Growing Pains - Recap

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The episode begins and Elena wakes up to loud noises, lawn mowers, bells, birds, everything crashing in on her. She's home in bed with Stefan and Damon watching over her. Stefan tells her she was in an accident, Matt is fine. They tell her Meredith Fell healed her with vampire blood earlier, and she had it in her system when she and Matt crashed. "Am I dead?" she asks. Stefan tells her Bonnie is looking for a loophole before she has to feed or die in 24 hours. She doesn't want to be a vampire. Upstairs, Elena's gums start to ache. Jeremy checks on her. "I need my sister, not another one of them," Jeremy says.

Bonnie stands over the body of Klaus in his coffin. Tyler appears. He wants her to put him back in his body, but she points out he needs Elena human to have an endless blood supply to make his hybrids. At the hospital, Pastor Young swoops in on orders from the Council. He tells Meredith that Alaric outed her and they're locking down the blood supply. Caroline hides out from the Council in the hospital. Caroline hides as one of the Council goons checks Matt's room. Pastor Young and his squad intercept Sheriff Forbes, telling her she's no longer on the job. They've confiscated the town's supply of Vervane, including from the Salvatore's. Ann Forbes calls Caroline as she's walking out of her house.

Then, one of the Council goons grabs her and sticks a needle in her throat. At home, Elena can't stop thinking about blood. Her emotions are out of control. At Klaus' mansion, Damon visits Rebekah. He rushes at her with a stake, but she fights him off. Wooden bullets come in from the window, hitting Rebekah. She's skewered by an arrow. At home, Elena comes downstairs to see Pastor Young and his guys holding Stefan at gun point. Mayor Lockwood calls her son, Tyler (Klaus). She wants to make sure he wasn't with Caroline. She tells him the Council got her.

Rebekah comes into the back of a van, strapped down with Vervane ropes next to Caroline, who starts to explain the Council grabbed them. Suddenly, the van they're traveling in is hit and flips over. Tyler (Klaus) rips the back door off the van and frees Caroline, who is thrilled to see that he's alive. He leaves Rebekah. Ann Forbes regroups with Damon and Meredith. She's locked out of her office by the Council. Ann knows Caroline is free, but she doesn't know where. Matt visits Damon. Pastor Young keeps Elena at a safe house. He's planning to hold her until Damon comes looking for her, and hold Rebekah until her siblings come for her. He thinks she'll turn over the white oak stake and then they'll exterminate the entire vampire race for good.

Out in the woods, Caroline is so glad to see Tyler she helps him take his clothes off. As they make-out she pauses, putting it together that he's Klaus. She's grossed out and wants Tyler back. Bonnie makes a plea to the witches to save Elena, but they aren't listening. Bonnie tells Jeremy about her back-up plan: to go to the other side and bring Elena back herself. She can stop her heart like she did his and Klaus', using her "new source of power," dark magic. Jeremy is not a fan of the plan.

Damon tries to figure out where Pastor Young is holding Stefan and Elena. Matt mentions the pastor has a cattle ranch with steel pens. Elena wakes up in a pen. Stefan and Rebekah are locked up nearby. Elena has about three hours to feed or she dies. Bonnie tries another spell. Jeremy watches with horror as she gets a nose bleed but keeps going as her veins turn black and she keels over. Bonnie appears in the pen with Elena. Bonnie takes Elena's hand, guiding her to her feet. Elena can't see her but can feel something happening.

Bonnie tells her she's going home, but her grandmother appears and tells her stay away from dark magic. "This magic is dark, Bonnie. It is not nature's plan. Touch it again and the spirits will unleash their anger in ways that will make you suffer. Stay away, Go" her grandmother runs her off. Bonnie wakes up back with Jeremy, having failed. Stefan calls for someone to come in. He tells the Council member who comes that she's innocent, but he shoots Stefan twice. Klaus/Tyler and Caroline join Bonnie and Jeremy. Bonnie tells Klaus that she angered the spirits using dark magic and can't do it again. Klaus though starts ripping Tyler's heart out of his own chest, threatening to jump into someone else.

Bonnie relents. In his pen, Stefan digs the wooden bullets out of his body. Damon and Matt pull up to Pastor Young's house at night. "So what, we just storm the place with zero weapons?" Matt says. "Nah, we don't need weapons. Just bait," Damon says. Then he chomps down on Matt's neck. Damon taunts Pastor Young to come out. He does, and sees Matt bleeding and holding his neck. But he refuses to come out. Someone shoots Damon in the shoulder and he falls to the ground. Bonnie recites the black magic spell to transfer Klaus. Tyler returns to his body long enough to see Caroline, and crumple to the floor. Bonnie's grandmother appears again before her, telling her she was warned. Something makes her grasp onto Bonnie's hands and not let go.

The black veins of black magic run through Bonnie and into her grandmother's spirit. "You've made your choice, now the spirits are taking it out on me," Gram says. Bonnie is powerless to stop it. She watches as her grandmother is taken away by dark spirits. She breaks free from the spell and freaks out, wondering what she's just done. Back in the holding pen, two members of the Council come in. Rebekah signals Stefan. They prepare to bring Damon in. Rebekah calls for one of them, offering bribes. He approaches Rebekah's pen, but she bares her teeth and rushes the bars. He backs up to Stefan's pen and Stefan grabs him and bashes his head against the bars until he falls dead, his blood pooling on the floor. He flings the body in front of Elena and she reaches through the bars toward the pooling blood. She's able to reach just enough for a taste.

Outside, Council members approach a fallen Damon to put him in captivity. But he pops up, and quickly dispatches them. He kicks Matt as he lies on the ground. He steps on Matt and seems prepared to finish him when someone runs at him and throws him off. It's Elena, in full vampire mode. Elena confronts Damon, who admits he was ready to kill Matt. "It was my choice to save him, why aren't you seeing that?" Elena says. "It's a little hard to keep track of all of your choices lately, Elena," he tells her. Rebekah comes home to find Klaus packing up bags of Elena blood. She's furious he saved Caroline in the van over her and seems to care more about his hybrids than her, his real family.

She grabs his bags of blood, reminding him she's the one who always stood by him. She squeezes his bags onto the floor. He attacks her, telling her they're not family from here on. He snaps her neck. Elena and Stefan wait for the sun to rise. He wants to reassure her that she won't feel pain or crave blood, but she will. "It'll be the worst thing that you've ever lived through," he says. "But I'll get to live. I'll be a sister and a friend, and I'll be with you, forever. If I want," she says.

She kisses him. "I'm going to get through this, just like we get through everything. One day at a time," she says. Pastor Young tears the gas line on his oven and addresses the Council. He locks the door as he addresses the group. "Fear not, because I have been chosen to lead us in a movement. Here me loved ones, soon you'll be free to pass through the gates and we'll all reunite in eternity," he says. He takes a lighter out of his pocket and they start to get nervous. "We are the beginning," he says, as he flicks the lighter. The house explodes. The episode ends at this point.