Ghost World - Recap

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The scene opens with Damon coming to and finds that he's bound in chains to a chair with a poker through his chest. His ring is on the floor. He thinks Stefan did it. Stefan comes in and denies responsibility, but removes the stake from his brother's gut. Mason Lockwood watches from the side of the room, but they can't see him. When Stefan leaves the room, he flings the drapes open, burning Damon with sunlight. In town, Carol introduces the night of illumination, when they turn off their lights and use candles. Tobias Fell, a history teacher, explains the history of the night. Ghost Anna stands next to Jeremy cracking jokes. He holds her hand. Bonnie tells Caroline that Vicki's foothold on our side is gone. Jeremy will be able to see Anna as long as they both want to. Bonnie thinks she's paying for messing with the balance when she brought Jeremy back. Damon drives up. He tells Bonnie: "I think you got your voodoo wires crossed when you got rid of Vicki Donovan, because I'm pretty sure I just got spit roasted by Mason Lockwood's ghost."

He knows it was Mason because he did what Damon did to him. He tells Bonnie to fix it. Elena tells Jeremy she's been reading Stefan's journals. Every time he went off the rails, his best friend Lexi straightened him out. She wants Jeremy to contact Lexi on the other side. Jeremy gives them an Other Side primer. Vicki had witch help, Anna doesn't. Bonnie and Caroline check with Matt to make sure he sent Vicki away. If Vicki didn't attack Damon, they have a big problem. Bonnie's drops her bag and her flies open to a manifestation spell. It's used to reveal veiled matter: ghosts. Sitting in front of the grill, Anna suggests not all spirits get trapped. Some find peace. Elena asks Jeremy if Anna is there. Anna tells him to lie. He leaves. Stefan joins Elena and Ric. He suggests Elena move on and accept things as they are. Bonnie takes Caroline to the witch house where she brought Jeremy back to life. Matt goes in the bathroom to talk to Anna.

He asks Anna if she's getting help from the other side. She swears she's alone. She reminds him she's there because he wants to be with her as much as she does. He kisses her. Caroline lights candles. Bonnie begins her incantation. A wind blows through. At the Grill, Damon finds Ric and tells him Mason is angry. Caroline gets freaked out as Bonnie chants and the wind whips around the house. Suddenly, Bonnie is holding her grandmother's hand. Elena walks into the Grill bathroom and sees Anna with Jeremy. Stefan sees Lexi on the street. Mason joins Damon at the bar and bashes him in the head with a shot glass. Out on the street, Lexi tells Stefan she has no idea why he can see her. He’s off the rails, and needs her help. She bounces his head off a nearby car, knocking him out. Miss Sheila tells Bonnie she made a mess, cracking open a door to the other side. An old witch took advantage of the spell Bonnie cast to send Vicki away and has propped open the door to the other side. She says its original vampire business. Miss Sheila tells Bonnie it's her duty to close the door.

Caroline explains the deal to Elena. The witch's power is tied to a talisman, Elena's necklace. Elena tells her about Jeremy kissing Anna. Damon has the necklace. Elena yells at Anna to go away. She does. Elena runs into Lexi, who says she's going to teach her ripper detox. Mason downs his shots of whiskey and tells Damon and Ric he wants an apology. He says he's there to help Tyler. Mason suggests there might be a weapon to kill Klaus, thereby helping Tyler. First he wants his apology. Damon comes close enough. Mason tells him to meet at the old Lockwood cellar with a shovel. Lexi brings Elena down below the jail, where she has Stefan tied up. Lexi wants to convince Stefan to turn his humanity back on. The first step is drying Stefan out. Lexi looks deep into his eyes. Stefan starts screaming in pain as his veins bulge. Down in the cellar, Mason reveals he knows reviving Michael didn't work. Mason hacks at a cellar wall, saying there's a Lockwood legend about a weapon that can kill an original vampire. It's buried behind the wall down a dark tunnel. Mason leads the way.

Stefan writhes as Lexi narrates he's experiencing months, then years without blood. Caroline calls from Damon's house, unable to find the necklace. Elena wants to hold off a bit on getting rid of the ghosts, because of Lexi. Caroline suggests they find it first then address boyfriend ghost dramas. Bonnie hears the part about plural dramas. Caroline tells her about Jeremy kissing Anna. At the festival that night, Jeremy roams through the crowd looking for Anna. He bumps into Fredrick but doesn't notice. Frederick finds Anna. Carol tries to introduce the history teacher on stage. He's missing, so Alaric fills in. Jeremy finds Anna talking to Frederick. He's joined by some friends, who apparently have a beef with the founding fathers. . The candles light. There's a scream from the crowd. They've found the history teacher. He's strung up bloody and dead in a tree.

Down in the cellar, Stefan begs Elena to help him. Lexi says it's a lie. Stefan first says he loves her, and then says every moment he spent with her was a waste. Lexi explains that she has to make Stefan feel anything beyond the ripper instincts, like pain. She stabs him, then again. Elena excuses herself. She sees the scene with police cars and the body being carried away in the square. Caroline and Bonnie look through every inch of Damon's house. Jeremy calls, telling them the ghosts of the entombed vampires killed Tobias Fell. They'd better hurry up and find the necklace. Caroline suggests someone might have taken it. Anna denies it. Jeremy believes her. Caroline tells him he's an idiot and hangs up on him. Elena finds Jeremy. Damon and Mason walk through the tunnels, with a suspicious Damon waiting for Mason to try to screw him over. They come to a fork in the tunnel. Mason tells Damon to go left. He goes right and sets off a booby trap, getting staked from four different directions and skewered. The stakes are covered in Vervane, so he can't pull them out.

Elena tries to convince Jeremy he's crazy to want to be with Anna. It's not real. He says he's always loved her. Anna appears. Elena tells her she's holding Jeremy back. Anna reveals the necklace. Mason comes back with the shovel and breaks the stakes holding Damon in place. He yanks them out. Damon still doesn't understand why Mason is helping him. Mason explains the other side consists of just watching the people they left behind and regretting their decisions. He wants to help Tyler. He's not looking for revenge. He wants redemption. Bonnie and Caroline drive through town and see all the tomb vampires converging on Carol's crashed car. Caroline tells Bonnie to go meet Jeremy and deal with the ghosts. She gets out and faces the vampires. Anna tells Jeremy they should say good-bye. She apologizes for taking the necklace but says she was hoping to find her mother. Jeremy assures her she can find peace and tells her she won't be alone. She gives him the necklace. Down in the cellar, Lexi keeps stabbing Stefan, trying to make him feel.

He taunts her for wasting her life trying to save him. Elena comes back and tells her they're running out of time. Lexi reminds Stefan how the necklace represented hope for him in his darkest time. Damon hits an invisible wall down in the tunnel, like he hasn't been invited in. Mason goes on ahead to an opening, telling Damon to trust him. Jeremy brings Bonnie the necklace. She throws it on the fire and chants with her grandmother. Carol comes to in her crashed car and sees Caroline single-handled fighting off the vampire ghosts trying to converge on her. Suddenly, they're gone. Mason sees something in the tunnel and starts to tell Damon, who can't reach it, what it is. Then Mason's gone. Under the jail, Elena tells Lexi she knows what to do and she can be free now. Lexi disappears. Anna walks down the street alone and sees her mother. She runs to her. They disappear in each other's arms.

Bonnie's grandmother tells her she's stronger than all of this and is proud of her. She disappears. Alaric meets Damon down in the cave. Alaric doesn't understand why Damon called him. Damon says it's because he's one of the few non-vampires he trusts. He suggests if Mason can get over the fact he killed him, maybe Ric should cut him some slack. Damon recycles the same "crap a--apology" he gave Mason for Ric's benefit, but says he didn't mean it for Mason. Elena stands over Stefan, saying she hasn't given up her hope. She tells him there's nothing she can do if he doesn't have hope. She urges him to fight to feel something or lose her forever. "I won't love a ghost for the rest of my life," she says. She locks him in the cell. Jeremy tries to explain himself to Bonnie. She doesn't want to hear it. He leaves her. The fire where the necklace melted crackles and flames. Bonnie looks and sees the necklace is sitting there, whole again. Down in the cave, Alaric says he found something. It looks like cave paintings. Damon asks what it is. "I have no idea," Ric says. The episode ends.