The New Deal - Recap

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The scene opens with Bonnie walking into a dark house and going downstairs. There, she finds four coffins. Inside one of them is Klaus. When she goes to grab for the bracelet in his hand she wakes up. Meanwhile, Elena is paranoid that people are out to get him. She tells Bonnie about being terrified of Klaus. Bonnie mentions to her a recurring dream; hearing this Elena wonders if it's a witch dream. Elena is worried as she hasn't heard from Stefan as yet. Meanwhile, Damon and Alaric go to see Jeremy at his job. He copied a midterm paper straight off the internet and got an F. They are told he was fired last week. Tyler and Jeremy drink beer in the woods while Jeremy shoots targets with Alaric's crossbow. Tyler asks about Jeremy about Alaric. Meanwhile, Elena tells Damon she thinks Jeremy is "spiraling."

Elsewhere, Klaus shows up at the grill with Tony, a hybrid who was following Elena earlier. Klaus wants to know how to find Stefan. He tells Damon that his brother "stole from me." and hence his quest to find Stephan. Meanwhile, we see what looks like another of Bonnie's casket dreams. She heads downstairs but finds no coffins. She turns around to see . . . Stefan standing there. He tells her that, he needs her help. He basically wants her to help hide four coffins. She is worried about not having enough power, although she does want to help. Meanwhile, Jeremy tells Elena and Alaric that he's been hanging out with Tyler. When they don't want him to leave, he promptly invites Tyler in. Klaus asks Damon if he knows where Stefan might be. Alaric asks Tyler about the difference between being sired and compelled. Tyler explains saying that, sired is "like faith" and he owes Klaus for releasing him from a curse.

He admits that if Klaus asked him to rip out his own heart he'd do it gladly. Klaus talks about Stefan stealing his family members. To show how serious he is about finding Stefan, Klaus makes a call and tells someone to do "the thing" he told him to do. Meanwhile, cut to Tyler saying he has to leave. Elsewhere, when Elena and Alaric turn around they find Jeremy is gone. Out front he's standing in the middle of the street. An SUV comes screaming towards him and he doesn't move. At the last minute Alaric shoves him out of the way in order to save his life, but is hit himself. It turns out that, Tony was behind the wheel. Meanwhile, Tyler goes to meet Klaus and isn't happy when he gets to hear what happened to Alaric. Klaus says the point was to send Elena's family a message, just as a warning; but Tyler didn't have the intention of wanting anyone to be killed.

Meanwhile, Alaric is dead, but he was wearing his ring. Jeremy doesn't have his bracelet. Damon thinks this was Klaus sending a message and says they need to find four originals to get him off their case. Jeremy thinks they should just leave instead. Meanwhile, Elena calls Bonnie to say that Klaus is surprisingly looking for the same number of coffins she's been seeing in her dreams. She asks for Bonnie’s assistance in order to help find Stefan. Bonnie tells her she knows where to find him. Meanwhile, Elena and Damon go to see Stefan. Because of a spell Damon is unable to go inside. Elena tells Stefan that Klaus will kill Jeremy if he doesn't get what he wants: "That's not my problem," Stefan says, he insinuates that he is preoccupied. Meanwhile, Damon sends Elena home to be with Jeremy and tries to brave the inside of the house, which is blocking his resistance to sunlight. He goes downstairs to see Stefan.

They start to fight and it spills outside. Stefan tells Damon he ruined the plan to kills Klaus to save him. Meanwhile, Jeremy yells at Tyler for helping set him up. Tyler warns him to go home and get inside. He says Klaus isn't done with him yet. Elena comes home to find Alaric awake. But something is wrong, he starts coughing up blood and the paramedics arrive, Elena is extremely worried... Tony arrives and compels the paramedics to leave. He wants Elena to invite him in so he can save Alaric with his blood. Jeremy shoots Tony from behind with a crossbow, then cuts off his head.

Stefan tells Damon that Klaus' family is his one weakness. Damon makes it amply clear that, he wants in on any plan to kill Klaus. Stefan shows Damon that strangely enough although; the coffins are, in fact, there in the house, they are being hidden by the spirits. In the meanwhile, Alaric is back on his feet and leaves the hospital against medical advice. Meanwhile, Klaus drops by to see Elena. She says she has something to show him and takes him to the daggered Rebekah. He in turn agrees to spare Jeremy. She again tries to convince him that, she doesn't know where to find Stefan, but he doesn't believe her. He threatens her that, if he doesn't find the rest of his family he'll kill somebody else in hers. She tells him that, Stefan doesn't care about her anymore. She also tells him that she thinks Rebekah knows he killed his mother and will want him dead. Meanwhile, Jeremy picks up Alaric at the hospital.

He is baffled at the fact as to why his ring didn't work. Meanwhile, Damon comes home to find an emotional Elena. He tells her "it's going to be okay.”, and consoles her. She in turn tells him about the deal with Klaus and Rebekah. He thinks it's a mistake to trust that Klaus won't let Rebekah kill her. Elena doesn't think its fair her 16-year old brother has to go through all of this. Rebekah starts moving her fingers. Klaus apologizes to her unconscious body and sticks the dagger through her heart. Elsewhere, Elena and Alaric have Damon compel Jeremy to leave Mystic Falls for Denver and never come back.

Meanwhile, Stefan tells Bonnie he is unable to open one of the coffins. The both of them think it's a spell. Bonnie believes whatever is inside will provide them with some answers. Meanwhile, Damon tells Elena that Jeremy is lucky to have her as a sister. She in turn tells him that, she doesn't know what she'd do without him. He tells her the good reason Stefan had for screwing them over. The episode ends with Damon confessing that, he feels guilty for "wanting" her. He starts to leave, then comes back and kisses her.