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Stefan and Klaus form an uneasy alliance to try and contain the danger that Connor has unleashed on the town. When Connor takes Jeremy, Matt and April hostage at the Grill, Stefan and Damon have a serious disagreement about the best course of action, and Elena is again caught between the two brothers. The situation quickly turns violent when Klaus sends one of his hybrids, Dean to stand up to Connor. Caroline is surprised to find Hayley at the Lockwood mansion. Meanwhile, Professor Shane works with Bonnie to help her get past her fear and guilt.

Source: The CW

Episode Info

Episode number: 4x5
Airdate: Thursday November 08th, 2012


Guest Stars
David AlpayDavid Alpay
As Professor Atticus Shane (Occult Professor, Working With Connor)
Grace PhippsGrace Phipps
As April Young (Jeremy's Friend, Pastor Young's Daughter)
Phoebe TonkinPhoebe Tonkin
As Hayley (Werewolf Friend of Tyler's)
Todd WilliamsTodd Williams
As Connor Jordan (Vampire Hunter)
Blake HoodBlake Hood
As Dean (One Of Klaus' Hybrids)

Claudia GentileClaudia Gentile
As Carrie
Michael Lee KimelMichael Lee Kimel
As Nate (His Head Appears, Having Been Killed By Connor)
Main Cast
Nina DobrevNina Dobrev
As Elena Gilbert
Paul WesleyPaul Wesley
As Stefan Salvatore
Ian SomerhalderIan Somerhalder
As Damon Salvatore
Steven R. McQueenSteven R. McQueen
As Jeremy Gilbert
Kat GrahamKat Graham
As Bonnie Bennett
Zach RoerigZach Roerig
As Matt Donovan
Candice AccolaCandice Accola
As Caroline Forbes
Michael TrevinoMichael Trevino
As Tyler Lockwood


The episode begins and Connor returns to his trailer with a head in a pillow case. The scene alternates between him talking to Professor Shane and unpacking the head, which belongs to the hybrid that was guarding him. He tells Shane he met Klaus, but he's annoyed Shane won't give him more answers. In his trailer, Connor draws hybrid venom from his severed head. Shane tells Connor not to hurt Bonnie; he needs her for his plan. When Connor won't make any promises, Shane says he'll keep her occupied. "Just do what you do, the less I know about it, the better," Shane says. Connor returns to Mystic Falls. He surprises Jeremy at the Grill, putting a knife to his throat. ..

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Episode Notes
Ratings: 3.02 Million Viewers

Trivia: This episode marks the first time that Elena has killed anyone as a vampire.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
The Album LeafThe LightStefan thanks Damon for not telling Elena the cure
Cat PowerKeep on Runnin'Elena is caught burying Connor after killing him.
DaughterSmotherElena and Stefan write in their diaries.
Yeah Yeah YeahsTickThe restaurant blows up.

Episode Quotes
Matt: Uh, hey, April. We don't open til eleven.
April: Uh, sorry. I wasn't, like, trying to scare you or stalk you or whatever. I, I came to ask if you've seen Rebekah.
Matt: Why would I have seen Rebekah?
April: Oh, I just assumed. I mean, aren't...aren't you guys kind of like a thing?
Matt: Rebekah and I are not a thing.
April: Well, I, I, I mean I'm worried about her. She said she'd help me find stuff out about the fire that killed my dad and then she just disappeared.
Connor: Trust me. That's the least of your problems.

Stefan: Thanks for not saying anything to Elena.
Damon: About what? The cure we don't have, can't find, and probably doesn't exist? You're welcome.

Professor Shane: Right now just relax, drink your tea. I got this in Australia when I was backpacking with these Aborigine spirit guides. Trust me, it's better when you smoke it, but I'm trying to be a role model. Bonnie, listen the thing is, what I have in mind might come off as a little unorthodox.
Bonnie: Now I'm officially curious.

Damon: We have a plan. The plan is, I'm gonna rip Connor's heart out and I'm gonna feed it to him.
Stefan: That's not a plan.

Elena: No, I didn't tell him that I got high on blood like some crack head and then dirty danced with you. It was a mistake, ok? I wasn't myself and besides, he has enough on his plate with trying to get me through this vampire stuff.
Damon: Oh, I see, this is classic shame spiral.
Elena: I'm not in a shame spiral.
Damon: Oh, you so are. Newbie vampire remorse. It's worse than a hang-over.
Elena: I'm not in a shame spiral, Damon.

Episode Goofs
Editing Error:

When Elena is writing in her diary, her pen moved from right to left, instead of left to right, across the page.

Cultural References
Tina Fey: When Stefan is telling everyone what they should do to help save the hostages, Damon says to him, "Is that what you've been doing all morning? Out buying Bossypants?"

'Bossypants' is the title of a novel by Tina Fey.

The Wizard of Oz: When asking where Bonnie is, so that she can help save the hostages, Damon calls her The Wicked With of the West.

'The Wicked Witch of the West' is a character from 'The Wizard of Oz' movie.

Dirty Dancing: While arguing with Damon, Elena tells him that she is not going to tell Stefan that she "dirty danced" with him.

This is a reference to the film 'Dirty Dancing,' starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey.

MacGyver: Damon tells Stefan that Alaric had a "MacGyver-like crossbow" in his apartment.

'MacGyver' was a television show that aired on ABC from 1985 to 1992.

Episode References
Season 4, Episode 4: It was revealed in 4x04 "The Five" that there is a cure to vampirism, and that the map to find it lays in Connor's tattoo.

Season 4, Episode 4: Connor escaped from Klaus in 4x04 "The Five" and was shown to be working with Professor Shane.

Season 4, Episode 1: Elena transitioned into a vampire in 4x01 "Growing Pains."

Other Episode Crew

DeveloperJulie Plec  |  Kevin Williamson
Executive ProducerJulie Plec  |  Kevin Williamson  |  Leslie Morgenstein
Co-Executive ProducerCaroline Dries  |  Jose Molina
Supervising ProducerChris Grismer
ProducerMichael Narducci  |  Brian Young  |  Pascal Verschooris
Co-ProducerBrett Matthews  |  Lance Anderson  |  James L. Thompson III
Based On The Works OfL.J. Smith
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