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On the night of the Homecoming dance, Rebekah opens up to Elena about why the evening is so important to her, leaving Elena with conflicting emotions. Caroline and Matt are both shocked at Tyler's behavior throughout the evening. The evening takes a surreal turn when Klaus puts his latest plan in action. Determined to outsmart Klaus, Damon enters in a dangerous partnership leading to a terrifying turn of events.

Episode Info

Episode number: 3x9
Airdate: Thursday November 10th, 2011

Director: Joshua Butler
Writer: Evan Bleiweiss

Alternate Airdates:

UK (itv2) Dec 06, 2011
AU (FOX8) Jun 05, 2012


Guest Stars
Claire HoltClaire Holt
As Rebekah Mikaelson (One Of The Originals, Klaus' Sister)
Kimberley DrummondKimberley Drummond
As Mindy (Werewolf Hybrid From Kansas)
Sebastian RochéSebastian Roché
As Mikael (One Of The Original's, Vampire Hunter)
Zane StephensZane Stephens
As Tony (Werewolf Hybrid From North Dakota)

Musical Guests
My Morning JacketMy Morning Jacket
As Themselves (Band Playing At Homecoming)
Main Cast
Nina DobrevNina Dobrev
As Elena Gilbert
Paul WesleyPaul Wesley
As Stefan Salvatore
Ian SomerhalderIan Somerhalder
As Damon Salvatore
Kat GrahamKat Graham
As Bonnie Bennett
Zach RoerigZach Roerig
As Matt Donovan
Candice AccolaCandice Accola
As Caroline Forbes
Michael TrevinoMichael Trevino
As Tyler Lockwood


The scene opens with Stefan calling Klaus on the road. He tells him Mikael is dead. We see Mikael staked with a knife on the floor. One hour earlier: Stefan, Damon and Elena scheme at the house, including a plan about feeding Mikael vervane and the story they found a dagger on him they were going to use on Rebekah, but used on her father instead. They wonder how they're going to convince Klaus that Mikael is dead, especially since Klaus' compulsion on Stefan prevents him from lying. Mikael is there and in on the scheme. He tells them to lure Klaus to the house. He'll kill him. He has a dagger from the white oak tree, but isn't saying where it is. It's his insurance policy against them leaving the dagger he presents to them in his heart. ..

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Episode Notes
Ratings: 3.17 Million Viewers

Casting: Main cast members Steven R. McQueen (Jeremy Gilbert) and Matt Davis (Alaric Saltzman) do not appear in this episode.

Trivia: Stefan Salvatore is 162 years old.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Cary BrothersFree Like You Make MeRebekah gets ready for homecoming with Elena.
My Morning JacketThe Day Is ComingKlaus' band plays at the homecoming party.
My Morning JacketHoldin' On To Black MetalKlaus' band plays at the homecoming party.
My Morning JacketFirst LightKlaus' band plays at the homecoming party.
My Morning JacketYou Wanna Freak OutKlaus' band plays at the homecoming party.
The Only ChildrenDon't Stop (Bit Funk Remix)Caroline and Tyler decorate for homecoming.

Episode Quotes
Stefan: You've wanted Klaus dead for five hundred years. Why would you risk all that just to save Damon's life?
Katherine: I wasn't just trying to save Damon's life, Stefan. I was trying to save yours. Your humanity. Let's just say I like the old you better.

Damon: In the back. Harsh.
Elena: It had to be done. Rebekah was never going to be completely on our side.
Damon: Hey, I'm not judging you. It's very...Katherine of you.
Elena: Not the way to make me feel better about myself, Damon.
Damon: It was a compliment...sort of.

Elena: Hey, listen to me. We'll survive this. We always survive. Trust me.
Damon: We're never getting Stefan back. You know that, don't you?
Elena: Then we'll let him go. Okay? We'll have to let him go.

Mikael: Where's my dagger?
Rebekah: Elena has it. So you can forget your plans to use it on me.
Mikael: You were never the one I was after.
Rebekah: Nik was my family. If you were after him, you were after me.
Mikael: He blinded you, Rebekah. He killed your mother.
Rebekah: I know what he did. And he'll pay for it with his life. But Nik was not born a killer; none of us were. You did this to us when you turned us into vampires. You destroyed our family. Not him.

Stefan: I'm a hundred and sixty-two years old and I'm going to a homecoming dance. I need better ties.
Elena: You could not go.
Stefan: I'm compelled to protect you, and if I look at your track record at high school dances, it's pretty tragic. With my luck, you'll go ahead and get yourself murdered by the homecoming queen.

Cultural References
Dancing with the Stars: Caroline says to Tyler, about his apology, "Oh yeah? Not, ‘Hey Caroline. I'm worried about what might happen this evening. So maybe you should go home and watch Dancing with the Stars."

'Dancing with the Stars' is the title of a competition dancing reality series that airs on ABC.

Episode References
Season 3, Episode 8: Elena learned the story of how Klaus, Mikael and Rebekah were turned into vampires in 3x08 "Ordinary People."

Season 3, Episode 8: Damon convinced Stefan to work on his side in 3x08 "Ordinary People" and to lure Klaus back into Mystic Falls so Mikael could kill him.

Season 3, Episode 5: Katherine and Jeremy woke Mikael, the vampire hunter, in 3x05 "The Reckoning."

Season 3, Episode 7: Alaric and Damon found tunnels under the Lockwood property in 3x07 "Ghost World" with ruins that detail how to kill an original vampire.

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