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We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes - Recap

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The episode begins and Elena tosses and turns in bed, trying to sleep. She gets up to make tea and see Connor, the hunter she just killed, bloody and standing in her kitchen. He talks to her, asking if it's the first time she's killed a human. She calls for Jeremy, but Connor attacks her. She throws him off and picks up a kitchen knife. She drives it into his neck. Except that it's not Connor, it's Jeremy. And she just stabbed him. Luckily, he's wearing his ring. Elena calls Damon to help while Jeremy reboots. She doesn't want to talk to Stefan, he's been lying to her and she doesn't trust him.

She's also angry he compelled Jeremy to forget who knows what. "I think you killing him kind of trumps that," Damon points out. He continues making the case that she should have called Stefan until he arrives. Damon called him. When he gets there, Elena goes upstairs. She doesn't want to talk to him or hear why he was working with Klaus. Tyler comes downstairs at his house to find Hayley and Chris still drinking. Klaus is also there, angry that Connor is dead. Caroline comes over to drop off a box of Tyler's stuff. Klaus enjoys the "break up drama," thinking it means she's met Hayley. Klaus and Chris leave. Caroline and Hayley share a celebratory moment over fooling Klaus.

Downstairs, Stefan answer Klaus' call. He asks if Elena's hallucinations have started yet. Klaus drops by Elena's house and says that because hunters are spelled by witches, whoever kills one becomes their last victim. Klaus wants to take her away to keep her safe, saying she'll kill herself before the day is over if he doesn't. Inside, Elena continues to see Connor taunting her. She runs outside and Klaus immediately whisks her away. At school, Jeremy tells Matt his mark showed up after Connor died. They wonder if it means Jeremy is chosen. Professor Shane is in town working on an occult exhibit.

April is helping him and asks Matt and Jeremy if they've seen Rebecca. At Elena's house, Bonnie tells the brothers she can't do the magic to break the hunter's curse. But she says she'll ask Shane for help. Klaus takes Elena to his secret windowless room -- so she can't take off her daylight ring and kill herself. He went through what she's going through, tormented for 52 years, 4 months and 9 days. But he's immortal. He tells Elena that Stefan knew Connor had to be kept alive, but he won't tell her more.

He didn't do anything to make the hallucinations stop, they just did. Stefan calls Caroline, needing to get the hybrids away from Klaus. She and Tyler tell him about Hayley and how she's helping hybrids break the sire bond, and Chris isn't sired any more. Chris on the other hand is assigned to guard Elena. When he leaves, Elena sees Connor again. He asks what it was like to kill him and goads her until she says she liked killing him. He starts in on her, blaming her for her parents' death. She tries to resist his taunts, but he suggests she kill herself. When that doesn't work, the hallucinations take another form: Katherine. At his exhibit, Shane presents a rock believed to be the world's first tombstone. April tells Matt she remembers how she knows Shane: through her dad.

Shane tells the story of Silas, the immortal, and Ketsia, a witch who cast his spell. He says there's a legend that Silas wants to rise again and wreak his havoc on the world. Hallucination Katherine taunts Elena, saying she'll kill again and again until Elena is just like her. Katherine says when Stefan knew the real her, he hated her. Bonnie brings Shane to Damon. He shows Shane a drawing of the hunter's mark. He asks Shane about the hunter's curse. Shane says the curse lasts until a new hunter is born, from one of the potentials. Shane offers to get some info from his car. When he's gone, Bonnie wonders how they're going to find a potential, but Damon knows to call Jeremy. Chris meets with Tyler and Stefan.

Caroline joins Klaus at the Grill. Stefan wants Chris to let him in to see Elena. Tyler promises he and Hayley will protect him from Klaus. Katherine tries to convince Elena to kill herself. Chris tells the two hybrids guarding the door that Klaus wants them. He lets Stefan in to see her, but she thinks he's Connor and stabs him with a fire poker. She runs off. Jeremy joins Bonnie and Damon, asking about Elena. "We figured out how you can help her;- you need to kill a vampire," Bonnie says. "Great. Get me a stake, I'll kill Damon right now," Jeremy says. "Easy, Van Helsing. We'll get you one, don't worry," Damon says. Stefan calls Damon to tell him he lost Elena. Stefan suggests Damon go look for her.

Caroline gets a text that Jeremy needs to kill a vampire and that Elena is gone. She tells Klaus what's going on. Elena walks alone in the dark, with both Katherine and Connor telling her she deserves to die. She reaches the Wickery Bridge and thinks about it. She sees her mom. Her mom tells her calmly that this bridge is where her life should have ended. She says it'll all be ok when the sun comes up. Elena concludes she's a monster and deserves to die. She throws her daylight ring off the bridge. Elena has a change of heart, saying she can't leave Jeremy. Her mom tells Elena she'll be a ghost who helps him instead of a monster who hurts him. Her mom says Elena was everything she wanted her to be. "But you died and you were supposed to stay dead," she says. Damon finds her.

He tries to get her to talk to him. Her Connor hallucination tells her the sun will be up soon. Damon notices she doesn't have her ring. Chris says good-bye to Tyler and Hayley, but doesn't make it out the door because Klaus comes in. Tyler and Hayley intervene and Klaus lets Chris go. But he walks out the door and into a knife. Stefan and Jeremy walk in. Damon tells Elena she's going through a curse and they know how to break it. Connor tells her not to listen. Back at Tyler's, Stefan apologizes to Hayley and Tyler. Jeremy lifts his axe over his head and slams it into Chris. He watches as his hunter's mark spreads. On the bridge, Connor disappears. The curse is broken. But the sun is coming up and Elena's skin starts to burn. Damon tackles her off the bridge and into the water.

Elena wakes up in her bed with her daylight ring on. Damon fished it out of the river for her. She feels like yesterday was a nightmare. She thanks him for saving her and takes his hand. He takes a deep breath. "I'm going to take a very high, and annoying, road, and tell you something," he says. Damon tells her everything Stefan has been doing he's been doing for her. "There may be a way out of this for you, Elena. There may be a cure," he says. Caroline finds Tyler and Hayley drinking in the morning. Caroline tells him they didn't have a choice with Chris. Tyler is upset they sacrificed one from his pack for another friend. Tyler asks how she got Klaus to agree to give up one of his hybrids. Caroline agreed to go on a date with him. At the Grill, Damon settles in for a drink.

Matt has news about the explosion on the farm. He mentions that April's pastor's dad knew Shane. Sheriff Forbes pulled Pastor Young's phone records and found he called one number once a day and then 10 times a day on the day of the explosion: Shane's. Bonnie thanks Shane for lending his records. She asks how he knows so much. He says he's traveled the world and studied. "When your new hunter and I know you have one, when he completes his mark, you're going to want to come to me. Because I'm going to be the only one who can help, trust me on that, ok?" Shane says. Elena goes on to her porch to talk to Stefan. She apologizes for stabbing him. He's not mad Damon told her about the cure.

She asks why he sent Damon to look for her. "Lately it seems like he's able to get through to you in ways that I can't. You listen to him, you trust him, even when you can't trust me," Stefan says. Elena would love to get her old self back because the girl she's become is darker. Stefan asks if that extends to who she wants. He understands that her feelings for Damon have been magnified since she became a vampire. He says he could understand her feelings for Damon when he was the Ripper. "But I can't do this Elena, not anymore," he says. "I know," she says. The episode ends at this point.