My Brother's Keeper - Recap

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The episode begins and Caroline prepares for the Miss Mystic Falls pageant at the Lockwood Estate. Back home, Stefan tells Damon that he and Elena broke up. Damon wants to find another hunter instead of having Jeremy kill enough vampires to reveal his full hunter's mark map to the cure. He was planning to bully Professor Shane, but he's wary now that he knows Shane was in frequent contact with Pastor Young. Damon offers to blow his plans off to "brother bond" with Stefan over some Tri-Delts. At the Miss Mystic Falls pageant set-up, Caroline tries to convince Elena she's nutty for breaking up with Stefan. Elena says she's confused. Professor Shane joins them, he's a pageant judge.

Stefan goes to the hospital and reads patient's chart. He finds a guard outside someone's room and compels the guard to leave. Inside, he learns the man is a convicted murderer and really did it and would again. Stefan quickly feeds him his blood and snaps his neck. At the pageant, Klaus cashes in his one date with Caroline promise to escort her to the event. Hayley supervises a hybrid changing over and over again to try to break her sire bond to Klaus. The sire bond exists because hybrids are grateful to him for sparing them the pain of having to turn, the idea is to keep turning until it doesn't hurt, thereby leaving them nothing to be grateful for. Tyler drops by to let Hayley know Caroline bought them another day.

Hayley insists she escort him to the dance to sell the idea they're a couple. Back home, Jeremy helps Elena get a necklace off, but starts choking her with it. "I really wish you'd stop pretending you're my sister" he tells her. He wakes up sweating in bed, a knife in one hand and carved wooden stake in the other. Apparently he was doing some nocturnal whittling. The next day, Matt worries about Jeremy. He reads from Shane's materials, which say a new hunter might not be fully in control. Matt tells him to tell Elena, or he will. Jeremy gets a text to meet Stefan in the Lockwood cellar. Elena and Caroline help April pick her dress. Elena likes the blue one until Damon busts in and Elena acts weird and decides she likes the one Damon likes.

Caroline is baffled. She follows Damon out, saying they need to talk. Damon asks why they broke up. "You" she says. They share a long moment, which is broken up by Professor Shane. Outside, Damon asks him for another hunter but he says he can't help. Damon asks how he convinced Pastor Young to blow up a house full of people. "Did you just accuse me of mass murder in the middle of a high school pageant?" Shane asks, but he doesn't answer Damon's question. The pageant begins. Jeremy joins Stefan in the cellar, asking if he wants to make Elena human again. The murderer is chained up. Stefan slices Jeremy open and lets the murderer feed to complete the transition. Jeremy doesn't want to go through with it, but Stefan doesn't give him a choice. Jeremy stakes the man. Caroline begins the pageant with introductions.

Matt can't find Jeremy and asks Elena about him. Matt steps in as April's escort when Jeremy doesn't show up. Elena calls Jeremy, but doesn't get him. She tells Damon and Caroline about Jeremy's nightmares. Damon isn't worried, but offers to go look for him. When he leaves, Caroline gives Elena an earful about how horrible Damon is. Elena leaves, hurt and in a huff. Damon calls Stefan, guessing what he's up to with Jeremy. Stefan thinks Damon only wants him to stop because new vampire Elena likes him. Down in the cellar, Stefan demands Jeremy tell him how the mark has developed, but Jeremy says no, that he can't trust him. Stefan tries to compel Jeremy, but it doesn't work. He gets a stake in the gut from Jeremy instead.

Caroline vents to Klaus about Elena taking Damon's side on everything. He cryptically says it'll make sense soon. She urges him to find the cure quickly. He denies he'd ever want to take it. Jeremy outfits himself with a stake and hunter gear and heads to the pageant. April sees him and asks where he was. Damon finds Shane inside and asks again about the hunter. He tells him there are only five at a time and most don't even know they are. When Shane walks away, Damon speeds over in front of him. Shane already knew he was a vampire. Damon gives him five seconds to come up with another hunter's name, or die. Shane explains that the thing the mark leads to is sealed with a spell only a certain kind of witch can break; a Bennett witch.

Shane points out he's the one helping Bonnie get her magic back, as Damon needs him alive. Back at the pageant, Caroline announces the winner is April Young. Elena sees Jeremy in the crowd and follows him. Matt follows her. She finds him inside with a stake. "Connor was right, all I can think about is killing vampires" he says. "Everything inside me is telling me to drive this stake through your heart" he adds. She takes his hand and assures him she'd never do anything to hurt him. She notices he's wearing a wrist guard that makes him bleed. She backs away when she starts to vamp out. He runs to her and she pushes him off. When she checks on him on the floor, he drives a small Vervaned stake through her neck. He's about to really stake her when Matt comes in and pleads with him to stop. Jeremy isn't listening.

Stefan shows up and restrains Jeremy. He takes the stake out of Elena's neck and tenderly cradles her face. Back home, Jeremy packs up. Matt comes and tells Jeremy that Elena moved out and asked him to move in. Elena shows up on the Salvatore doorstep. Stefan tells her to pick a room and says he'll go somewhere else. Tyler checks on Kim, the hybrid who's been trying to break her bond. He texts Hayley that the bond is broken. "We've got another one" Hayley announces to Shane. At the Salvatore's, Damon gives Elena a drink. She gulps. "I thought you hated whiskey." "My brother wants to kill me," she says. "Welcome to the club," Damon says. "Jeremy can't live with me, Stefan wants to fix me and Caroline flat out admitted that she doesn't like me this way.

I think it's safe to say that I'm not so great at this vampire thing" she says. "Want to know what I think? I don't think I've ever seen you more alive" Damon says. Elena says the dance at the pageant reminded her of when they danced, and she wanted to again. Damon helps her to her feet and they dance in front of the fire. Damon and Elena kiss. Caroline explains the way Damon has been the answer to all of Elena's problems. As she talks, back at the Salvatore house, Elena and Damon tear each other's clothes off. He's the one who told her she couldn't feed from animals and that blood bags made her sick, even though no vampire has that problem. He told her to kill Connor and she did. Today, he said red dress and she changed her mind to agree.

Elena became a vampire on his blood. "It's rare, but it happens. What if this is one of those times?" she says. "Elena's sired to Damon" Stefan says. Back at the house, she's in bed with him. The episode ends at this point.