Dangerous Liaisons - Recap

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The scene opens with Elena and Matt at the hospital. They are leaving, when she lets on she has changed her lock at home, and he appreciates Caroline’s ability to cope up with the loss of her dad – given the closeness she shared with him. And another update is Bonnie and her mother are safe. After they see each other off, Elena gets into her car, but something strange happens. The car won’t move after a couple of yards – as though it was being tugged from behind. When Elena steps out to find out what’s wrong in a nervous manner, she doesn’t find anything, but soon Rebecca appears and is about to kill her. However, Elena gets saved when Elija turns up grabbing Rebecca by the neck. Before long, he is laying into her – is she challenging him? Rebecca leaves spouting hatred towards both of them.

Next morning, when Elena discusses the original vampires with Damon and Stefan, she receives an invitation from Esther. Damon is already losing temper because of the dissent Stefan has for Elija when Elena thinks he is a friend. The original vampires have invited Elena to their a ball at their place. It carries a personal message from Esther, who wants to see Elena for telling her something. As she wonders what it could be, Damon is hardly approving her attendance at the party. It’s bad enough they have moved into town, and they want a gift for their house warming party? Back at the Michelsons residence, Klaus lays into Rebecca for attacking Elena, and taunting at him is Kaul. Both get into a quarrel, but Esther arrives to stop them. She summons Klaus, who wants to know why she is forgiving him. She tells him getting the family back together has been a long dream. Besides, she is unable to see her children split up the way they were. Klaus cannot understand why she would forgive him although he killed her. However, she lets on her ordeal of a thousand years, the time she waited so that her family could be at peace.

Damon and Elena are arguing over she attending the ball party, but Elena insists she must know what Esther has to tell her. Later, when she meets Caroline at a café, she is upset Elena never told her she made out with Damon. Elena explains she didn’t because she doesn’t know if it feels right as yet. Before long, they find Rebecca strutting in and delivering an invitation to Matt. Livid, Elena and Caroline wonder why she is doing it. Elena suggests Rebecca wants this very reaction. When the party begins, Damon and Mae are sharing information that she intends to bring peace to the city, just like everyone wants. When Kaul greets her, he gets sarcastic with Damon – he has met many people, but he obviously doesn’t stand out.

Before long, Elena arrives. Damon is still livid about the fact that she has decided to come. Meanwhile, Caroline is getting ready for the party, but does not want to wear the dress Klaus has sent with the invitation. However, her wardrobe is no match for that dress, and she ends up falling prey to the attraction. Meanwhile, Elena tries to explain how important it is for her to meet Esther. She can know a lot that matters to her. However, Damon is not game. A while later, when Caroline arrives, Klaus is being affectionate, but she needs a drink first. The Michelsons announce their tradition. Every party begins with a dance, and this time it will be a centuries old waltz. All guests are requested to join in the ballroom. As the waltz progresses, Damon and Elena, Klaus and Caroline, Rebecca and Matt are with each other. However, when the exchanges happen, Kaul and Rebecca haven’t given up on their plan.

Later, she tells how she wishes Kaul to be on her side – although she might be looking frail by going out with mortal Matt, she would love to kill him. Kaul doesn’t want to be on her side as it will be spitting right in the face of their mother’s plan, but Kaul can hardly resist the temptation. Meanwhile, Elena and Stefan have slipped out, and she tells him meeting Esther is priority. She has come to the party mainly for that, and she is okay with the idea. Stefan wants to make sure she is confident – which she says she is. So he escorts her up to the ante room on the upper floor, where Damon arrives to realize what’s happening, and he turns livid. However, Stefan dashes him to the ground so that he does not interfere. Nervous, Elena makes sure she gets out of there as soon as possible. On the way to meeting Esther, she meets Elija. He is already suspicious of his mother’s plans to reunite the family. So he makes Elena promise she would tell him everything Esther told her. Before long, Elena finds herself in Esther’s room, where one of her sons has been assisting her with what she intends to do. After she arrives, the son moves out leaving them in privacy.

Esther is sure Elena has a million questions for her. However, this is what she has to say. She is truly sorry for the carnage she has caused by turning her sons into vampires. Besides she apologizes for what Elena has had to go through because of her mistakes. She has accepted the thousand years of punishment for creating the lack of balance in nature. Although turned her children into vampires, she may have done it to protect them from wolves, but they have turned so violent, that all of them need to be killed. Not just Klaus – but all of them. For that, she needs to unite them first, because that is how it works. Elena will have to help her by giving her a drop of her blood – just a drop, which will be used in the champagne ritual. Esther pricks Elena’s finger with a thin dagger, and drops the blood into a glass of champagne.

Meanwhile, when Damon wakes up to find that Stefan assaulted him, he tries to hit back, but learns that Stefan and Elena both think his emotions are meddling with their plans. Before long, they become estranged from each other, at least as far as the party is concerned. Meanwhile, Matt and Rebecca go out for some fresh air. However, when she gets back inside, she tells Kaul she would not harm Matt. However, Kaul does not like such a change of plans. Before long, the champagne ritual begins, and Elija is questioning Elena about what she has learnt. However, she hides the real truth, and tells him Esther wanted to apologize, and really means a reunification. Although Elija does not toast, he ends up drinking – just like all the other brothers.

Damon lays into Elena for going ahead so stubbornly. However, she lets on how his emotions are getting in her way. Besides, she also blurts out the fact that he loving her is a problem. Damon is now on fire. Meanwhile, Matt finds a mysterious voice calling him from one of the balconies. When he sticks out his neck out of curiosity, it is Kaul. Before long, Kaul crushes his hand, but Damon attacks Kaul, and throws him off the balcony. Before long the both are in a fight, and creating a scene. Later, Elija complains how Kaul disrespected their mother’s wish of them being a peaceful brotherhood. Later, Elija arrives to apologize for what happened to Esther. She wishes the others were like him.
Now it is time for the unification ritual. Drawing blood from her confidante son’s hand, she starts it, reciting sermons, and waiting for the spattered blood to do the unification trail.

Before long, it is done. When Elena gets back home with Stefan, she lets on how she signed on the death sentence of all the brothers. Stefan makes her feel better, by saying that it was a family that brought her much darkness. So, she should not be so worried or guilty. Later, Rebecca arrives at a bar to find Matt drinking. He wants to be left alone, and in spite of coaxing him, Rebecca is getting no response. Before long, Damon arrives taunting her adolescence, and after a little talking, they get "busy". The episode ends.