A View to a Kill - Recap

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The episode begins and Stefan wakes up in bed with Rebekah draped over him. He makes it to the door, where Klaus greets him. Rebekah is annoyed. Klaus is angry because Kol took his daggers, he wants Rebekah's dagger and white oak ash to go after Kol. She says no, she doesn't want to be left defenseless. Klaus makes a pitch to Stefan to get it so they can end Kol's compulsion of Damon and keep Jeremy safe. Bonnie in the meantime calls Elena from dance prep. Elena's on lockdown at home with Jeremy and Matt. She tells Bonnie about her plan to have Jeremy kill Kol. Elena washes her hands and gets burned.

Bonnie calls her dad the mayor, who says he put Vervane in the water supply and is instituting a curfew and canceling all town events, including the dance. He calls her home for a family meeting. But before she makes it out of the high school, Kol attacks her. "No one can get to the cure if you're too dead to find it" he says as he throttles her. She turns on her expression powers and backs him off, forcing him to his knees as balloons pop and lockers fly open around her. She runs. Stefan checks on Damon in the dungeon. He's still weak from being bled. Stefan brings him a vial of blood and water; Klaus is there to play babysitter to Damon. Klaus tells Damon about Stefan's hook up with Rebekah. Stefan leaves them to enjoy their "villain bonding time".

Elena calls Stefan to tell him that Kol just tried to kill Bonnie. She tells him her Jeremy-Kol plan, which involves him getting the dagger from Rebekah to Matt so he can use it on her. Bonnie thinks she can take Klaus out of the picture. Stefan asks how she'll lure Kol in. Elena on the other hand calls Kol from Jeremy's phone to call a truce, in the name of Silas. Before she's off the phone, Kol is on her doorstep. Matt and Jeremy grab weapons as Elena scribbles on a chalkboard, while telling Matt to help Stefan find the dagger and Jeremy to get out and find Bonnie. But Jeremy points out he's the only one who can invite him inside. Jeremy does, and then leaves. Elena sees that Kol has the white oak stake in his coat pocket. Stefan returns to Rebekah's.

She's upset the dance is canceled, but Stefan suggests they can still go. Klaus tries to figure out the hold Damon has on Elena and how he got her to forgive him for all the stuff he's done. Damon thinks he's worried Caroline won't forgive him for killing Carol Lockwood. "If you're going to be bad, be bad with purpose, otherwise you're just not worth forgiving" Damon says. Back at her house, Elena offers to give up looking for the cure if he leaves Jeremy alone. Jeremy texts her to keep Kol there while he looks for Bonnie. He calls Bonnie but can't reach her. Matt in the meantime searches through Rebekah's room for the dagger. Kol knew witches through the years who knew about Silas, that he needed to stay buried. They said if Silas rises, he'll unleash hell on earth. At Bonnie's, her dad has her phone and her keys and plans to make her stay and talk.

Jeremy pounds on the door and tells Bonnie what's going on. When her dad forbids her from leaving, she bursts a light bulb and heads for the door. Her mom, Abby the vampire, stops her. Abby tells Jeremy that Bonnie is done helping Elena. Jeremy takes out a stake to use on Abby, but Bonnie stops her. Jeremy leaves. Back at Elena's, she tries to convince Kol she really would stop looking for the cure. He wraps things up and leaves, warning her again about Silas. Jeremy comes home on Kol alert. Elena tells him Kol left, but then the doorbell rings. Kol is back, having rejected the truce. Bonnie tries to convince her parents she's fine. She tells her mom about the cure and that she needs expression to find it. "I'm not the one who needs to be saved, Bonnie. You are" Abby says as she knocks her daughter out with a powder.

Back in the dungeon, Klaus is surprised Damon hasn't tried to escape. He figures it's best to stay put, since he's compelled to kill Jeremy. Klaus wonders how Elena felt about the fact Damon couldn't overcome his compulsion. "She's met me, she knows impulse control is not my strong suit" Damon says. Klaus remembers Stefan resisting his compulsion for Elena. Klaus thinks finding the cure will bring Stefan and Elena back together. Kol calls Klaus and tells him Elena and Jeremy, are trying to kill him. Klaus leaves. At the Gilbert house, Elena hits Kol with an arrow, which barely fazes him. At the dance, Stefan finds booze and tells Rebekah about spending the fun 80s with Lexie. Rebekah reveals she has the dagger stuck in her boot. Stefan texts Matt about it. Back at Elena's, Kol tears through the house.

Jeremy fires stake spears at him, but misses. Elena hits him with wooden bullets, but he nails her in the leg with a spear. Jeremy runs when she tells him to, but Kol catches up quickly and throws him down the stairs. He throws Elena off and stakes her with a staircase spire through the stomach. Kol drags Jeremy down the stairs. Stefan shows Rebekah "The Breakfast Club" slide in the hall. She tries in her boots, but skids. He tells her to take them off. Matt waits behind some lockers. Rebekah takes out the dagger and gives it to Stefan, knowing it's what he was after. She does care, she wants to be human. "So let Klaus put down my brother and let’s go home" she says. Abby plans to keep Bonnie drugged long enough to get witches there to help cleanse her. But Bonnie wakes up and uses expression to incapacitate her mom. "I don't belong to the spirits anymore, I belong to myself" Bonnie says.

Elena tries to get free from the spire in her side. Kol in the meanitime has Jeremy tied down on the table and prepares to hack off his arm with a butcher knife. But just then Elena runs downstairs and attacks Kol, freeing Jeremy. She drives the butcher knife into Kol's shoulder and Jeremy grabs the sink sprayer and blasts him with vervaned water. Elena grabs the white oak stake out of Kol's pocket and tosses it to Jeremy, who drives it into Kol's chest. They watch as he bursts into flames and stumbles, screaming, through their house. Klaus watches from the doorway, unable to come in. Elena explains that they didn't have a choice. Klaus rages, saying he's going to burn the house to the ground. He doesn't care about using them to get to the cure or about his hybrids, he was going to destroy the cure and kill them anyway, instead he'll just kill them now.

They're trying to figure out their next move when Klaus drops to his knees. Bonnie has arrived. She tells Jeremy to invite Klaus in and when he does, Bonnie imprisons him in a field of magic in the living room. Jeremy takes the white oak stake out of Kol and he, Bonnie and Elena leave a screaming, frothing Klaus inside, hurling threats. Back home, Stefan tells Rebekah that Kol is dead. She cries over the news, but Stefan says he couldn't let the people he cares about get hurt. He wants to find the cure with her, for her. She tries to decide whether to trust him. Back at the Salvatores', Jeremy waits for his hunter's mark to show. Bonnie reminds him it takes time for the line of vampires to die off. Damon joins them from the basement. He's hugging Elena when Stefan comes in with the Silas headstone.

Bonnie says she used the new moon to bind the spell keeping Klaus put; they have three days to find the cure. Stefan confesses he didn't dagger Rebekah because she's on their side. Elena can't believe Stefan would trust her. Damon mentions Stefan sleeping with Rebekah, enjoying spilling the beans. Stefan suggests Damon use his sire bond to tell Elena to calm down. Damon decks him. The Salvatores are about to go at it when Jeremy hulks out, ripping off his shirt as the mark reveals itself. They can see all see it. "Here we go" Damon says. The episode ends at this point.