Catch Me if You Can - Recap

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The episode begins with Matt running through the forest, trying to get away from something; a vampire grabs him and chomps on his neck. Jeremy runs up and pulls the vampire off. Back in the bar, Jeremy doesn't like the plan, so Klaus threatens to compel the vampires to kill Matt. He's offering a two minute head start. Damon can't talk Klaus out of it. They prepare to run. Back in the forest, Matt is ok, but wants a minute to regroup. They don't have it. Damon shows up to help, warning Jeremy he needs to be ready. Jeremy wants to get Matt to safety at the lake house first. Damon stays behind to slow down the vampires with a little heart ripping. Matt is running through the woods when another vampire jumps him.

This time it's Elena who grabs the vampire and dispatches him. They run for the safety of the house. The next morning, the sun has driven the vampires away. Damon suggests Elena take Matt home, leaving him with Jeremy to finish them off. Back at the lake, Damon and Jeremy arm up. They go back to the bar where Stefan turned the vampires, expecting to find them. Instead, they find a bloody mess. "Something's not right" Damon says. They follow the thick trail of blood back to the cooler and find a pile of vampire bodies. Kol steps out, confessing to the killing. He cautions them about the risks of waking Silas.

A few years back a group of Silas's worshippers told Kol that resurrecting him would lead to the end of the world, and he's against that. He killed them all. Jeremy isn't convinced. In the sheriff's station, Liz interrogates Shane, accusing him of orchestrating the death of the council members. Bonnie's dad says April Young told them what he did and Rebekah corroborated that he confessed. Bonnie wants to hear it for herself. Elena brings Matt back to town. He's angry and blaming Damon for everything. He can't believe she left Jeremy alone with him. Jeremy calls her, telling her Kol has Damon. Elena goes to Klaus for help. He calls Kol, who says he gave Damon "a good and proper beating, for old times’ sake". Klaus warns Kol to stay away from Damon. Kol gives his word he won't touch him, then hangs up and compels Damon to stab himself.

He compels Damon to find Jeremy and kill him and also to forget he was compelled. Jeremy in the meantime is ready to go finish his mark, but he doesn't trust Damon's motives. He warns Elena to stay back, since he's in full hunter mode. Hanging out in Shane's office, Rebekah tells Stefan the reason she wouldn't compel memories of Elena out of him was because she wanted him to suffer. Later, a guy comes into Shane's office looking around for a secret compartment. He finds the headstone and Rebekah finds him. Damon comes by Elena's. She tells him Jeremy is at the Grill. Damon says he wants to go apologize. Bonnie on the other hand turns off the camera during interrogation and makes sure her dad isn't watching. Shane assures her he was always going to tell her the truth. He says killing the council was a ritual to raise Silas, and Silas will bring them back. "I'm not crazy, I'm just passionate" he says.

Shane brings up Bonnie's Grams, asking if she wants to see her again. Damon shows up at the Grill with Elena, still looking for Jeremy. He vamps out the second he sees him, even though they're in a crowded public place. Elena's voice stops him. Jeremy sees the look in Damon's eyes and steps into the storage room to arm himself. Elena follows Damon into the storage room, asking what's wrong. He realizes Kol must have compelled him and follows Jeremy into the secret passage to the tunnels. Damon yells at Jeremy that he's been compelled and he's coming to kill him. "You need to go, now" Damon says. In Shane's office, April tortures the man who came for the tombstone. He's full of Vervane, so they don't know if he was compelled, but he's not talking. As they're figuring out what to do, the man bites off his own tongue.

Then he grabs the knife from Rebekah and stabs himself in the throat. Guess he was compelled after all. "Maybe there's another team in the race," Stefan says. In the station, Shane tells Bonnie that her Grams is being tortured on the other side. She yells at him to be quiet and when he won't, she uses Expression to break his hand. He sees that she can't stop. Her dad comes in to try to help and she creates a wall of fire to keep him away. They can't reason with her, so Shane speaks to her hypnotically again, snapping her out of it. The flames disappear and his hand is healed. She leaves and Shane addresses the mayor. "Your daughter is a prodigy. With my guidance, she can be one of the most powerful witches in the world. But without it, she's a time bomb" Shane says.

Rebekah grabs Stefan's phone when Elena calls. She tells them about Kol compelling Jeremy in the hopes they care enough to save the way to the cure. Jeremy in the meantime cuts his hand to draw Damon to him. Damon finds him easily and attacks, biting his arm. Jeremy shoots him, but Damon tells him he has to shoot him in the heart because he won't be able to stop himself. Damon goads him until Jeremy pulls the trigger. Later, Damon wakes up and pulls the wooden bullet out of his head. He curses Jeremy as a "stupid, idiot, borderline brain dead moron". Rebekah confronts Kol, pointing out that Klaus won't be happy. She gets a dagger near his back and threatens to use it. He laments what their family has become, siblings daggering each other over every disagreement.

He turns on her and reveals that he has the white oak dagger. Klaus intervenes before Kol can really kill Rebekah. Jeremy runs wounded and bleeding through the forest. He stops to rest and Damon catches up. Elena finds Damon and begs him to stop, saying he can resist the compulsion because he loves her. But he hears Jeremy's blood dripping and runs to it. Again, he confronts Jeremy, telling him to shoot. Jeremy pulls the trigger, but Stefan pushes Damon out of the way at the last second. Then he snaps Damon's neck. Damon wakes up in his cellar. Stefan bled him out to weaken him so he won't go after Jeremy. He won't let him see Elena because with her sire bond, he can tell her to let him out and she will. He plans to keep Damon locked up until they find the cure.

Upstairs, Stefan explains to Elena why she can't see Damon. Elena reminds him Rebekah tried to kill her and asks why he's working with her. Damon tried to kill Jeremy twice, so nobody's perfect, he says. Elena tries to understand why he's acting this way. He explains that this is how he is when he's not in love with her. She leaves. Stefan drops in on Rebekah. She thinks Kol has lost his mind. Stefan wants to know where headstone is, but she says she's keeping it safe. Given that he's betrayed her twice and she's betrayed him never, she thinks it's smart.

She's trying to figure out why he's there. "You even have to ask?" he says. She gets it. They then throw each other on the bed. Jeremy in the meantime is desperate for a way out. Elena reminds him that killing one original will kill their entire line of vampires; thousands. So Jeremy will kill Kol. The episode ends at this point.