The Rager - Recap

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The episode begins and Tyler is sleeping in his hospital room. The guard posted outside the door goes to investigate a noise in the hall, and gets jumped by Connor. Tyler hides in his room and attacks Connor when he comes in, but Connor quickly subdues him with an injection of a paralytic. Then he draws a vial of werewolf venom from Tyler's gums and leaves. Damon plans to find Connor, take Tyler's werewolf venom, and kill the hunter. Tyler and Carol Lockwood come home, where she's arranged for a pair of Klaus's hybrids to watch over Tyler. In school, Elena and Stefan get ready for what used to be Alaric's class. Rebekah saunters in, announcing her anti-curfew party.

She invites Elena, and then taunts her, mentioning how she killed Alaric. Connor pulls Jeremy out of class and gives him the file on him. He wants to know how Jeremy could see his tattoo, which is invisible to everyone but hunters or people who could be hunters. He tells Jeremy to find him a vampire and meet him at his trailer. Damon inspects Connor's trailer and quickly sets off booby traps. An arrow goes through his chest, but he realizes he can't pull it out because it's tied to something that looks like it might explode. Outside school, Elena is angry enough to want to kill Rebekah. Stefan suggests they skip the rest of the day, then go to Rebekah's party and show her they can't be intimidated. But first Elena has to go home and change.

Meredith Fell comes to help Damon. He didn't call Stefan because he's proud and stubborn. He wants her to cut the arrow out. At school, Connor confronts Matt in the hall and rips off his bandage, to reveal Elena's bite marks. He holds a knife to Matt's throat and demands he tell him which one of his friends is a vampire. Matt tells him Rebekah. Connor knocks him out. Damon comes home to find Elena rooting through his things. She says she's looking for bourbon to get through Rebekah's party, but he busts her for wanting the last white oak stake. Damon heard Connor was at school from Jeremy. Elena doesn't want Jeremy involved, but Damon thinks he could be useful. Jeremy goes to meet Connor at his trailer. He didn't bring a vampire, but he tells him Meredith has a deal to get vampire blood.

Connor says he has Rebekah's party covered, as long as they're drinking, they'll be dead by sundown. Caroline surprises Tyler at home. She can't believe Klaus has him kept at home. In the study, Klaus introduces himself to Hailey. Klaus hears Tyler get rid of Caroline at the door and realizes why he's never heard about Hailey. Elena's skin starts to burn and she realizes Rebekah has lifted her ring. Elena runs for cover in the corner as Rebekah tosses her ring into the disposal and turns it on and leaves. Elena runs to the disposal and fishes it out, letting her skin singe until she's able to get it back on. She runs to her bag and takes out the white oak stake.

Stefan finds her and says he won't stop her, but after she kills Rebekah, tens of thousands of vampires from her bloodline all over the world will start to die. "Rage is a really powerful feelings, but guilt, take it from me, it'll destroy you" he says. Instead, he invites her to get on his motorcycle and leave. Rebekah watches them leave but her vision starts to go blurry. She wobbles inside as her skin flushes. Back at Tyler's, Hailey is gone. Damon calls for Tyler, but Klaus answers. Klaus won't let Tyler help Damon kill Connor, but Klaus is up for it. Stefan and Elena go for a ride in the country. She gets bold and stands up on the back of his bike, enjoying the freedom.

At the hospital, Jeremy points Meredith out to Connor as she goes into the supply room. Connor follows. He finds Damon there instead. Connor walks toward Damon and is hit in the arm by an arrow, then another. The arrows are attached to Connor's own booby trap bomb. He can't reach his gun. Klaus steps out and says hello. Elena and Stefan enjoy rolling around in bed with vampire urges. But all of a sudden she pictures Damon and throws Stefan off her. Elena starts to feel sick. Stefan realizes Damon said Connor has vampire venom. At her party, Rebekah is still feeling weak, but since whatever it is isn't the white oak stake, it can't kill her. Matt joins her. "The truth is Rebekah, I think you're amazing. You've had a thousand years to learn, to grow, and to start fresh.

And somehow, you've managed to throw it all away. Now you're alone, you're compelling your friends, your brother hates you. You whine about not finding love, the reason you don't find love is because you don't deserve it" he says. Rebekah gets angry and quickly rips Matt's heart out. She holds his quivering heart a moment, but when she drops it, Matt's gone. Back with Connor, Damon and Klaus want info. Damon mentions the disappearing tattoo and Klaus is interested. "There's more to you than meets the eye, isn't there?" Klaus asks. Connor tries to stake Klaus, but he catches his arm, telling him he's faster than your average vampire. Klaus examines the carving on Connor's stake and realizes he's "one of the five".

Connor starts to pull on the trip wire attached to the arrow in his arm, saying he's faster than your average hunter. Damon realizes what's about to happen and dives into the hall. The supply room explodes. With Elena sick in bed, Stefan calls Klaus but can't reach him. Elena sees Damon instead of Stefan and asks why he's seeing him. "Because you're a vampire now and part of you knows you're a lot more like me than you are like him" hallucination Damon says. Klaus arrives. He's the only one who can heal Elena, and with what he's just learned, he still wants to. He feeds Elena his blood.

Rebekah wakes up in her bedroom to see April. Rebekah offers to help her look into the fire at the farmhouse, but April doesn't see how she couldn't help. Damon and Carol survey the blown-up supply room, which Damon says has bits of Connor inside. Carol plans to cancel the curfew. Jeremy points out to Damon how helpful he was. Meredith is annoyed they blew something up near medically fragile patients, but Damon suggests she buy him a going-out-of-town drink. She doesn't believe for a minute that he'll leave. "I'm not your new partner in vampire crime. Fix things with Stefan and Elena, don't let your pride leave you all alone" she says. Stefan waits for Caroline at his house.

He wants Elena to be able to enjoy becoming a vampire, but he's worried if he joins in, he risks becoming the Ripper. "I love her and I don't want to hold her back" he says. "But you don't know how to be around her and still resist that urge" Caroline says. Stefan can't ask Damon right now, but he thinks Caroline can help since she's good at being a vampire. She promises to help him avoid getting too close to the edge. Matt finds Elena at home, he wouldn't have told Connor about Rebekah if he'd known Elena was going to her party. He rolls up his sleeve for her as she tells him about the rage's feeling that's driven by hunger. She chomps down on his wrist but doesn't stop.

He tells her it hurts, but she doesn't listen. She's showing no signs of stopping when Damon comes in and pulls her off. He compels Matt to forget and tells Elena there's nothing for her to be ashamed of. She just has to learn how to be a vampire, and he's going to teach her. Connor wakes up in his trailer with Klaus standing over him. "Congratulations, you just became worth more to me alive than dead" Klaus says. Connor doesn't know what "one of the five" means. Klaus tells him it makes him the most well-protected vampire hunter in town. The episode ends at this point.