Heart of Darkness - Recap

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The episode begins and Elena brings supplies to Alaric in the cellar. He thinks it’s better for him to remain confined, at least until his alter ego doesn’t give them the white oak stake, which his alter ego has hidden somewhere. He is also worried as to what Klaus would do if they don’t give him the stake. Elena says that it’s the only thing that will kill him so he would be desperate to get it in any way possible. She tells him that Stefan would watch over him for a while, in the meantime she and Damon would go to Denver to pick up Jeremy. It turns out that it was Stephan’s idea, as he wants her to sort out the unresolved feelings she possibly has for Damon. Later, Stephan and Elena part ways without saying much.

Meanwhile at school, Caroline is shocked to see that Rebekah has taken over the decade dance. Matt defends the change made by Rebekah and Caroline walks out clearly angry. Matt runs out after Caroline. Turns out it was all an act put up by Matt and Caroline, as is revealed outside. Caroline wanted a day off and this was her way of getting it. Stefan gets Alaric some alcohol to ease his boredom. He asks Stephan to give him company. He tells Alaric that there is limited amount of time left before they have to resort to other methods, to get the information out of him. Although Damon could have done that, Stephan sent him and Elena away, so they could explore their feelings for each other. Meanwhile, Damon and Elena meet Jeremy; they want him to talk to Rose.

He agrees, but after he has met a friend who he had made plans with earlier. It turns out the friend Jeremy is talking about is Kol, Klaus’s brother. He hits Damon on the head with a baseball bat, shocking Jeremy and alarming Elena. When he tries assaulting Damon once again Damon easily overpowers him and drives a stake through him. Kol isn’t dead even after this, but is at least incapacitated, giving them a head start. Later Jeremy gets them to a place where the two might just be safe. It’s a motel, and in the room they call out for Rose, but it’s not that easy, as Jeremy either needs her photograph, or needs to know something important about her, to be able to summon her. Damon then recollects that, Rose spent her last day in paradise, soaking in the sun and she didn't fear death.

Elena begs to differ as she was there with her on her last day. Jeremy tells then that Rose is there. Damon sees Rose smiling at him from across the room. Meanwhile, Caroline is searching for someone in the woods, she then sees Tyler and is visibly overjoyed. Tyler too is overjoyed to see her, and the two then begin making out. Meanwhile, Matt gives Rebekah a ride home; she is suspicious as to why he is being nice to her. He dispels her worries by reassuring her that he has no ulterior motive for doing so, she in the end seems convinced and they part ways with a smile on their faces. Once inside Rebekah is visibly shocked to see her mother Esther. Rebekah is visibly angry and asks her why she shouldn’t kill her.

Easter reveals to her that she is dying. Meanwhile, Rose talks to everyone present through Jeremy. She tells them that she is enjoying it on the other side and is happy. She tells Damon that she misses him and that; she wants Elena and him to be together, but this Jeremy does not say as he finds it weird. Rose was sired by someone named Mary Porter, but she doesn’t know her present whereabouts. She promises to see what she can find out. Meanwhile, Stephan and Alaric are talking and Alaric says he never imagined his alter-ego would be so violent. Stephan says it’s understandable given the experiences he has had. Just then Klaus comes in. Klaus decides to just kill Alaric, but then he won’t know the location of the oak stake Stephan reminds him.

Klaus then renders Alaric unconscious, as him passing out and his alter ego coming out is the only hope for finding the stake. Later, Stephan calls Damon and tells him all that has just transpired. He is hoping when Alaric wakes up, it would be his alter ego. Damon tells him everything that happened with Rose, and that they are waiting in the motel until she gets back. Meanwhile, Jeremy asks Elena about her and Damon, indicating that Rose said something to that effect, but just then Damon walks into the room. Meanwhile, Rebekah, is explained to by Esther that she drawing her power from the Bennett witch line. When Abby died the connection was severed, and hence her body is weakening.

Rebekah doesn’t care as she can’t forget how Esther tried to kill her. Esther tells her how she has looked over her for the past 1000 years. Suddenly Esther collapses. Meanwhile Klaus arrives at the scene and sees his mother dead. Meanwhile, Tyler and Caroline are lying in each other’s arms after making love. Tyler tells Caroline that he would take the things to the next level with her once he figures out how to deal with Klaus. Caroline tells him that Matt killed an original, and every vampire turned by the original died, and if Damon finds out it wasn’t Klaus who turned them, they plan to kill him. Tyler is worried, as Klaus turned him, so if he dies Tyler dies too. Damon knows that but he doesn’t care.

Meanwhile, at the motel Elena lies staring at Damon, who is drinking. Damon sees her staring and comes and lies down beside her. She's impressed by what he did for Rose. "Why don't you let people see the good in you?" she asks. "Because when people see good, they expect good, and I don't want to have to live up to anyone's expectations," he says. The two then hold hands, Elena is bothered by this and walks out into the balcony. The two then end up kissing, and making out. Jeremy sees them making out in the balcony and is visibly shocked. He tells them that Rose has found Mary, she lives in Kansas. Meanwhile, Alaric is awake, and him being unconscious did not help awaken his alter ego as it turns out. Alaric removes his ring in frustration, just so his alter ego awakens. He then tells Stephan to try and kill him, so his alter ego tries to protect himself.

Meanwhile, Jeremy, Damon and Elena go to the address given by Rose, Elena says she and Damon will go in, Jeremy taunts Elena about her and Damon making out and that is why probably she wants to be alone with Damon once again. He clearly still very angry, about the whole thing, but reluctantly agrees. Inside, Damon tells Elena that Scary Mary is creepy and ugly. They poke around in the dark. They find her staked to a wall, dead. Kol it turns out has beaten them there. Meanwhile, Stephan is assaulting Alaric to awaken his alter ego, but it doesn’t seem to be working. Alaric starts bleeding and Stephan finds it difficult to resist, he assaults Alaric violently, then it turns out he might have managed to awaken the alter ego. Meanwhile, Kol starts assaulting Damon once again, Damon tells Elena to get out of there, but Kol stops her and assaults her too, he then gives Damon quite a thrashing with a baseball bat.

Meanwhile, Stephan questions Alaric’s alter ego about the stake, but all Alaric does is taunt him. Stephan in anger assaults Alaric some more asking about the stake, but to no avail. He at last reveals that it’s in the cave where no vampire can get it. Meanwhile, Damon and Elena are recovering from the assault inflicted upon them by Kol, after he has left. Damon is worried about the effect Elena is having on him. Elena tells him what Stephan thinks about the two of them. Damon then asks Elena to figure out how she feels about him. Meanwhile, Rebekah takes Alaric along to fetch the stake from the cave. Stephan then asks Klaus if he is going to kill him. Klaus says he is waiting for Stephan’s alter ego to come out before he does anything.

Stephan says that it won’t, hence Klaus can’t control him anymore. Meanwhile, Damon, Elena and Jeremy are driving back, with Rose in the car, but she tells Jeremy not to say anything. Rose tells Jeremy in so many words that Elena and Damon are meant to be together, for better or for worse. Meanwhile, Tyler stays at Caroline’s house; at least until things are clear with Damon and Stephan. He then finds Caroline’s sketch made by Klaus, and feels it’s pretty creepy. He then doubts if she and Klaus had thing, while he was gone. He looks clearly jealous despite her reassuring him that nothing happened. He then leaves to spend the night somewhere else.

Meanwhile, Alaric recovers the stake from inside the cave, but plays around with Rebekah as he knows she can’t get in, taunting her as to why he should give her the stake. Just then Rebekah steps into the cave surprising Alaric, she then tells him, that she doesn’t want one original to die, she wants them all to die. She then reveals to him that she isn’t Rebekah, and that her name is Ester, and that she and he have a great deal in common. The episode ends at this point.