deliver the moonstone and the doppelganger.

Katherine fills things in from her perspective. The Salvatore boys are
floundering. They used up their only weapon to kill Elijah, and their
witch has lost her powers. Isobel showing up changes everything.

Elena and the brothers try to figure out if anything Isobel said is the
truth. Damon and Stefan's plan is that neither of them let Elena out of
their sight ever again. This makes sense to them. At least until Elena
comes up with a better one. Katherine arrives, killing the conversation.
She tries to dig the location of the moonstone out of the boys, but
fails. She expects them to trust her, but Damon sets her straight. She
shouldn't mistake the fact that they don't set her on fire in her sleep,
for trust.

Sheriff Forbes is filling in Mrs. Lockwood, when they're interrupted by
Caroline, still desperately seeking Matt. She hasn't seen him either but
asks Caroline if she finds him, to ask if he's heard from Tyler.
Caroline agrees. Carol is worried.

Stefan and Elena ask Caroline if she's had any luck tracking down Matt.
She's petrified that he's going to tell somebody - or everybody. Stefan
assures her they just need to find him and make sure that doesn't
happen. Elena has no idea where he could be. He's never been the type to
run, before. Caroline thought she'd be able to tell him the right way at
the right time, and he'd be okay, because he is supposed to love her.
Elena says she hopes she finds him, but she has to go now, and accept
the check for Jenna. After she leaves, Stefan says maybe Matt will come
around. After all, Elena did.

Damon shows Bonnie and Jeremy where the witches were burned. He knows
where it is, because he tried to save Emily Bennett. He leads them into
a mansion. Damon is stopped, frozen in place. He thinks Bonnie is doing
it. His ring doesn't work, and the sun is burning him. Bonnie figures
the witches are letting him know he's not welcome.

Katherine starts tearing about the Salvatore home to find the moonstone.
She finds it in a soap dish, looking like just another bar of soap.

Isobel greets Ric. She says she's cleaning up some loose ends. He says
they don't have any, but she begs to differ. She tells him he only let
her go because she compelled him to do so. He needs to know how much she
loved him. She says "He's all yours" and a man behind Ric puts his hands
on either side of his head. Ric crumples to the ground.

Stefan calls to Bonnie and Jeremy to hurry it up in there. When he turns
back toward the house, the door slams in his face. He says "Screw you
too, Emily." He tells the duo they're all on their own in there, and
walks away.

Jeremy's apprehensive about what's next. He's worried for Bonnie, and
she reassures him with a kiss. She starts reading from the book of
spells. They hear the witches, but can't figure out the words. Bonnie
starts walking through the house, and Jeremy follows. Bonnie finds a
room. "This is it." The voices increase in volume. Bonnie looks like
she's going into a trance. She reacts, and Jeremy asks what, but Bonnie
says nothing. A fire erupts.

Elena accepts the check. Isobel is there. She tells John she's creating
a distraction, then bites him. John's body falls down the stairs, and
Stefan runs to him. The room clears, and Katherine grabs Elena. The
sheriff arrives at John's side and tells everybody to back off, John
just needs some air.

Stefan notices Elena is gone. He finds her, and she says she's calling
Damon. Only he's talking to Katherine. Elena is in the back seat with
Isobel, being taken to Klaus. Stefan tells 'Elena' to tell Damon that he
needs to get over here and deal with John's body. Something about what
she's saying tips Stefan off, and he attacks Katherine, demanding to
know where Elena is. She shoots him up and throws him in the bushes so
he can't follow her.

The witches are getting louder. Bonnie is in pain, and screams. Jeremy
tries to help her, and his body is tossed aside. Bonnie continues
screaming. She stops, and he is able to go to her. Bonnie says "I did it."

Mrs. Lockwood and the sheriff lie to the guests. They say John is dead,
but Damon says no. John's wearing an old Gilbert family heirloom. It's a
ring which protects it's owner from death by a supernatural entity. He's
not dead, and he'll be fine. They will need a cover story, but for now
they just have to get John out of there.

Sheriff Forbes calls it in as a false alarm. When she gets outside, she
finds Matt in a total rage, demanding to see his sister Vicky's file. He
wants to see how they covered up that she was killed by a vampire.

Damon gets John back to the house and drops his body on the floor. He
washes the blood off his hands and discovers that the moonstone is
missing when Damon calls and fills him in.

Katherine calls Isobel to find out how far out she is. Isobel
apologizes. She did what she had to do. He didn't want the doppelganger,
he wanted Katherine. Katherine reacts in disbelief. "He? He who?" A man
appears behind her, and she runs to attack him. He holds a hand out and
she's tossed to the ground, screaming.

Caroline calls Matt's voice mail again. She sees him standing inside. He
tells her that Sheriff Forbes brought him to Caroline's house to cool
down, and then she got called away. Caroline approaches him, and he
backs up. She asked why he stuck around if he's so scared of her. He
wants to know more about Vicky, and about Caroline.

Jeremy and Bonnie talk about what happened. He wants to know about the
chant. She says it was just a warning, and they want her to be careful
with it. He asks how much power you can draw from 100 dead witches, and
she sets the leaves all around them in motion, as the sky turns black
and thunder erupts. He takes her arm, and they smile at each other.

The brothers arrive at Isobel's place and look around. No sign of
anyone, so they head out again.

Isobel tells Elena "Just because you can't be compelled doesn't mean I
can't force you to come with me." Elena asks if she was compelled to
betray Katherine and Isobel says that if she were, she wouldn't be able
to say so. So now that Elena has established that Isobel is a liar - did
she lie about not finding Klaus, too? Is she taking Elena to him? She
shows Elena her grave. There's nobody buried there, but her parents,
Elena's grandparents, still honor and cherish her memory.

The man who stunned Katherine calls to tell Isobel that he has Katherine
and the moonstone, and he wants her to let Elena go. He says Klaus has
everything he needs now. Isobel's part is finished, she did everything
Klaus compelled her to do. She's done.

Isobel apologizes for being such a disappointment to Elena before
ripping off her protective necklace and being destroyed by the sun. She
falls to the ground of her grave.

Caroline fills in Matt on how much she loves him. None of it matters. He
has nobody, not anymore. His sister is dead, and none of his friends are
who he thought they were. She gave him too much information, and he
doesn't want to know any of it. He wants her to make him forget. He
doesn't want to look at her and see what he's seeing. She tries to say
no, but he's adamant, so she does it.

Elena is holding Isobel's necklace when Stefan finds her. She can't
figure out why they let her go. Damon joins them, carrying the deed to
the house. He wants to sign it over to Elena so it can be her new safe
house. Isobel had the right idea. She has full control of who gets in
and who doesn't. John picks that moment to come to. Damon attacks him,
and John says he has no idea what Isobel was going to do. He's very,
very sorry. Elena tells him to let John go, because they need to talk.

Bonnie wakes up to find Jeremy reading the warning label on the spell
book. She could be killed if she uses her new powers. Was she just going
to leave him in the dark on that point? He asks how much power it would
take to kill an original, and she says all of it. Jeremy won't allow it.
Bonnie explains that she was born for a reason, given the power for a
reason, and it wasn't so she could float feathers. She's the only one
who can stop this. Jeremy doesn't believe Elena will allow Bonnie to do
this, but Bonnie says that's why he's not going to tell her. It's her
decision, no one else's.

Matt tells Sheriff Forbes that he did it. He drank the vervane, went
over there and got Caroline to tell him everything, then asked her to
take it away. She thanks him, and is glad he told her what happened last
night. She wants him to tell her everything Caroline said. Matt says he
feels like she died, and her mom says she did.

John knew that Isobel and Katherine were close, but he had no idea they
were working against him. Two of the world's most selfish, uncaring
vampires joined forces. If that's how he feels, why did he trust Isobel
at all? Because he was there when she gave birth to Elena, and saw her
heart break when she gave her baby up. That, and she was the first girl
John ever loved. So when she said she'd help keep Elena safe, he
believed her. He tells Elena he'll do whatever she wants. If she feels
safer with him gone, he'll go. She looks away, and he nods and gets up
to leave. She tells him he screws up everything. Everything he touches
falls apart. But he's the only parent she has left. So maybe she can
learn not to hate him. He says okay.

Damon tells Stefan that Bonnie said the spell worked today. Stefan says
that at least something went right today. He realizes that Katherine has
no idea Bonnie got her powers back. Isobel had no idea what he Damon was
up to today with Jeremy and Bonnie. That means that Bonnie is their
secret weapon.

Katherine wakes up to a man's voice chanting. It's the man who drove her
to the ground, and he's holding his hands on either side of Ric's head.
She notes that her necklace is missing. Ric gets up, and the man bows
deeply before him. Katherine stumbles to her feet, saying "Alaric." She
runs to the door, and tries to escape. Ric greets her, taking her face
in her hands and saying he's missed her. He has an accent, and she
recognizes his voice. Klaus.